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Users / Re: Nokia N810 Demonstration Video Needed
« on: October 06, 2009, 06:01:37 pm »

First draft:

Will need some feedback on what features you want shown in the video though,  happy to change anything.

Marketplace / Complete Multi room Dianemo/LinuxMCE System
« on: October 01, 2009, 02:10:29 pm »
Complete multi room Dianemo LinuxMCE Freesat, ZWave system including three wireless orbiter controllers

All configured, with latest Dianemo updates installed, currently in use and can be seen working.

Two WebDT366 wireless Orbiter Controller Pads - mains chargers, one slightly off on screen calibration
One Nokia N810 wireless Orbiter Controller Pad - boxed all accessories, as new condition
Two ZWave mains plugin 500W switch/dimmer controllers (currently used for table lamps)
One ZWave USB Dongle/Controller Interface

One Dianemo NerveCentre NC200 (LinuxMCE Core)
Black Miditower Silverstone Kublia KL03 Case
Comes boxed with original packaging,1951-5.html
5 x Hard drive bays
Support for Long video/tuner cards
Support for larger PSU's
Two Freesat satellite cards
Dianemo Freesat software for full integration of Freesat TV viewing/recording
Hard Disk 1: 160GB
Hard Disk 2: 1TB
Plenty of room for expansion/internal drives
Optical DVD-RW
Network: Gigabit Ethernet
PSU: 350w
Dimensions: 414x200x440mm
Currently running into VGA monitor in garage - could be used as a Media Director, but is physically quite big.

One Dianemo Media Manager MM220 (LinuxMCE Media Director)
Asus Eee Box
Comes boxed with all original accessories/manuals
Processor: Intel Atom N270
Low Power under 45W, silent
Network: Gigabit Ethernet
DVI/HDMI (480p/720p/1080p), S-Video, USBx4, SPDIF,Card Reader
Dimensions: 16x178x223mm
Currently running HDMI into 50" Pioneer Plasma in living room

Dianemo kit currently under warranty/support until March 2010 - don't know if this is transferable

The Dianemo kit adds up to over £2500, then consider the Nokia N810 and the Two WebDT366's

Dianemo Information:

WebDT366 Information
1 of 2:
2 of 2:

Nokia N810 Information:
N810 and LinuxMCE:

Moving house, so selling up and will sort new setup once in new house.
Located in the UK just off the A1 in north Nottinghamshire, happy to demo it, and assist with delivery by meeting halfway.

All offers considered,  for complete system, or the majority of the complete setup listed.

Users / Re: iPhone/iPod Touch Orbiter?
« on: September 29, 2009, 06:50:07 pm »

Start another thread/vote for Windows Mobile 6.


Not only a 'few' Windows Mobile devices already out there, but cheap to pick up a decent Windows Mobile device second hand.  Or even pick up new Windows Mobile devices that have been out of a couple of years, cheap enough.

Marketplace / Re: Selling my Webpad DT366
« on: April 08, 2009, 04:33:45 pm »
Thanks Donald, they arrived this morning in great shape.

Users / Re: Vote - on specific Forum Charter question....
« on: March 27, 2009, 08:27:23 am »
Generally locking of threads is a bad idea, for the points you raise.

Sure there will be the odd time you might lock a thread though.

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