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I have my old core with a EVGA Nvidia 7300GT PCIe video card, 512MB ram, running in my office as a plain MD. So far, everything else is working, like pictures, music and videos.

When I try LiveTV, I see the MythTV GANT menu for about 30 seconds, and then it exits back to the flickr slideshow.

If I manually press ENTER to force LiveTV, I actually see LiveTV, but 30 seconds later, it exits.

If I go to the KDE desktop and load MythFrontEnd from there, LiveTV works fine for as long as I want.

Today I deleted all my sources and capture cards, and recreated everything. MythWeb is nicely showing Encoder1 and Encoder2.

I then powered off everything. All computers, LinuxMCE or not. Then powered back on, starting with the Core, then the MD's.

Same problem.

I scanned the forums for similar problems, and there are two threads with similar issues, but no solutions.

The same thing happens if I reboot my PC over the net as a MD. It's an HPa1730n, AMD 4600+, 2GB Ram, with onboard Nvidia GeForce 6150LE graphics. Everything works fine with it except LiveTV.

Here's an excerpt from var/log/pluto/Spawn_mythfrontend_16353.log

Code: [Select]
2008-06-24 16:09:20.342 Using runtime prefix = /usr
2008-06-24 16:09:20.351 DPMS is disabled.
2008-06-24 16:09:20.438 New DB connection, total: 1
2008-06-24 16:09:20.440 Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
2008-06-24 16:09:20.441 Total desktop dim: 1280x1024, with 1 screen[s].
2008-06-24 16:09:20.445 Using screen 0, 1280x1024 at 0,0
2008-06-24 16:09:20.454 Overriding GUI, width=1280, height=1024 at 0,0
2008-06-24 16:09:20.454 Setting 'RunFrontendInWindow' being forced to '1'
2008-06-24 16:09:20.455 Current Schema Version: 1160
2008-06-24 16:09:20.476 mythfrontend version: 0.20.20070821-1
2008-06-24 16:09:20.476 Enabled verbose msgs:  important general
2008-06-24 16:09:21.055 Switching to square mode (G.A.N.T.)
2008-06-24 16:09:21.077 Using the Qt painter
mythtv: could not connect to socket
mythtv: No such file or directory
lirc_init failed for mythtv, see preceding messages
2008-06-24 16:09:21.448 Joystick disabled.
2008-06-24 16:09:22.886 Loading from: /usr/share/mythtv/themes/G.A.N.T./base.xml
2008-06-24 16:09:22.934 Loading from: /usr/share/mythtv/themes/default/base.xml
2008-06-24 16:09:23.048 Registering Internal as a media playback plugin.
/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2008-06-24 16:09:23.082 MythPlugin::Init() dlerror:
2008-06-24 16:09:23.082 Unable to initialize plugin 'mythfrontend'.
2008-06-24 16:09:23.082 Unable to run plugin 'mythfrontend': not initialized
/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2008-06-24 16:09:23.082 MythPlugin::Init() dlerror:
2008-06-24 16:09:23.082 Unable to initialize plugin 'mythmythfrontend'.
2008-06-24 16:09:23.082 Unable to run plugin 'mythmythfrontend': not initialized

(There are no capture cards in either of these MD's...)

The "cannot open shared object file" warning message may shine the light on something..

If I look into:


there is only a "filters" directory, no "plugins" directory, but for moon32, it doesn't exist there either, and it doesn't exist in /usr/lib/mythtv/ on the core either.

In my setup, the core is a hybrid, running AMD64 7.10RC2.

The old core, now acting as a MD, with a different video card today, is an Intel machine. In the admin page, the architecture is i386.

My pc, which I tried as a MD, is an AMD64, and the architecture on it is AMD64.

Were there any more reports of this problem after the release of 7.10? and for those that had a similar problem, what was the remedy, if anything?

Has anybody noticed this?

Go to your "personal" directory (not the public folders) and dump some pictures into your personal picture directory.

Now click Media > Pictures and then Source and add your name to the mix.

You should see the pictures in the public folder and the pictures in your private picture folder.


Now, create a subdirectory in your pictures folder, dump some pictures in it. Do the same as above in bold.

