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Users / Accidently told LMCE to ignore my usb hdd
« on: April 11, 2008, 05:46:21 am »
Hi, I live in a dorm, so there are about 300 people on my local area network right now.  So, when I install LMCE, I have to tell it to ignore everyone's computer.  Problem is, I got so robotic in my denies, that I told it to ignore my usb hard drive with some media on it.  So, how do I get it to use that usb hard drive? 

Installation issues / How to get fiire cheif to work outside of linuxmce
« on: February 12, 2008, 06:21:49 am »
Hey, I bought a fiire chief and for complicated reasons (mostly hardware problems), I can't use Linuxmce until I buy a new monitor.  Until then, I'm going to use mythtv by itself as my media center.  So, does anyone know how to get all the buttons working in mythtv.  I know that the arrows work, but the channel change buttons aren't even registering in the set keys area.  Neither do the play, pause, etc buttons, nor volume.  Now, I don't think this should be too hard because becuase system>preferences>keyboard shortcuts recognizes the play buttons.  It doesn't however register the volume/channel.  So does anyone know how to configure the fiire chief?  Or is there a way to map the button presses to some key that mythtv recognizes?

P.S. once I get a monitor (the resolution was just way too low for Linuxmce (640x480)), I'll probably try linux mce again.

Installation issues / Can't get past boot screen with quickDVD
« on: February 10, 2008, 05:36:13 am »
I think that the title says it all.  I've been having nothing but trouble with linuxmce.  I used to be able to use the quickinstall dvd and get into the orbiter loadscreen, but now, I can't even make it past the kubuntu loading screen.  the progress bar never moves.  Anyone have any Ideas?   

Installation issues / Everything but my monitor is compatible!
« on: February 04, 2008, 06:34:47 am »
I'm so sad.  I've given up on linuxmce because my monitor REFUSES to work right and it use my internet connection right.  I have all but given up, but thought I would make a post anyway.  Someone might be able to help. 

  I have a massive 32 inch crt monitor.  Yeah, it's a tubed behemoth.  The exact specs are at the bottom of the post.

I am unable to get a hold of a quick install dvd, so I have to install from the CDs.  This means installing Kubuntu fromt he alternate disc.  For some reason, none of the special options like safe graphics mode or change resolution will work in 640x480.  I guess it's just way too low.  Anyway, so I get kubuntu 7.10 or 7.04 installed (I've tried both versions of LMCE many times) and then go through the agonizingly long install process.  All the while, kubuntu is set to 640x480 res.  I finish installing MCE and reboot.  When the AV wizard comes up...BLAMO!  Resolution is off the charts and I can't see anything.  I try clicking ok a few times cause I know that the default choice is 640x480 res.  When I get to that point, the screen goes black, then the fast moving lines come back. 

So then, I follow several posts on this forum and check my xorg.conf file.  No dice.  Everything says what it should.  My resolution, refresh, horizontal... So, I grab a temporary monitor to try and get the settings right.  Video works fine on that.  But when I've set everything to 640x480, completed setup and gotten into the orbiter, I restart.  Plug in the monster crt and I get the same crap!  What is this?! 

BTW, I was completely unable to install any extra software.  Everytime I told it to install something, it said it couldn't download at this time.  I also never got any flicker background pics.  Obviously, something wrong with my internet, but when I logged out into the kubuntu desktop, I could surf just fine!  What the hell?!  Mind you, I can only do this with a temporary replacement monitor.  My main monitor won't show me anything. 

So long story short, LINUXMCE screwed me over.  I bought all compatible hardware and it freaks out.  Even when I got into the orbiter, I couldn't install libcssdvd, so no dvds.  I'm assuming that I need to by a new tv/monitor, but I'm still not sure LMCE will work.  What was up with the crappy internet?  Well, I'm done ranting.  I'm willing to keep trying, but I've spent so many days of actual tweaking time on this and have nothing to show.  Anyone know a fix to the non-downloadable software or freaking out resolution?

Part number 7000053,MON031001AAWW

Specifications - Destination 31-Inch Monitor
CRT    Overall diagonal size is 33 inches, 32.5 millimeters (mm) neck size, 0.83 - 1.04 mm horizontal and 0.79 mm vertical stripe pitch, 110 degree diagonal deflection, tinted
Maximum Resolution    640 × 480
Display Colors    Unlimited
Scanning Frequency    Horizontal: 31 to 38 kilohertz (kHz)
Vertical: 60 to 72 hertz (Hz)
Aspect Ratio    1.37:1
Video Bandwidth    40 megahertz (MHz) nominal
Display Area
(H × W)    428 × 586 mm (16.85 × 23 inches)
Input Signal Video Sync    Analog: .07 Vp-p 75 Ohm
Separate sync: TTL level
Horizontal sync: positive/negative
Vertical sync: positive/negative
Power Input    90–132 volts alternating current (VAC) and 60 Hz, 3.0 amperes (A) (U.S.)
180–264 VAC and 50 Hz, 1.5 A (International)
( W × H × D)    780 × 701 × 580 mm (approximately 30.7 × 27.6 × 22.9 inches)
Weight    Net: 58.1 kilograms (kg) (128 pounds)
Gross: 72.1 kg (159 pounds)
  I have a massive 32 inch crt monitor.  Yeah, it's a tubed behemoth.  This page has the specs of the exact monitor I am trying to use.
Power Management    Meets Energy Star requirements:

    * Suspend mode: 15 watts (W)
    * Active-off mode: 8 W

Fully Plug and Play    Bidirectional data channel
Certifications    UL, CSA, DHHS, TUV, FCC Class B, DOC class B, BZT, FDA CFR Subchapter J, ZH-1/61810.80, CPA, conforms to EPA standards.

Installation issues / Too high resolution to see anything
« on: January 30, 2008, 05:53:08 pm »
Hi.  I just built a custom rig to run linuxmce and to my disappointment, it was not as easy as the video made it look.  My problem lies with my video card.  It's a gefore NX8400GS.  The quick install dvd didn't provide the proper driver to enable the highest UI.  So, I followed the steps outlined on the wiki for installing the nvidia driver.  That didn't work.  It kept reverting back to the vesa driver.  So then, I tried install 7.10 using the install discs.  I Installed the driver first before lmce.  It still is using the nvidia driver, but now my resolution is set way too high to see anything.  I checked the xorg.conf and the resolution is set to the the correct res.  (680x480)  I'm using a giant tube tv with a vga input.  It's native res is 680x480.  So, my questiong is how to get the resolution correct.  I can post my xorg file or anything else that is needed.  I'm so close, I just need my resolution to get down to 680x480.  Thanks in advance.

Here are the specs to my video card.

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