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Users / Cannot rip movies from vbox MD?
« on: July 30, 2009, 04:54:11 pm »
As mentioned in another thread, I need to re-rip all my DVDs and for convenience I want to do it from my desktop (dual boot XP/Kubuntu 9.04) while working from home.  Since I have a vbox MD on my linux desktop I figured I'd use that for the DVDs LMCE can rip, but I get a message saying it can't rip the movie, possibly due to no DeCSS.  I have uninstalled and re-installed the DeCSS stuff, but still no worky.

Is there some limitation where you cannot get around DeCSS or some other issue with a virtual machine?  If so, is there some work around?  I may try DVD43 in XP and a vbox session although I don't have vbox installed on my XP drive.

Users / Qs about ripping DVDs external to LMCE
« on: July 27, 2009, 05:21:13 pm »
Is there a way to rip a DVD to ISO (.dvd in linuxmce) and have it pick up the movie info (.id3 stuff) the same way it does when actually ripping a movie?

I have over 400 movies to rip after my USB drive crash and since I typically work from home it would be nice to be able to rip it all on my desktop without needing to go back to each and every movie and try to scrape the info from an amazon look up. 

Users / VDPAU and MKV in 810?
« on: July 20, 2009, 06:13:59 pm »
Am I correct in believing that with the right hardware VDPAU is supported in 810, and additionally mkv files play without the green garbage/blocks? 

I'm unhappy to report that it looks like my external USB (old one, not new one), may be corrupted to the point of no return.  750G drive, around 600G of data, and 2 days of fsck and still going strong.  At one point it was fixed enough that LMCE automounted it (ugh, fsck was still running), so I have removed it as a device to avoid that.  In any event, if it is as corrupted as it appears, I'm looking at re-ripping/converting over 300 DVDs that were on that drive.  Ugh.

However, in looking for a bright spot, if VDPAU and mkv are both working out of the box in 810 I will probably rip/convert them to VDPAU compatible H.264 mkv files.  If not, I may just bite the bullet, buy more disk, and rip the full DVDs as ISOs.  I just hate using more than double the space and being forced to navigate the DVD menus for no perceptible difference in quality.

Users / Issue with auto umount/slow mount on fat32 USB drive
« on: June 25, 2009, 08:21:13 am »
I recently bought an external USB drive, a Fantom Drive gf1000eu.  After much troubleshooting I discovered it's the source of my MDs problematic periodic pausing or freezing during media playback.  The drive is on the core and gets unmounted then remounted apparently almost constantly.  While mounting it hangs for a minute or so and causes MDs to hang with "CIFS VFS: server not responding" and several related messages while the iowait on the core shoots up to 40%+.  I also found that during this time if I type df on the core, it hangs while getting info for that specific drive.  Finally, I confirmed this by cd'ing into a directory on that drive so it would not auto unmount and that makes the MDs work fine.

When I bought the drive I simply plugged it in and let it do it's thing.  I didn't bother to format it as ext3, I simply left it as fat32, and started filling it up.  At this point I don't have enough space on the server to move everything off that drive.  Before I go through the trouble and creative shuffling and transferring across the network 240G of stuff to get the drive empty and not lose media, will formatting it as ext3 even resolve this issue or is it simply a problem related to the drive?  I do have a WD USB drive that is formatted ext3 and it works flawlessly.

Users / HDMI + too much overscan...
« on: May 28, 2009, 04:29:21 pm »
Short of trying to switch to a VGA cable or trying to find some setting on the TV itself, is there anything I can do about too much overscan while using HDMI out on an nVidia card?  It's my understanding that nVidia + HDMI = no overscan adjustment.  In LMCE it's livable, but in Myth (including watching TV, the guide, menus, etc.) the overscan is cutting off just too much.  I can't even see check boxes on the side of the screen when going through setup options.  I even tried changing the screen size and offset in Myth but it didn't do anything.