The subdirectory names of those folders (and even the symlink to extra drives in the system) do not appear, you can't select the folder names and you definitely can't see any pictures in those subdirectories.

I think this is a bug, no? This is using LMCE 7.10 RC2 AMD.

One thing that is driving me crazy is the way LMCE has decided to automagically start controlling my lights. If I hit the green media button it seems to be able to turn on my TV in the basement, or my Stereo and TV in the living-room, and that's good.

Then I navigate to Media > TV and various things turn on (or off) and I don't want that to happen, especially in daylight hours. When I stop TV then it flips on all 4 lights in the basement which I definitely don't want.

Where are these triggers configured and how to disable them all?

I much prefer to move about my media and then manage the lights on my own from the Lights menu...

Users / Errors when trying to install unichrome drivers
« on: June 16, 2008, 02:36:45 pm »
Now that I have my core and md up and running, it's time to get the last MD setup for use in the master-bedroom. It has a VIA motherboard and when I do the initial bootup it stops at "Couldn't configure X"

I'm following the directions here:

I cut and pasted the apt-get line and that went fine, but there is one thing missing, and that's to install SVN

So right after that I did:

sudo apt-get install subversion build-essential ccache

and then the svn line worked.

When I run ./ --prefix=/usr it errors out with this:

checking for XORG... configure: error: Package requirements (xorg-server xproto xvmc fontsproto libdrm ) were not met:

No package 'xorg-server' found
No package 'xvmc' found
No package 'libdrm' found

Consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if you
installed software in a non-standard prefix.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variables XORG_CFLAGS
and XORG_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
See the pkg-config man page for more details.

 I was doing this on the core.

 I went to /usr/pluto/diskless/92/ and did a 'sudo chroot .' from there and carried on.

 Does anybody have any suggestions? Later today I'll jump into the chat if that would be more helpful.


Users / [Solved] Trying to fix the 4 repeated numbers in the IR send
« on: June 16, 2008, 01:54:07 am »
Following information in a previous thread, to try and make LinuxMCE NOT repeat the channel numbers 4 times when changing channels on my external Bell dish receivers, it's still sending the numbers 4 times each.

Asking to view channel 201 results in 2,2,2,2 0,0,0,0 1,1,1,1 being sent and the dish responds to all sequences sent to it and you don't end up on channel 201 at all.

I followed the instructions here:

and it didn't complete, but I went looking to see if


was there, and it was!

So I then edited "IRBase.cpp"

On line 200 I set:  int iRepeat = 1;

and on line 215 I set:  iRepeat=1;

This affects this part of the code:

 if(!ircode.empty()) {
                int iRepeat = 1;
                if( pmsg->m_mapParameters.find(COMMANDPARAMETER_Repeat_Command_CONST)!=pmsg->m_mapParameters.end() )
                        iRepeat = atoi( pmsg->m_mapParameters[COMMANDPARAMETER_Repeat_Command_CONST].c_str() );
                        if( m_mapDevice_IRRepeat.find(devid)!=m_mapDevice_IRRepeat.end() )
                                pair<int,int> p = m_mapDevice_IRRepeat[devid];
                                if( cmd==COMMAND_Vol_Up_CONST || cmd==COMMAND_Vol_Down_CONST )
                                        iRepeat = p.second;
                                        iRepeat = p.first;
                if( iRepeat<1 )

                LoggerWrapper::GetInstance()->Write(LV_STATUS, "Sending Infrared Code for dev <%d> cmd <%d>, channel$
                                        devid, cmd, irport.c_str(), iRepeat, ircode.c_str());

 I then saved that, issued a "make" command...

 I then found "/usr/pluto/lib/" and copied that to another name for backup

 I then copied the new I just made into /usr/pluto/lib and chmod 644 and chown root:root

 Quick Reload Router, jump into TV and drats, it's still sending each channel 4 times.

 I then power off and restart. Same thing.

 Is there something I missed? (most likely!)

My USB-UIRTS arrived today, so I set out to learn all those remote codes on my "living-room" installation.

