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Users / 8.10 Beta Black Screen on MD Video Playback
« on: January 06, 2010, 02:57:03 pm »
Hi @ all!
I just figured out to install my Zotac Ion 330 MD @ 1080p@60Hz.
The Screensaver is running fine, as i still need to figure out if i can run the MD with or without alpha blending ;O)
BUT... as i started to play any video like HD Stuff, DVD Iso or plain avi files, i just can hear the sound ...and see a black screen, no more. Does anyone have a slight idea what could resolve that?

Thanks for your help..



as i do not like the idea of having a WEP "Secured" Wireless LAN, i would love to see some additional support other than the build-in Cisco Aironet 350 as this one just supports WEP, NO WPA.

Just a thought...



i just ordered an digital frame which has the feature to download picture that were sent via mail to some email address. I kind of like the idea, to keep the pictures updated, send them to friends (which own LMCE) etc.
So how about getting this up for LMCE?  ;O)



Users / Re-calibrate broken Fiire Chief?
« on: March 31, 2009, 01:54:45 pm »

Does anybody have the problem, that the cursor controlled by the fiire chief ist misbehaving?
Mine goes a bit a up, when move the control from left to right, moving more left when going up to down.
As murphy predicted, each time some remote fell my couch, it usally used to be the ugly brown one.
Does anybody have an idea how to fix that?
Is it possible to re-calibrate that thing (e.g. by throwing it on the ground in the right angle?) or by opening it up?

Thank you guys.. ;O))


Users / Multi-language Video Playback with mkv / Matroska files
« on: November 04, 2008, 12:39:12 am »
Hi all!

I just got hands on some mkv files with several language sound tracks.
I was really sad, as could not figure out how to convince Xine / LMCE to play both tracks ;O)
Are there any news on that case...? I just found a several request from march this year.

Thanks for feedback....


Users / [Solved] Problems with 1080 @ MS-7329, black bar on the left
« on: October 07, 2008, 08:21:41 pm »
Dear all,

i just installed LinuxMCE another time, just to check if screwed my system once more ;O)
As i recently bought a new LCD, i would love to make use of the 1080 resolution.
But the moment i switch to 1080, the picture starts to show a black bar on the left side.
It just looks, like the picture is move to the right for some dozens pixels.
This just shows up when i set the LCD to pixel by pixel mode AND set the AVWizard to DVI, 1080, 60Hz.
In 720p the black bar is gone.
Does anybody in the community shares the same experience?
A work around is, to NOT use the pixel by pixel feature and setup the screen to my needs (reduce size, move left).
But i think, the picture quality is not as good.
I run the nvidia driver out of the box. Last time driver update did not help.
For checking my LCD, i installed WinXP with latetst nvidia driver, which gave me a solid 1920x1200 @ 50Hz  ;)

Thanks for all your help and keep up the work... you guys rock! ;O))


Dear all,

i just freak out with a strange behavior:
when i play a mp3 with high pitch like feist - I'm sorry, the sound
sux an the higher frequencies.
First i update the alsa driver/libs/utils from 1.14 to 1.16, no success.
After that i stopped LinuxMCE and played that mp3 with mplayer via ssh.
Result => PERFECT Sound.
When i start the LMCE Core Services the sound is still good...
The Moment i start the Media Station we're back to business... Sound sux.
This all happens WHILE playing that song.

Ok here are my specs:
MSI 7329 (MSI Media Live)
Audio Realtek  ALC883

I do connect LMCE via a chinch cable to my stereo

For now i did NOT test
-if sound sux with older LMCE Versions (7.10 always did)
-different wiring like spdif
-playing the mplayer mp3 via ssh with standarf LMCE goven ALSA
-if sound stucks on different MD

Does anybody else have this problem or could help me out here? ;O)


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