Users / audio receiver suggestions?
« on: May 26, 2009, 10:21:24 pm »
If things go well, by the time I'm ready to start equipping my media room 810 will be out.  To that end I will need some kind of 5.1 surround sound.  Current plan is go use the Acer Aspire Revo as a MD, meaning I'm pretty much stuck with HDMI for surround sound out of the MD, or possibly a USB sound card.  Along with the MD, I want a small receiver that can be wall mounted and hid behind the TV or even integrated into the sub woofer.  I also want it to be able to be controlled via rs232 or usb.  I'm not even sure if something like this exists.  Any advice?

Users / no sound in myth with pvr-150
« on: May 15, 2009, 01:46:32 am »
I have a pvr-150 that has been in use with s-video inputs only for months.  I'm fairly sure the tuner, including sound, was working fine at one time, but now that I am ditching my cable box and therefore no longer using s-video input I reconnected the cable.  I'm able to tune channels and get a picture, but there no sound at all when watching live TV via Myth with this card.  If I switch to an HDHomeRun tuner the sound works fine.  This is true on both the core/md where the tuner is as well as trying to watch from a MD.

Before I try deleting the PVR-150 from linuxmce and myth then run through the setup wizard again, can anyone give me ideas of stuff to check?

Users / Myth/HDHomeRun questions..
« on: May 13, 2009, 11:08:51 pm »
After a couple fits and starts, I have HDHomeRun nearly working. 

Background in case someone else runs into any of this (or just skip down to the questions):

The first time I plugged my HDHR in I received the LMCE pop-up asking to add it.  I said yes and it seemed to go on it's merry way.  I gave it a good hour or two, then did a full reboot, still unable to switch Inputs to the HDHomeRun.  A quick check in lmce web admin showed it was there and looked ok, but running mythtv-setup from command line showed no HDHomeRun entries.  I removed the device from the web admin, unplugged then plugged it back in, and again was prompted to add it.  This time it took me to the setup wizard so I knew it was acting different than last.  After working through the setup wizard and giving it time to scan channels, still no love.  Back to mythtv-setup where the HDHR tuners showed up, and the starting channel was set to something like please add a valid channel.  Channel scan - nothing.  At this point I rebooted my desktop (not the core) to windows simply because I had an install disk and I figured it would have more tools.  After a couple firmware updates (maybe this was the key?) I was able to see channels in Windows, so back to linux for ssh w/X to run mythtv-setup again.  This time I was able to scan channels.

Question 1:  how should I scan the channels (assuming cable)?
A bit of googling implied I should set it to cable (obvious), then scan both QAM256 and QAM64.  I take it this mean scanning will find and add any additional channels no matter what type.  Is there any harm or benefit to scanning all 4 ways (QAM64/QAM128/QAM256/8-vsb) as long as existing channel treatment is set to minimal update?

Question 2: I'm clueless on how to map the Digital channels to the Schedules Direct/Comast guide, how is it done?
Unfortunately it appears EPG data is poorly supported (by Comcast, not Myth), so I feel I need to stick with Schedules Direct.

One oddity I noticed.  My QAM capable TVs will scan and find channel 2 and 2-1.  I look for this as a kind of test case because I know 2-1 the DTV version of cable channel 2 and analog channel 2.  I was concerned because in windows I scanned a few times and it never found 2-1.  However, MythTV seems to have found 2-1.   ???

Users / N810...
« on: April 16, 2009, 08:59:03 pm »
Just a heads up for anyone that may be considering one... has the Nokia N810 Nseries Internet Table with Wi-Fi and GPS on sale for $224.99 + $1.99 S/H.

BTW, if you run the orbiter on that does it replace what's on it already, or can you switch between orbiter and whatever OS it comes with?

