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After a lot of blood sweat and tears, you can insert a data CD/DVD and view/play it's content without the need to copy the files to your storage.
Once you eject the dvd, the content, that was added automatically to your DB gets removed.
There are some limitations that need to be addressed and as my coding abilities are pretty limited, I'm still struggling with them and any help would be greatly appreciated.
1. On your core, stop the media director.
2. Copy the Disc_Drive file to "/usr/pluto/bin" as root (Backup the original file first).
3. Copy the file to "/usr/pluto/lib", again as root (once again, backup your original file).
4. Restart your media director.

You can now insert any data disc into your core and after a few seconds it's content will apear on the appropriate media list (video/audio etc...) on the core as well as all your MD's. Clicking on it will play it with the appropriate player.


1. This is a x86 ver. I don't have a 64 system to compile it on.
2. When you insert the disc on the core, you can view it on any MD in the house. It won't work if you try to put the disc on an MD.
3. The disc can only be ejected using the "manage drives" menu for now. Pressing the button will not release the disc.

Hopefully, these limitations will be fixed soon and this will become fully functional.

I hope you find this useful.


Users / New WIKI guide - improving the PVR-150's picture quality.
« on: February 12, 2009, 08:25:25 pm »

Users / Playing verious media types directly from cd/dvd
« on: December 31, 2008, 11:09:50 pm »
Currently, when you load up a cd/dvd which is not a media disc (movie/audio cd), there's no way to playback the media on it directly. You need t copy the stuff on to your media drive to be able to play it.
Is there a way to make the sytem recognise a media file (avi/mp3 or what ever) as such and play it directly from the disc?


Users / Weird problem with floor plans
« on: December 31, 2008, 01:06:15 am »

I've made 3 floor-plans for my house. Basement, Ground floor and First floor, and I've populated them with the relevant stuff.
I have 3 buttons on each floor plan screen that I'm supposed to use to switch between them.
The weird thing is clicking a button doesn't change the actual floor plan image. It only seems to activate the corresponding floor-plan hot spots as I'm able to turn lights on and off (if I remember where they are supposed to be).
Any ideas ?


Users / Strange behaviour of live TV (Media type 11)
« on: November 11, 2008, 11:26:43 am »
I've been trying to figure this out for quiet some time now without any success.
On the LMCE video you see the transition betwin actuall liveTV (watching directly thru the correct inputs on the tv/reciever/sat box etc.) and liveTV thru the lmce gui (with the lmce menu overlay) is instant. In my cars, on EVERY machine I've tried it on (3-4 differant machines..) it takes any where betwin 7-10 secs for the transition to accure.
Note that I'm talking about LiveTV as in media type 11 and not thru mythtv.
Any ideas ???


I have a Hiper-Media MD (very similer to the MSI Media Live) it boots and installes OTB. The mobo is an MSI K9NGM2 which has a Geforce 6150 on board. The MD has and AMD 4800+, 2 gigs of RAM.
What happenes is that while playing ANY video divx or mkv, the video suddenly freezes for a couple of seconds (can be pretty long some times) and then it starts playing again, not from where it froze  but from where it would be if it did not freeze in the first place, as if the video never stopped playing.
Any idea any one?


Users / a problem with Live TV
« on: June 23, 2008, 11:16:16 pm »
My setup includes a core and several MD's. Some of the MD's include a pvr-150 connected to a sat box.
Trying to watch TV using the LMCE GUI (LiveTV scenario) results in a massege saying "fle not found:fifo: ///dev/video0", and a blank screen.
watching TV thru MythTV works without any problems.

Any ideas any one?


Installation issues / Can't get 720p from Intel i945
« on: May 31, 2008, 05:20:49 pm »
Trying out an aOpen 945vxr mini pc as a diskless md, setup ran just fine (it got setup as an amd64 for some reason).
In the AVWizard I choose DVI 720p 60hz, but it reapears as 800X600 60hz. I tried several other resollutions but nothing seems to work.
I was under the impression that this chipset is supposed to be supported OTB by lmce

Any ideas ???


