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Users / dce routing correctly, devices not acting on command
« on: February 22, 2008, 02:05:10 am »
am trying to get a vista rc6 mce remote working with vdr/linuxmce.

the home button calls the onscreen orbiter menu, and the cursor keys move and select correctly on the UI.

but, the channel and volume buttons do not act on vdr.
some buttons do work, like the tv selector, the recording guide, but the numeric buttons do not, nor the colour shortcuts.

i have looked at the lircd.conf and vdr/remote.conf and cant really understand the correlation.

i have tailed the dcerouter.log and 31_LIRC log and can see the button press going from the remote, and being presented to vdr device, but nothing happens, then dcerouter tries other devices until it gives up.

i have tried looking through the devices, commands and other stuff on the admin interface, and cant really see how that works either. it does seem overly complicated in there!

can anyone offer me some advice on where to look now?

thanks and regards,

Users / vdr lost t-500 - no tv option
« on: February 08, 2008, 12:53:49 am »

i have installed 710b3 onto a msi live, amd64, nvidia 6150, with T-500 card as hybrid.

from initial install, i could not get tv to work, but eventually found the details about w_scan and created a basic channels.conf, uploaded it and got a live stream and was able to watch tv.
however, the channel guide was not correct for how the channels were actually labelled, the guide still showed the pre-installed german version, but flicking through the channels showed them correctly.

but, during my using of the system, i removed the UI2 orbiter, and got dumped back to UI1. over zealous removing of the multiple entries from my unsupported n95......
i went through the setup wizard and got back to UI2, but now the T-500 is not visible to VDR. I dont get the TV option on the menu at all.

i notice that there are no pipes or anything like that defined which is what i think the problem is, but looking through the forum i only see mention that they are created automatically, and no instructions on creating them manually to suit this card.

i have tried to do this, but i seem to go round in circles.

i have noticed that there is an /var/cache/cdr/ file that has been created since i have been browsing around the system, moving the channels.conf file wherever i find one....
the epg is updated with current information, so i know the card must be working and receiving signal, but i cannot get it to show on the UI to select.

i have manually added the pvr-500 tuner1 and tuner2 devices back to the core/hybrid md, and now i am stuck..

i think i have searched the forums to death trying to make sure i have got as much done as i can until this point, so any help would be appreciated, cheers.

#update# ok, the only thing i forgot to do was regenerate the Orbiter for core/hybrid which has given me my TV option back  :-[
i have also removed the pvr-500 tuners from the hybrid/core in admin page, as i assume they are not used for my dvb card.... therefore the pipes were a non issue....  ::)

overall, i have mixed feelings at the moment regarding linuxmce, as i was hoping it would be a little more painless to install and configure than it actually was, however i want to stick with it until i know i have done all i can to make it work for me.
having been out of the "hands on" environment for a couple of years, all of the old frustrations have come flooding back when working at the bleeding edge :-)
however, once i am up to speed, i hope to contribute in some way

the community certainly seems dedicated and helpful, which is very encouraging, and i have noticed big advancements between releases while reading through the forums. well done to the developers so far!

however, i am a little disappointed in the quality of output to my tv, as the kde desktop and admin console are pretty much unreadable, and i have had to disable to firewall and ssh & www in externally to get a readable interface to troubleshoot with.
the bad quality extends to the UI interface looking clunky, or as my wife put it "a bit 80's atari", but i presume that will be some X config file manipulation when i have a spare few hours to kill.....

#update# i downloaded the vdradmin utility as detailed elsewhere, and that is much more friendly than trying to use my keyboard for the epg, but i appreciate that the vdr interface is still "work in progress"

how do i get the tv image to fill my 16:9 widescreen, rather than letterbox format, of varying heights, depending on the channel?


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