Users / VIA vs. Atom in 810..
« on: April 15, 2009, 07:34:26 pm »
I've been doing some looking at the Atom stuff and it looks pretty good.  However, I've also ran across a few places that compare the new VIA processors to the Atom, and their testing shows the new VIA boards are better overall.  Not only are they roughly 30% faster overall, but according to what I've read VIA is very open about what manufacturers can put on their boards while Intel is being very restrictive.  From one of the articles:

"If there is egg to be thrown in anyone's face from this article, it is on Intel for its locking down of the Atom platform.  Since Computex this year I have been hearing complaints from board vendors on the amount of restrictions Intel is putting on them for Atom products.  Vendors are not allowed to build Atom motherboards with PCI Express, digital video outputs or more than one memory slot.  VIA on the other hand is openly courting board manufacturers to put as much technology on a mini-ITX design as they can - as long as the DO build one! "

This article is almost a year old, so maybe things have changed?

I did try doing a couple searches here, but when you search for VIA you get a plethora of stuff like "changing this via doing that" type stuff, and searching for via nano doesn't give much.

I try to keep an eye on this forum, but I miss a lot of posts and searching didn't help much.  Please forgive me if this has been discussed at length already.

In the past there has been some talk about improved chrome drivers, but it seems with the new Atom boards being available the VIA boards have somewhat lost interest.  I guess I'd just like to hear a discussion on these two options.  Pros and cons.  Things like the VIA boards have better performance, but the integrated graphics are poorly supported.  Maybe you can get a VIA system with a PCI slot and toss in a $50 nvidia video card?  Some Atom boards have issues with PXE boot and/or video that locks up...  An Atom based board can only have VGA connectors, no DVI/HDMI (?).  Improvements expected with 810?

Basically, I've come full circle on this.  First I was leaning towards VIA.  Then with all the issues with the Chrome drivers I was just waiting for anything better to come out, either better drivers or another small form factor option.  Then I got all excited about Atom boards.  Now that I've read up on them and seen comparisons with the newer VIA boards I'm back to leaning towards VIA, either with better drivers or even an add-on video card.  Will any of these play 1080p in UI2+overlay?  The more I read the more confused I get.

edit:  of course after I post this I see the thread about the ION NetDevice...  Didn't realize ION was Atom+nVidia 9400.  Not out yet, and looks like it may be much more $$ than current Atom/VIA systems but I guess we will see when it's up for sale on etc.

Users / Question/request for 810
« on: January 14, 2009, 04:52:48 pm »
As I understand it, it used to be possible to install and boot a client from an internal hard drive, but in not any longer.  For me it would be very useful to be able to install the 810 MD client on a local hard drive.  Even better would be to have the option to install on a partition for dual booting.  This would allow computers that don't pxe boot to be used.  Nic cards that are not pxe supported, wifi without an extra wap for laptops that move around a lot or for areas without a LAN drop...

If it was possible to install a clean untouched Kubuntu then slap LinuxMCE on top and boot from that as a Media Director I have at least 2 computers I'd immediately start using, my son's desktop and a laptop.  Both of which hang during the pxe boot/install.  The wireless aspect alone would make this a big win for some people.

Allowing for adding LMCE on top of a running Kubuntu may also allow for a wider hardware base, perhaps things like AppleTV or other types of hardware not included in the LMCE install image.

Netbooting a diskless MD is the best way to go, but nothing wrong with more options.

(posting this in users so not to muck up the dev area with user questions, if it belongs elsewhere feel free to move it)

Users / "Done adding device ...."
« on: December 30, 2008, 12:38:53 am »
Every so often I get the familiar pop-up box in the upper left corner of the screen telling me it's finished adding my external USB device.  Same message every time, even when I'm watching a video stored on the device.  I don't have any problems with the videos stored there, no pauses during playback or anything.  It's not consistent, sometimes I can watch an entire video without noticing it, other times it's every 10 minutes.  I keep movies on that external drive, and MythTV recordings are done to my internal drive so I wouldn't think it's related to recording TV shows.  It's very distracting.

Anyone else have this issue?  Any ideas as to the cause?

