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Users / Re: LinuxMCE 0710 beta4 upgrade
« on: March 09, 2008, 04:02:33 pm »
I also downloaded the DVD DL upgrade and it also bombed in the middle of the install.  I downloaded it again on a different computer, this time I also made certain nothing else was open while I burned it to DVD. I was able to upgrade with the 2nd one.  Now the 1st DVD is an expensive coaster.  Now I don't know what exactly happened after the install, but I didn't have any of my settings saved. It was a complete new install even though I answered Yes to save my settings.

I think this log shows the error message:

linuxmce@dcerouter:/usr/pluto/diskless/50/var/log/pluto$ tail 58_MythTV_Player.log
05      03/08/08 16:58:05.979           MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no jump livetv  <0x40800950>
01      03/08/08 16:58:05.980           Failed initial communications with Mythfrontend. <0x40800950>
01      03/08/08 16:58:05.983           Killed Mythfrontend. <0x40800950>
05      03/08/08 16:58:05.995           Going to send command quit <0x41802950>
05      03/08/08 16:58:06.999           Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0x41802950>
05      03/08/08 16:58:08.023           Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0x41802950>
05      03/08/08 16:58:09.023           Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0x41802950>
05      03/08/08 16:58:09.023           ClientSocket::Connect() not successful <0x41802950>
05      03/08/08 16:58:09.023           void ClientSocket::Disconnect() on this socket: 0x6ae2e0 (m_Socket: 8) <0x41802950>
01      03/08/08 16:58:09.024           Unable to connect to MythTV client <0x41802950>


Both my MD's will automatically exit from MythTV after about 45 seconds every time.  This does not happen on the hybrid/core. If I run mythfrontend from the KDE desktop, I do not have this problem.  I've pasted the log below from one of my MDs.  Has anyone else seen this happen with 0710B4?

linuxmce@dcerouter:/usr/pluto/diskless/50/var/log/pluto$ sudo tail Spawn_mythfrontend_30109.log
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 Unable to run plugin 'mythfrontend': not initialized
/usr/lib/mythtv/plugins/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 MythPlugin::Init() dlerror:
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 Unable to initialize plugin 'mythmythfrontend'.
2008-03-08 16:37:40.642 Unable to run plugin 'mythmythfrontend': not initialized
2008-03-08 16:37:40.643 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'MonitorDrives' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:40.643 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'NetworkControlEnabled' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:40.644 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'Theme' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:40.645 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'AllowQuitShutdown' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;
2008-03-08 16:37:41.686 MSqlQuery: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value = 'Language' AND hostname = 'moon50' ;

Well I am totally Fobared now I think. Nothing but a rebuild of my core is left for me to try. I bought a new NIC and it started the PXE boot perfectly fine all the way up to the point where /usr/pluto/bin/ runs. At this point the MD reboots and repeats the steps of PXE booting. Examining the /tfttpboot directory shows no device id directory is created for the new MD.  What is the world could be causing this? Anyone?  I believe at this point I will not be able to add anymore MD's until this is solved.  Luckily I have my core/hybrid and my one working MD already.

I really would not relish the thought of rebuilding the core. However, if I do, what can I do to minimize the work? In other words, can I backup up the database? Does anybody possibly think this a database problem causing this.  I noticed in LMCEadmin that there is a warning about deleting MD's causing database corruption. Maybe this is what happening?


Would you mind explaining (maybe in a wiki) the steps necessary to fix this.  I'm just learning linux and I understand what rebuilding the kernel implies but....I don't have a clue how to acutally do it...but I am a fast learner.  Thanks.

Ok, I appreciate that.  I'm going to look for an answer over at the mythtv forum when I get a chance.

I have an issue with MYTHTV not retaining the Interlace settings that I choose. Everytime when LMCE comes up after a reboot or restart router I have to re-do my customizations for interlacing. 