I was able to add devices, like my Toshiba 32" CRT TV, my LG LH-T750TB Surround Sound Amp, and my Bell ExpressVu 2700 Receiver.

I was able to 'learn' what commands I figured we needed to know.

I then went into MythTV Setup and added:

/usr/pluto/bin/ 67 2

into the external change channel field for the Dish Receiver, pulling 67 as the device ID of the 2700 Receiver from the admin page, and pulling video source id 2 out of the database, as instructed here:

So then it was time to go to Start > Media > TV and see what happens.

Low and behold, I can see the USB dongle flashing and the dish receiver flips to a channel. Partial Success! Yippie!

When I used the LinuxMCE guide to select, say channel 205, lots of flashes came out and I got flipped to about 3 or 4 different stations before everything stopped.

This is making me think the pronto codes were learned OK but it captured many presses of each number and is therefore sending multiple 2's, 0's and 5's? Would that make sense?

How many streams of numbers should be in a normal pronto code? I assume I can go back and edit the pronto codes and strip out the duplicates?

I have the following brand new, never used, X10 equipment for sale:

-X10 Home Automation "2-way" Transceiver Module (RR501) - $7.50 CDN

-RCA X10 ActiveHome PC Interface (CM11A) - $5.60 CDN

-Two Pack X10 Security Keychain Remote (KR10A) - $5.80 CDN

-X10 3-Pk Dimmable Lamp Modules - Home Automation (LM465) (that's 3 units) - $12.90 CDN

-X10 3-Pk Dimmable Lamp Modules - Home Automation (LM465) (that's another 3 units) - $12.90 CDN

I'd be happy to sell the entire lot for $60 CDN and I'll pay the shipping to North American destinations.

For individual pieces, you're likely looking at at least $10 for shipping. These units aren't very large so you could easily combine a couple pieces and save on shipping.

I accept PayPal. You can PM me with questions or reply to this message.


[after marking as GONE: I was able to use my X10 equipment under MythBuntu using Heyu and various options like a command screen and mapping to the coloured buttons! ha!]

I have two brand new USB UIRTS for sale. I never used them, and they are still sealed in the original package.

These two were purchased directly from for $50 and $55 US + shipping + duty/taxes.

I'll sell one for $50 CDN (34-40KHz Frequency Range)

and the other for $55 CDN (56KHz IR Receiver Add-On Option)

I'll pay for the shipping to destination in North America. I can accept PayPal.

You can reply to this email or PM me with questions.


Users / Why I left LinuxMCE for MythBuntu
« on: March 17, 2008, 08:08:02 pm »
Why I left LinuxMCE for MythBuntu

My experience with LinuxMCE was unsuccessful, frustrating, difficult, and
time consuming. I read the forums and wiki pages and searched the google for
information on LinuxMCE for at least a full 3 weeks before I decided to
dive in.

After reading online, I decided that my server was up to snuff, based
on the information provided here. My server will be a hybrid.

My server, which was bought the first week of Dec 07, has been running
Ubuntu 7.10 perfectly. It has a very good nVidia 8400 video card with 512MB
of RAM. 2 GB memory, 250GB Sata HD and Sata DVD-RW. It works fine. During
my 8 days of hell trying to run LinuxMCE the most it ever ran without
requiring a hard or soft reset was 1 day, and that was only because I
had stopped using the mouse and keyboard on the server to fiddle, I was
doing things remotely. As soon as I would go to the machine and select
KDE desktop, when I was done the software would blow up fairly quickly
afterwards. My server locked up all the time. Somebody said, maybe your
hardware should be changed out. I don't think so. It ran Ubuntu 7.10
just fine, and it runs MythBuntu 7.10 just fine now too.

After reading this:

I unchecked the nVidia option, installed the patch for MythTV and did the
fix for the sort thing.

I had some newbie issues, and I thought I would document my experience
for the benefit of others:

I also believe that having the USB dongle installed on bootup was a
problem. Installation worked fine with it removed. This is not
documented but is "hinted" about in the forums.

