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Users / Re: First Home And First Automation Attempt
« on: October 17, 2011, 09:13:35 pm »

Welcome aboard.
From personal experience, I can recommend LG TVs for rs232 control. Insure when you purchase that the specs list that the serial or rs232 port is for service and control, not just service. Then I bought a USB-to-Serial adapter, and a null modem adapter. then just plug it in. All plug-and-play.

I mounted my 50 and my 32 inch models on the wall. Behind the bracket mounting I have cut in a small ( standard dual-gang wall box at any home depot, lowes, etc ) from this I run power, hdmi, and a USB>Serial cable.

Significant Other approved, as you can see no cables.
As to MDs. I have 2 types. One in a small desktop mini case, and one is an actual Foxconn Nettop appliance. The nettop appliance is mounted directly to the back of the 32 inch TV, and the other MD is in the entertainment center , which is built in the wall beside TV, and looks like any other DVD/BluRay player.

But to get back on topic. I highly recommend LG TVs. Again, verify rs232 is both service, and control. then its plug-n-play.

Best Regards,


p.s. more details in my User setup linked below.

Installation issues / Re: New 1004 Installer Testing
« on: October 14, 2011, 09:22:21 pm »
An Update. I have installed 10.04 using the installer script today, and there were no issues.
Install completed successfully!!!!

Only issue of note was that after AV Wizard, it kept saying that it could not find the orbiter config file, it would try to regen it. But after Orbitergen process completed, There was Sarah!

Continuing on with diskless creation, but AFAIK, new installer is working without issues.

Excellent work!!!!!

Best Regards,


Developers / Re: The Vision
« on: October 11, 2011, 03:23:22 pm »
Ok. Here is my take. And while I have not been contributing much lately, I have been training at work on using eclipse. And starting in january, Android.

When I came into this project, from knoppmyth, which for a media client was rock solid. Ncurses installer and all, I saw the video. I attempted several times to install 7.04 with the 2 cd method, both x86 and x86_64. It was painful, but after it was over, it ran extremely well.

After that there was 7.10. Which by far was my favorite. No long download installer scripts. You popped the DVD in, booted up, chose your disk, and it untarred a complete system, while you went for coffee/beer. This was magnificent. Now with 8.10 in final, and 10.04 being used more in it's stead, with the promise of new hardware support, and a newer "supported" version of Kubuntu, I find myself still longing for that, choose your drive, walk away, come back and reboot.

I use satellite internet because I live way up in the mountians, and there are no cable/dsl/fios options for me. I have to wait to install LinuxMCE because of the HUGE amounts of downloads after a DVD install. A DVD install. I have not yet attempted 10.04 yet. My data usage has dropped below 60% of allowed, so I will try this week at some point. But 8.10 is final. It requires a DVD to install it, you have to do Kubuntu first, and then spend a lot of time downloading the rest of it. On a DVD install.

I guess my question is. Is there anyone who has a good working install, that can create this tarball method of new installation, with the choice of which drive to install it on, like the video. To save the need for all of this additional time spent downloading?

I wish I could say my install could be used as such. But my RC1 upgraded has issues. I am going to do a 10.04 install now, as that installing 810 final, from DVD, would push my download limit too high, and rather than take that time, I should use my bandwidth for 10.04.

My situation is unique. I have limited broadband downloading, limited speed.

So I guess my vision for LinuxMCE is a combination of golgoj4's and posde's.

A final product as rock solid as the original video that kidnapped me, and the ease of installation of the 7.10 DVD. i.e. choose drive, wait for tar to complete, boot into working system.

But I am no one.  ;D  I have contributed little other than wiki info, and testing. I hope to amplify my voice in the coming months, after my training is complete.

Best Regards to All,


Installation issues / Re: New 1004 Installer Testing
« on: October 07, 2011, 09:47:32 pm »
Yikes looks like /etc/network/interfaces is not being created.

But perhaps that was the old school way of setting up nic cards.

Should look something like below:

Code: [Select]
auto lo
        iface lo inet loopback
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp
auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static

But perhaps a newer version of Ubuntu may do something different.

Best of Luck,


Users / I have a template for a device, how do I store it for later?
« on: September 30, 2011, 06:17:53 pm »
Hi all. I have a question, that I feel as though I should know the answer for.

I have 2 types of satellite receiver from Dish Network. I have set up the IR codes and what not, and everything works well.

Here is the question:

How do I sync these up with the cvs so in the future, when I re-install, I am not having to create a new template over again?

I currently have 2 Dish ViP211k, one using codeset 1, the other codeset 2. I also have a Dish ViP611k DVR, which uses codeset 1, but is in another room.

To speed up installs, I have copied the IR codes to a text file and then when re-creating the template on an install, to save learning time, I paste them back into the new templates.

Is there not some way, I think of the word share, that I can upload the existing functional templates somewhere, for later retrieval?

Seems I remember doing this with my 7.04 install, back in the day.

Best Regards,


Installation issues / Re: DTS in AVWizard Issues?
« on: September 29, 2011, 03:34:52 pm »
Hi on my Zotac Ion nvidia 9300 board, when I am going through the AV Wizard , after updating alsa to .23 , I hear regular audio (the classical piece), the 5.1 Audio, (The dramatic rumbling music) but when it goes to the DTS test, I get static. However I still answer "Yes I can hear it" and afterwards, my DTS audio dvd, and videos all work fine. I am not sure if the static is being produced by the HDMI from the motherboard, or the fact that my wiring is a bit unconventional.