Users / Setting mythtv up for a core and several MD's
« on: May 21, 2008, 06:03:53 pm »
I'm trying to set up the system so that the core/hybrid serves as a master backend without any capture cards, 3 MD's will be slave back ends each having a pvr-150 installed, and the 4th MD will be a slave backend without a capture card as well.
So far I haven't been able to accomplish anything.
I've gone thru mythtv setup on the core ONLY adding a source (XMLTV), then I ran mythfilldatabase on the core.
I then setup the MD's selecting the pvr's and setting XMLTV as the sources for each one of them and skipping all of that all togather on the MD without the PVR.
To my best knoledge, I am supposed to have 3 active inputs working with the master backend (running "echo "select sourceid from videosource" | mysql -uroot mythconverg" should give 3 sources), but i still have only one active source and only the MD with that card shows the TV signal. Trying to run mythtv on the core gives a massege saying all availble outputs are taken, and the other MD's fail to show anything as well.
I made sure mythfilldata base was only run on the core so this should be setup proerly.

Any ideas?


I would like my kids to try and have my kids use their md's as regular computers as well.
I order to do this, I need to install Hebrew support on each of them.
I have followed this guide and everything seems find accept for one thing.
In the guide, I need to go to system-->administration -->language support, and install the language, but under kde desktop, in the system administration menu, I can't install another language in the system settings/regional options, the language is not in the list, and it wont install anything else using the apropriate button either.
Any ideas ?


As the topic states, is there anyone using this board ? I'd really appreciate any info.


Users / DivX movies dont play AC3 Passthru
« on: February 24, 2008, 07:29:38 am »
I'm playing DVD movies in AC3/DTS Passthru with no problem what so ever. But for some reason DivX movies play only in analog stereo altough on Vista they play in AC3/DTS Passthru just fine.
Any idea what might be causing it and how to fix it ?


Users / Maintaining directory structure of an internal media NTFS drive
« on: February 24, 2008, 07:25:20 am »
I have a 320gb SATA internal drive for all my media, which uses a NTFS file system.
LMCE finds it, and all my media is present and accesible.
The strange thing is that it seems like LMCE completely disregards my directory structure.
I have the movies, for instance, in folders named Action, Drama. Animation etc. but LMCE does'nt have this structure. It just throws everything I have on the screen.
How can I maintain this directory structure withing LMCE ?


Installation issues / Repeating 0710 post installtion problems
« on: February 18, 2008, 07:41:06 am »
Hi all.

I'll start off by saying I'm a total noob to LMCE and linux as a whole.
My core/highbrid setup is as follows
Gigabyte K8-NF9 Mobo with a Realtek ALC850 based onboard sound
AMD Athalon XP 3000+
1GB Ram
Gforce 6600GT
160GB Sata HDD for the LMCE
320GB Sata HDD filled with Media on an NTFS file system

I inserted the quick install DVD, ran thru the setup with no problems and installation finished with one the no sound on SPDIF problem.
Everything else seemed to be working and detected.
I tried verious solutions found on this and other boards and and evetually got the sound working for a couple of minutes, but then it stopped working again.
Not being able to fix it convinced me to reinstall, again, installation seemed to work flowlesly only this time I got an error while starting the services (when you get a green bar on a gray background after everything is finished...) it hanged around 91% and the said something about not being able to stat the phone system and gave me a black screen saying that "some services could not start but I can still use my system" and a white ok button.
As I was eager to figure out the sound issue, I decided to continue and worry about it later .
I finally found a driver on the Realtek site that fixed the sound issue but some stuff stopped working.
Can't launch firefox from within the orbiter, trying to start mythtv from within the orbiter does nothing the screen just goes black.
So I've decided to do a fresh install but the same scenario just repeated it self again.
One more thing, at some point it detects my ntfs hdd and installs it (I asked it to read only and keep the filesystem intact) but even tough I can see it I can't access it or catalog it in anyway. Trying to sync the media from the Admin website, I can't even see te drive, but from withing the orbiter, if I search a name of an audio file, it finds it and playes it ith no problem, but movies are non existant to the system.
BTW inserting and playing a dvd works including ac3/dts what ever sound format it is ...
I have a total of 5 installation under my belt now, all with exactly the same results. I tought it might be the dvd so I made a fresh one, still the same problems.
Can any body help me with this ?


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