I had issues setting up with one network card, but that shouldn't have been
a problem because it says you can do it, and it says that right here:

Turns out the information provided is incorrect, and fortunately, this
thread in the forums produced real working results. My thanks to 1audio

My next journal entry:

I thought I had provided good detail, but to this day nobody has offered
up any suggestions to my issues there.

I keep seeing messages about the IVTV software, so I post another
message with links and specific questions:

No replies. This is confusing too:

And my 3rd journal type entry:

But no responses from techs or developers.

Next on my list was to try and get LinuxMCE to change the channels on my
external Bell Dish 4700 Receiver. Good luck trying to find any information
on how this is done.
Documentation for this is extremely poor and conflicting.
I specifically bought two PVR-150-MCE with the IR Transceiver bean bag and
dongles. Why? Because I read this page:

Now, tell me that the page above doesn't say this:

"IR Transmitter is supported with driver module lirc_mceusb2 version >= 0.24 (lirc-0.8.2)"

but in the next line it says

"However, the transmitter is not currently supported in LinuxMCE"

but in the next line it says

"Workaround for channel changing in MythTV Only"

If that makes sense to you then you are a brilliant mind. But since I took that
to mean it'll work with a little effort, I purchased what I did.

In the forums, the question about using the MCE Transceivers comes up
quite a bit and if you search, you'll see there are very few straight answers
on if they work. Most replies suggest using USB-UIRT's but nobody seems to
have the balls to come right out and say, "NO!"

Upon reflection, tschak909 says it here though:

but by then it's too late for me.

So I post a very specific question about my dish and remote:

and tschak909 convinces me to just give up and purchase a couple USB-UIRTs
and my life will be rosey. A few days later, I decide to order them online
as things are sorta working.

I also bought some X10 Home Automation equipment, based on what I was
reading here:

and here:

I have a:

LM465 x 2

which still hasn't arrived, but I'd be happy to sell this to whoever wants the
It cost me $45 U.S. plus shipping. You can have them all for $45 CDN and I'll
pay for shipping to North America destinations.

So next up, I know I need a computer for the master bedroom and living room, to act
as Media Directors.

Once again I scout the web to see what might work.

I look at the hardware specs for mainboards:

and for video:

and graphic cards:

I decide on a barebones box from a dealer not far away, that uses and AMD 4200+
CPU, has 1 GB of RAM, has onboard nVideo video, etc. I need to use SVideo out for
this box, so I buy a nVidia 7200 GS PCIe card to pop in there.

For the bedroom, I wanted something a little smaller and I found a neat HTPC on
eBay that contains the via board. Based on this information:

I figured this would be fine. Fiire uses similar equipment, and the forums had
some threads on drivers, like:

I didn't think this would be a big issue, but on the day it arrived, I fired it
up and Network booting the thing was a pain. It froze the core. Rebooted both. It
wouldn't load X. I posted a message:

totallymaxed and darrenmason had some good advice, but after hours of fiddling
with commands I was about done. I also utilized the live chat feature too.

And then I decided to install the PVR-150-MCE card into the MD for the living room
and when it reboots? it freezes at the same point each and every time. Take the
card out? It boots. When it freezes? it shut down my entire network.

So now I have two media directors with issues, a core that freezes or requires
reboots constantly, and a week of my life has passed me by, a few things are
still being delivered, and NOTHING WORKS PROPERLY!

In all fairness, I did discover that the PVR-150 card I got off eBay is one that
contains a chip with bugs. It has the cx23415 chipset that is documented somewhere
(I can't find it) as causing problems. It's on the shelf collecting dust but I
did use the MCE remote and ir transceiver. Actually, there were two bean bag
transceivers in the box. Bonus! I ordered a brand new PVR-150-MCE kit from Tiger
Direct and that'll be here soon.

But after all this, I gave up on LinuxMCE. It just wasn't worth the hassles!
I feel sorry for any newcomer who thinks they are going to have an amazing system
as shown in the Demo Video (which I totally detest, as it's very misleading!).

If that's YOU reading this post, good luck! You have no idea what you're getting
yourself into!

I have since switched over to MythBuntu 7.10 with latest updates.

and being an avid fan of Ubuntu, I'm thrilled to be back into their forums:

where there is plenty of useful information and plenty of friendly people all
happy to give out advice and tips. I contribute as well.