Here is a small part of DCERouter.log.  I'm including everything within a minute of the device add.  I don't have anything configured for Asterisk, but in looking through the logs it appears there is an Asterisk message just like the one below right before adding the USB drive every time.  The external USB drive shows up as 7500AAK_External. 

07      12/29/08 15:49:12.097           Event #75 has no handlers <0x86ad0b90>
07      12/29/08 15:49:12.097           Received Message from 17 (^[[36;1mAsterisk / Living Room/Family Room^[[0m) to -1001 (^[[36;1munknown / ^[[0m), type 2 id75 Event:^[[32;1mExtensions Status^[[0m, retry none, parameters: <0x86ad0b90>
07      12/29/08 15:49:12.097             Parameter 13(Text): SIP/200:Registered <0x86ad0b90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101           Event #65 has no handlers <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101           Received Message from 1 (^[[36;1mCORE / Living Room/Family Room^[[0m) to -1001 (^[[36;1munknown / ^[[0m), type 2 id 65 Event:^[[32;1mDevice Detected^[[0m, retry none, parameters: <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 5(Mac Address):  <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 13(Text): 7500AAK_External [sdb1] <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 28(IP Address):  <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 49(PK_DeviceTemplate): 1790 <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 51(VendorModelID):  <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 52(PK_CommMethod): 8 <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 53(PK_PnpProtocol):  <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 54(PNP Serial Number): df3146e0-94e3-4ab5-81f4-02f14e9143b2 <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 55(DeviceData): 267|df3146e0-94e3-4ab5-81f4-02f14e9143b2|277|688G <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 56(Category):  <0x5da7eb90>
07      12/29/08 15:50:07.101             Parameter 59(Signature):  <0x5da7eb90>
08      12/29/08 15:50:07.103           Received Message from 1 (^[[36;1mCORE / Living Room/Family Room^[[0m) to OnScreen Orbiter(20),Generic Proxy Orbiter(63),type 1 id  809 Command:^[[35;1mDisplay Alert^[[0m, retry none, parameters: <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:50:07.103             Parameter 9(Text): 33766 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:50:07.103             Parameter 70(Tokens): pnp_33766 <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:50:07.103             Parameter 182(Timeout): 2 <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:50:07.103             Parameter 251(Interruption): 2 <0xa16e5b90>
05      12/29/08 15:50:07.219           ^[[33;1mSocket::ReceiveData 0x8d2ae00 failed, bytes left 0 start: 1177940000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 166 Incoming_Conn Socket 166^[[0m <0x5da7eb90>
05      12/29/08 15:50:07.220           ^[[33;1mSocket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 166^[[0m <0x5da7eb90>
05      12/29/08 15:50:07.220           ^[[33;1mTCPIP: Closing connection to -1003 (Router Dev #0) 0x8d2ae00 m_Socket: -1^[[0m <0x5da7eb90>
05      12/29/08 15:50:07.220           ^[[33;1mRouter::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x8d2ae00 -1003^[[0m <0x5da7eb90>

Just for more info, here is a grep showing times it's doing this:
08      12/29/08 7:50:09.528              Parameter 9(Text): 33738 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 8:10:08.974              Parameter 9(Text): 33739 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 8:20:07.796              Parameter 9(Text): 33740 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 10:00:08.555             Parameter 9(Text): 33743 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 10:10:08.408             Parameter 9(Text): 33744 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 10:20:07.621             Parameter 9(Text): 33745 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 10:30:08.143             Parameter 9(Text): 33749 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 10:40:08.149             Parameter 9(Text): 33751 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 10:50:07.837             Parameter 9(Text): 33752 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 11:00:08.438             Parameter 9(Text): 33753 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 11:10:07.098             Parameter 9(Text): 33754 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 13:00:09.483             Parameter 9(Text): 33755 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 13:40:08.740             Parameter 9(Text): 33756 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 13:50:08.281             Parameter 9(Text): 33759 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 14:00:07.008             Parameter 9(Text): 33760 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:10:07.669             Parameter 9(Text): 33762 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:20:08.193             Parameter 9(Text): 33763 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:30:09.141             Parameter 9(Text): 33764 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:40:07.569             Parameter 9(Text): 33765 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 15:50:07.103             Parameter 9(Text): 33766 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 16:00:09.972             Parameter 9(Text): 33767 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 16:10:09.775             Parameter 9(Text): 33768 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 16:20:08.181             Parameter 9(Text): 33769 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>
08      12/29/08 16:30:09.239             Parameter 9(Text): 33770 Done with new device Added: 7500AAK_External (sdb1)-CORE <0xa16e5b90>