In MythtV I go to Settings - Playback - and uncheck the Interlacing mode option.  But when I reboot or restart the router it always goes back to the previous setting which is use Interlacing with Xv and BOB filtering.  I have problems with BOB causing stuttering in playback so I don't want to keep that setting.  I've tried to see where to set this in LMCEadmin permanently and in the MythTV global settings using http://dcerouter/mythweb.

This would seem to be a simple problem to resolve but I can't seem to find out how to fix it.  Thanks for any input.

Well I've tried every suggestion on this topic and still I can't get this particular MD to pxeboot properly.  I've tried to develop an understanding of the process of network booting PXE clients, and read some good wiki documentation on the subject, but there doesn't seem to be an indepth documentation of the process from start to finish of the process.

I tried playing around with manually creating the directory and file structure needed to boot, i.e. I created a file called 01-{mac address} in the pxelinux.cfg directory (actually copied from another MD and renamed to correspond to failing MD's mac address and modified it with it's device #), manually created a directory called /tftpboot/{device#} and copied vmlinuz & initrd.img into it, plus created a directory called /usr/pluto/diskless/{device number}.  This  seemed to work up to a point. The MD would boot, receive it's assigned IP address, load vmlinuz & initrd.img, but then would stop with an error saying it could not mount pre-exportnfs (can't remember exactly now).

I also tried creating the MD manually in lmce admin, put in the mac address and "setup diskless w/s" but this didn't work either.

So if any of you gurus out there who might have any experience with the pxeboot process can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it very much. 

BTW, I think I will try to put in a pci 100mbit ethernet card into this MD once I can locate one and see if it can boot with it.  I wonder if the whole diskless MD creation thing is fubared or if it is just this one MD.


Users / Re: Video media freezes for 20 seconds then continues
« on: February 27, 2008, 04:48:32 pm »
I'm just a newbie with this s/w but have you checked to see if MythTV is doing some background jobs - like transcoding or commerical flagging? 



I see the same output on my MD.  After booting the MD, it reboots and repeats the following scripts, reboots, runs scripts, reboots....


Meanwhile on the Core I begin getting discovery messages for a new orbiter.  Why a new orbiter? It's a MD, not a orbiter.
Webadmin shows a new MD has been added though. 

This is screwed up. Is there anything in the SQLcvs that would cause this situation? All I did was delete the MD using webadmin and tried to re-build it with PXEboot.  Is there a sql utility to detect database corruption and fix it? 



Hari -It looks like there are 2 of us having exact same issue. I haven't had time to work on this, but tonight I will.  I assume that if this file exists on dcerouter, I should delete or rename it, then start the PXEBOOT again?

Good to know I'm not alone in the wilderness.  I haven't had time to try these ideas yet. I've been busy with other issues on my other MD's. I have a Core/Hybrid in the LR and a MD in the MBR that are working fairly well, except the frequent lockups with MythTV.

I will post my results when I get around to this MD again. 

Cheers -


Thanks for the ideas. I will try these and post my results.

colinjones - yes it is getting the lower ip address 1( and I think your are right on about the core remembering the mac address from the previous MD.  Now how I wonder if  I can tell the core to not do this?  I thought maybe I could use a different network card, since I do have some spares, and that would be get around it. But I'd rather fix the problem than work around it.  Ideas?

I think with 0710 that using the "Setup Diskless Media Director"  is no longer used??? Not sure. I tried that but it didn't work. Also the /home/diskless/XX filesystem for that device # is not there, so I'm assuming it's gone. I think the key to my problem is with the Media Director and it's continuous rebooting.  It starts the PXE boot fine, announces itself to the Core, starts running the installation shell scripts, and then reboots, and starts this whole process over again. I noticed that it doesn't even create the /home/diskless/XX filesystem at all, even though a device # is assigned to it when the Core detects the new MD. However, in LMCE admin the new MD is listed.  Some might say just rebuild the Core, but I've got too much time invested in getting the Core running to do this (only as a last resort anyway).   


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