And funny, all three of my computers work just peachy keen with MythBuntu. No more
reboots and lockups. It just works.

I definitely prefer the way MythTV handles music, photos and videos. The interface
with LinuxMCE for those items is very poor. I never figured out how to tell LinuxMCE
to play my entire music collection in random order. MythTV? A few keystrokes. I
never liked seeing my photos in a small square on LinuxMCE. MythTV? Full screen (on
a 4:3 ration, and definitely larger on 16:9). MythTV is also easier to do a slideshow
or move around folders.

Adding thmbnails and IMDB info to avi files in MythTV is fairly painless. I think I
got LinuxMCE to look up information on one avi file for me in all the time I
fiddled with it.

Oh, and did I mention that my MCE remotes and transceivers work just fine in MythTV?

Once again the ubuntu forums proved extremely useful, and things "just work" and it
doesn't take days to do what should be simple tasks.

I have two brand new USB-UIRTs coming (yah, they aren't even here yet) that are
for sale.

One is $50 and the other is $55 cause it has the 56 hertz thing. You can buy them from
me at that price (CDN) and I'll pay for shipping to North American destinations just
to get rid of them.

LinuxMCE is far from ready for the masses. Equipment support is very narrow, and your
online documentation is terrible. There's either no information on how to do certain
tasks or the information there is out of date, incomplete or conflicting. I found it
extremely difficult to get a straight answer or to find the exact steps to solve my
issues. I think you need to regroup, reorganize and redocument.

The "concept" is great.... however I don't think the general public should be
acting as your Alpha or Beta testers when support and feedback is so hard to come

My machine I intended to use in the master bedroom arrived today. I was able to load MythBuntu onto the internal hard drive and view live TV, see the guide, view recorded programs no problem.

So then I set it up to boot off the Network Card... it did the first step, rebooted, continued on. I see it getting to MythTV Backend and few more steps after that and then it just beeps once and a message window "Can't Start X" pops up. Nothing works from this point. I can press the power button and that does a shut down and halt.

Motherboard Specs:
Model Name    • VIA EPIA SP13000G
Processor    • VIA C3™/ VIA Eden™ EBGA processor
Chipset    • VIA CN400 North Bridge
• VIA VT8237R-Series South Bridge
System Memory    • 1 DDR266/333/400 DIMM socket
• Up to 1GB memory size (I have 512MB)
VGA    • Integrated VIA UniChrome™ Pro AGP graphics with MPEG-2 decoder /MPEG-4 Accelerator
Expansion Slots    • 1 PCI
Onboard IDE    • 2 X UltraDMA 133/100 Connector
Onboard Serial ATA    • 2 SATA Connectors
Onboard LAN    • VIA VT6103 10/100 Base-T Ethernet PHY
Onboard Audio    • VIA VT1617A 6channel AC'97 codec
Onboard TV Out    • VIA VT1623M TV Encoder
Onboard 1394    • VIA VT6307S IEEE 1394 Firewire
Back Panel I/O    • 1 PS2 mouse port
• 1 PS2 keyboard port
• 1 RJ-45 LAN port
• 1 Serial port
• 2 USB 2.0 ports
• 1 VGA port
• 1 PCA port (SPDIF or TV out)
• 1 S-video port
• 3 Audio jacks: line-out, line-in and mic-in (Smart 5.1 Support)
Onboard I/O Connectors    • 3 USB connector for 6additional USB 2.0 ports
• 1 1394 connector for 1 1394 port
• 1 Serial port connector for a second com port
• 1 VIP connector
• 1 Front-panel audio connector (Mic-in and Line-out)
• 1 CD audio-in connector
• 1 FIR connector
• 1 CIR connector (Switchable for KB/MS)
• 1 LPT port connector
• 1 Wake-on-LAN connector
• 2 Fan connectors: CPU/Sys FAN
• 1 I2C connector
• 1 LVDS/TTL module connector (Optional)
• 1 +12V power connector
• ATX power connector
BIOS    • Award BIOS
• 4/8Mbit flash memory
System Monitoring & Management    • CPU voltage monitoring
• Wake-on-LAN, Keyboard Power-on, Timer Power-on
• System power management
• AC power failure recover
Operating Temperature    • 0~50°C
Operating Humidity    • 0% ~ 93% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
Form Factor    • Mini-ITX (6 layers)
• 17 cm x 17 cm

 I've tried some minor changes in the Web Admin page, like setting it up for unichrome, specifying the output, etc. After 3 tries nothing. This last time I made changes in the Admin page and used the regenerate image from there, and I'm about to head upstairs and try again.