Users / all-in-one?
« on: December 29, 2008, 06:22:42 pm »
Anyone try one of those all-in-one PCs?  Granted you're not going to find a 60" all-in-one, but for a bedroom or other area where a big TV isn't necessary I think it would be hard to beat a 22" all-in-one for $699:

I couldn't find specs on what type of ATSC Tuner card is in it, but I don't have a TV tuner card in my bedroom and don't plan to so if it wouldn't work, no loss.  The big question is whether or not it would actually work.  Does it require custom drivers?  How can you control TV functions such as input and volume?  No use for wifi, but would the integrated nic PXE boot and work fine?

The link above is just an example of what appears to be a good deal, but I'm more interested in general answers not necessarily specific to the Averatec. 

Users / Issues updating media info via media sync
« on: December 19, 2008, 06:03:21 pm »
Recently I started having some problems when I'm updating/tagging videos.

After "Check Amazon" and selecting the cover art I always get this:

Fatal error: mysql error: [1062: Duplicate entry '10304-2887-0-0' for key 1] in EXECUTE("INSERT INTO File_Attribute (FK_File,FK_Attribute) VALUES ('10304','2887')") in /var/www/pluto-admin/include/adodb/ on line 77

I'm not sure if the entry "0304-2887-0-0" is the same every time, but the message is pretty much the same.  After I reload the page and say yes to repost it goes through.  However, it always ends up with a duplicate picture and almost always leaves off the title.

The other issue I've been having for much longer:  Whenever I add a TV series I rip individual episodes on my desktop and copy them to the core.  As I go through tagging them they lose the Media sub-type tag requiring me to set it back to TV shows 2 or sometimes 3 times.  Last night I happened to notice some of the older TV series rips I had tagged a few months ago lost their Media sub-type tag.  I don't know if this happened during initial tagging or at some point since then.

I have more to tag so if there is something I can look at and post to help figure out what is going on please let me know.  Tagging every episode of a complete series DVD collection is tedious enough.  Dealing with errors, reloading screens, setting media types multiple times, manually adding titles, deleting duplicate images, etc.. is painful.

Users / semi-OT - comcast basic cable changes...
« on: December 12, 2008, 07:56:44 pm »
Last night I hooked up a cable direct to the TV (again).  After a quick channel scan here is what I found:  I can get every channel in the 2-99 range, although some of them are digital so my PVR 150 is still too unreliable to use.  I am able to get HD versions of several channels unencrypted, ie channel 2 is a local network station in SD, 2-1 is the same channel in HD.  The scan also found a bunch of channels in odd locations that appear to be HD versions of standard channels, something like 66-864 is the HD version of 25 (fictitious example, I don't remember the actual numbers), more HD to come?  The HD channels are broadcasting roughly 24 hours of program scheduling.

Sooooo...  All this means I can dump my cable boxes, drop back to their digital starter package (cheaper than standard cable???), pick up a HD Homerun, and after giving up a only a couple channels I typically watch (sci-fi being the biggest downer) have a much better LMCE experience. 

Consider this a heads up for other people using cable with a STB.  If you haven't looked to see what is available via cable without a STB in a while and you have a HDTV with QAM tuner, do a scan.  Recording HDTV just may be an option.

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