 I'll let you know what comes up!

I wasn't in a rush to post my latest logs, but this morning, the wife was unable to get anywhere on her computer (same as yesterday morning) and it's because the core is dead and requires a HARD RESET, so now is as good a time as any I guess.

I think the last post regarding my setup was getting the Media Directors to boot up. Using a single NIC setup, I followed the instructions here:

(the suggested configuration didn't work by the way)

but was then given different advice as the network configs (see: which indeed worked. Yahoo. So since Monday morning I've been thinking this thing is actually going to work, and decided to sit back and stop doing configs (no need to anyway) and see if i can find some time to actually 'use' the thing.

Some stuff I've documented since then for anybody that cares:

7:30am machine is locked up when I come downstairs. HARD RESET #1.

-mythfilldatabase doesn't run automatically. I guess you have to run it manually or schedule it?

11:56am I had to reposition our Dish farther away from the computer as the UHF remote wouldn't work from upstairs or my office. After that was done, the core isn't responding. Admin page commands ignored, then N/A. HARD RESET #2.
2:21pm I had it record a short 30 min TV show off antenna from 12:30-1pm. However, by now no mouse, no keyboard. Try quick reload with Gyro Mouse. Nope. Manage to SSH in and issue reboot. SOFT RESET #1. Total reboots thus far: 3
10:46pm Right after setting up my Dell Notebook as a test Media Director, SOFT RESET #2, Total Reboots today: 4.

7:30am Appeared to be OK (screensaver working)
8:52am can't access admin or myth web pages (getting access forbidden). CRTL-ALT-DEL shows a file system message similar to what I started to see on Sat: EXT-fs error (device sda1). How do you bring it to single user mode and do a fsck? Anyway, this turns into HARD RESET #1 of the day. I think I was trying to map a network drive on my wife's notebook to her directory.
10:18am HARD RESET #2. Tried to map network drive again.

-noticed many of the times when I go to the KDE Desktop, if I click on the OrbiterGL icon, it doesn't go back to that screen at all. I have to do a quick reload in order to get there. This is odd isn't it?

HARD RESET #3, shortly after #2 above. can't remember why.
3:12pm: gray screen again. mouse arrow pointer moves but nothing pops up. Web interfaces responding. SOFT REBOOT #1, but 4th of the day.

I think at this point, I was adding some of my own pictures to the screensaver.

4:53pm: seems to be stuck again. There's a picture displayed but it's not moving or changing. No response to remote or gyro mouse. No Keyboard. Admin pages work. Web reload didn't work. SSH'd in and issued Reboot. SOFT REBOOT #2, 5th reboot of the day.

Somewhere in the logs I noticed it complaining my pictures were too large, so I went back and removed as many as I could remember.

I was playing with the cover art feature in the web admin. Not much luck. I added one cover and gave up.

I scheduled a recording of another 1 hour show from 8-9pm off antenna, mark commercials. Seemed to go ok. But now that it appears in the Video section, it's a weird ass number for the title? Why is that?

7:30am - wife complaining she has no internet connection. No keyboard. No Net. HARD RESET #1 of the day.

General Notes

When I was trying to play music:

- I was unable to say "play ALL my music, in random order" - is this not possible?
- while a song is playing, I was unable to go find another song and "add it to the playlist", it would just quit the current song and start the new one
- I think I know how to play an entire album, and possibly even select random order
- but I don't know how you say "play all of ZZ TOP" for instance
- the navigation is awkward. Regularly I'd be taken back to the A's or back to the playlist screen. Then it's a bunch of clicks and gyro mouse movements to get back to where you were.

When reviewing my photos:

- when I want to view an image, it comes up, but it's not full screen, there's no way to make it full screen that I know of. I don't wanna see a medium sized version, I want to see the entire image on the full screen.
- can you run slideshows of your pictures? Can I go to an album and say here, show me them all?

 I don't know what to think about the system now. If it requires 4 to 5 reboots a day it's completely unstable. The only part of it running right now is the core, and it's hardly being used (I am supposed to be working). My two media directors will be ready for installation this weekend. What is going to happen when there's actual activity?

Does LinuxMCE support diskless MD's when configured to use only 1 NIC and be the DHCP server?

My very old Compaq supports PXE booting. It just kept trying to load different ranges of the same thing.

A new AMD 4200+ system stalled and then fell back to HD. (yes a slight contradiction of terms. The drive is only a 40 GB test drive but can be utilized the MD. I'm just 'seeing if it works')

My Dell Latitude D600 Notebook... talks about PXE booting when you select internal NIC from the temp boot menu. it eventually times out and falls back to a HD boot.

Nobody answered one of my posts about the dhcp config.

It talks about "next-server"

and I asked if that was correct (that's the IP # of the core) or should it be changed to the regular IP pool? I changed it to the first IP of the pool. No idea if that is correct.

I've been fiddling now for at least 4 hours and I'm completely lost.

On my core, I have a Microsoft MCE 2005 Remote with the USB IR Transceiver.

It appears fine in the Admin page, Media Director, and uses mce_usb2.

The remote itself is working fine in LinuxMCE and partially in MythTV, but I want/need it to control my Bell ExpressVU Receiver.

In the admin, I've managed to add an interface..

#47, Lirc embedded Transmitter, in the RecRoom, controlled by mce_usb2.

So now I go to A/V Equipment, Select RecRoom, and add device.

For Manufacturer, I select EchoStar (80)

Under Device Category, I select Satellite Boxes < AV (108)

Apply Filter comes up with nothing.

So I Add Device Template.

Provide Model Number 4700 with infrared. Click Next.

Next on delays.

Next on how to tune.

single toggle button, next.

Then for

#1 - My device does not have multiple input sources, it only provides this 1 type of media

I choose "Live TV" and next

My device doesn't have DSP Modes, next.

And then I get a few notices on the core saying the device was added but some config files are missing and need to be downloaded from the internet later. Then eventually you are told to regen.

Now I have

Pick the Infrared Group that works for your device

and there's nothing in there that matches/works. (well, one of my tests but it doesn't do anything)

So I type in an infrared group, like Bell Black Remote, and add IR Group button.

And now I'm here:

Edit IR codes
WARNING: the changes will afect all devices created from device template 4700.
Device Template 4700, category Satellite Boxes and manufacturer Echostar.   
Delays: Power: 7000 miliseconds, Mode: 2000 miliseconds, Other: 0.25 miliseconds [change/explain]   
Tuning: No fixed digits
  • terminate with enter [change/explain]   

Power: Toggle [change/explain]   
Inputs Discrete: [change/explain]   
DSP Modes Discrete: [change/explain]
This device is controlled via: LIRC Embedded Transmitter
Uses Group/Codeset: Bell Black Remote
Implement Command Groups:
I check off
EPG (TV/Cbl/Sat) Control
On-Screen Menu Navigation
Click Update

And now I get a screen where I can type in the IR codes I assume?

Each of the input lines are empty, and I have the desired command on the left, the input line, and delete or test code buttons.

This is where I'm lost. What it is looking for? Where can I find the codes?

I've searched and read and been to other sites and I'm more confused than ever.

I opened up a Terminal window and ran:

irrecord -f --device=/dev/lircd test.conf

and pressed some keys and then I get:

-no data for 10 seconds, aborting
-gap not found, can't continue

Also today, which is my 4th day tinkering with LinuxMCE, at 1:24pm I once again had no keyboard or mouse control. I had to tell it to power down. Then I powered back up. I notice it always says Failed to get IVTV drivers. Odd, since I can see in the dmesg display there really are there?

I do my tinkering, and by 2:16pm, I can't load the admin page. The core is doing weird things, I have my first HARD RESET of the day (I had at least 3 yesterday).

And why is it, when I go to the KDE screen, and then want to get back to the orbiter, most times if I click on the orbiterGL box, nothing happens? I have to regen in order for it to appear. Sometimes I have to power down.

I think I've done pretty darned good over the last 3 days. But if i can't control the dish, this system is completely useless to us.


Users / Morning 3 with 0710 Beta 4 - progress with MythTV!
« on: March 08, 2008, 06:07:31 pm »
This morning my goal was to get MythTV going. I thought I would load the mythbackend from the KDE desktop, so it wanted to add me to the usergroup and said to reboot, so I did. Loaded Mythbackend (don't really know why) and as usual the text is off the screen and I can't make heads or tails out of the prompts, so I ESC out.

The LinuxMCE screen freezes. Admin web page won't load. No keyboard response. HARD RESET #1.

I decide to reconnect my VGA monitor and run the AV Wizard in order to see the MythTV screens. Connect the VGA monitor and the core freezes again. HARD RESET #2.

During reboot, I held down the left shift key. No AV Wizard. So I rebooted again.
During the next reboot, I held down the right shift key, No AV Wizard. hmm

So I go to the KDE desktop and go to the Launch Manager -> Video -> Change Resolution and it says it will run the AV Wizard for me upon reboot. Super!

I set the system up to use my VGA monitor and head into the MythTV Setup.

I used this wiki page for reference:

Even though I had read it a couple times, I guess the light bulb didn't go off about the tip "Refer to the Myth user's Manual for details" mentioned  in Step 6.

But I did go to MythTV's web site to look for information on the setup screens, and I found this:

It finally explained to me what all the options and steps were and I was able to tell it that I use an Antenna feed on the tuner card and Bell Expressvu input on the composite input, and as best I can figure, the was set to the right thing for both.

I had to follow the steps about setting the mysql password at the end, and then mythfilldatabase did its thing.

I completed those steps, then told the system to run the AV Wizard upon reboot so I can go back to using my LCD HD TV. Done.

Now I go to "TV" and I see video and hear sound. I can't remember what input I was on, but I was able to flip inputs and using the MCE remote (the gyro mouse doesn't seem to control MythTV?) call up the guide and select other channels.

At first my guide didn't know any channels.

From the web interface:

I could see things looking better (but how I view the Dish schedule instead of antenna?)

While watching TV the box completely froze up. HARD RESET #3.

I decided I would do the Nvidia Tweaks mentioned here:

I only unchecked the "Sync to VBlank" item (and the other automatically unchecked) and exited.

Then I went back and the TV is working like it was before, although I do notice the guide is showing channels and programs by now. I can switch inputs to the dish but I don't see the guide for the dish displayed. I would like to figure that part out.

And now it's Noon and I have to go out and blow the snow out of the driveway, as us here in Ontario Canada are enjoying yet another snow fall, so I stopped the TV and will come back and play some more this afternoon!

But things are looking much today... on day 3. :-)

Users / Can you put a drive into a Media Director?
« on: March 08, 2008, 12:32:20 am »
When I get around to building my two media directors for use upstairs in the living room and the other in the master bedroom...

The one in the living room...

I want to put in that box another PVR150MCE card with MCE ird remote/blaster, to access the satellite receiver up there, to which I believe is doable?

And since I have this 500GB IDE internal hard drive kicking around, would I be able to format it EXT3 with a swap partition, and add that to the media director and use it for recording TV or storing/serving media throughout the system?

I'll end up with a "core" downstairs, which is the main server
250GB Sata HD and Sata DVD Burner
PVR150MCE + MCE remote/blaster
Bell Satellite Dish connected to PVR card composite inputs
Regular antenna to the PVR card antenna input
Gyro Mouse

A Media Director in the upstairs living room
500GB IDE Drive?
PVR150MCE + MCE remote/blaster
Bell Satellite Dish connected to PVR card composite inputs
Regular antenna to the PVR card antenna input
Gyro Mouse

And finally a Media Director in the master bedroom that is strictly for viewing.

Will that float?

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