I have an LG 50PV450 TV. The MD hooks up to it via HDMI to HDMI-1, and a fiber optic/toslink cable from the TV to my RCA STAV-4090 AV Reciever. I use the TV to switch between devices. So perhaps the TV is causing the static, and that is why I did not get silence.

But I can confirm, hookups as follows:

MD to HDMI 1 - DTS audio works fine
BluRay to HDMI3 - DTS audio works fine
Dish ViP611 HD-DVR to HDMI 2 - DTS audio works fine

Now when the TV is kicked on via USB-to-Serial-to-Null modem adapter, I can see for a brief second that the TV volume is automagically set to "0" zero. Not sure if that is required to send the Digital audio down the fiber optic cable or not.

But if you are getting silence, and you can see your "DTS" light or text come on on your reciever. I would re-run setup wizard and answer yes to the DTS question.

Best Regards,


Users / Some help with scenario programming, if you please.
« on: September 28, 2011, 03:54:08 pm »
Hi all. I have recently fully automated the AV devices in my living room. I am now trying to wrap my head around advanced scenarios.

Here is what I am working with:

LG 50PV450 - Device 132 - USB>Serial>Null-Modem controlled  (works swimmingly)
Dish ViP612K HD-DVR - Device 54 - Hooked up to HDMI 2 on the TV - Controlled by USB-UIRT Living Room
RCA STAV4090 AV Receiver - Device 85 - Using this for digital audio out of TV - Controlled by USB-UIRT Living Room

There is a scenario already generated for Live TV Dish DVR -
#2 PK_Device (int)   54
#45 PK_EntertainArea (string) 2 (Living Room)
#29 PK_MediaType (int) 11  (I assume this is the LiveTV type, as it exists on all my satellite receivers)

Here is what I would like to accomplish. Every morning at 0630, Monday thru Friday, I would like it to turn on the TV, and change it to local news channel 16.

I have unsuccessfully attempted a Timed Event laid out like the image I have attached to this post.
Perhaps if enough useful information is gathered on this post, I will create a wiki page on how to use advanced scenarios, with examples and a breakdown as to what the PK_Stuff - entries actually mean by definition as to what they do.

Best Regards, and Thanks in Advance,


Users / Re: 08.10: Mythtv startup speed
« on: September 20, 2011, 06:37:50 pm »
Hey all.

I just wanted to say, that I had a OS disk failure over the weekend, so I did a fresh install of 8.10rc1. Did the apt-get update/upgrade rebuilt 2 of my previous 5 MD's. After the MD's were built, I hit the button for TV and it went to the Grey/Brown Terra theme screen, no images yet, and the the router reloaded. Ok. So after everything came back, I tried again, this time it completed but took 38 seconds to get to the ''Please wait" screen, then another 2 seconds to view TV. So I selected "Off" from the LMCE menu, and tried again, same wait, this time it came up, played for about a minute, then the router reloaded again.

Not sure what is going on. I viewed the backend logs, nothing abnormal there, did not yet get to view the frontend logs on the MD. This particular MD is a Zotac ION running Vdpau Slim. On my LG50" plasma. Audio/Video over HDMI.

Now the 2nd MD is using an older nvidia card on a 27" SD TV. Video over S-Video audio from sound card to red/white on back of tv with 1/8" (3.5,mm) stereo jack to red/white, and it does not take as long to load, about 20 seconds. This machine is running normal xv in settings, and uses CPU+ for MythTV. I noticed this one does not cause the router to reload when I use it, and the wait is somewhat less for Live TV to actually start playing, shaves off about 10 to 12 seconds.

The wife needed to watch Hell's Kitchen, so I have not tested it since last evening. I however do not watch Hell's Kitchen, so I went back into the bedroom where I have a 32" LCD TV hooked up to a Foxconn mini PC not yet supported hardware wise in 8.10 running Mythbuntu 10.04, connected to the core's backend. All I had to do was allow the core backend to update the DB schema on the mythbuntu box, and bam. Right into watching live tv. So I power the little machine completely off, then power it on, and it boots directly into mythtv. It takes about 30 seconds for it to talk to the backend, and present me with a screen, I select "Watch TV" and again it goes right in no issues. Other than not instantly presenting me with the Terra Front Page of the theme.

Here is where it gets a little strange.

So after I watch the mythbuntu box for a little, wife comes back for bed. So I power it back down, and go out into the living room. Click on "TV" button from menu, and bang, the router reloads again. Ok, so I wait, and the next time I hit the button, it goes into the Live TV in like 5 seconds which is almost 35 seconds faster.

So whatever it is, it is random with the common ground of a router reload.

I need to dig into the logs. The only thing running out of the ordinary that I see, is seems to be running and getting hung up. Not sure why this runs at all after initial install, but its just an observation.

Hope to remedy this by digging into logs, but figured I would post my latest experiences.

Best Regards,


Installation issues / Re: Random reload regen + gyration 301
« on: September 14, 2011, 10:08:16 pm »

This may help, at least with the Gyration bit.,11871.msg83769.html#msg83769

Best Regards,


Users / DVD Jukeboxes? Are there any compatible with the system these days?
« on: September 14, 2011, 02:22:04 pm »
Hi all. I have recently been looking at my DVD to disk storage ratio and was wondering if any of the DVD changers on the market, or from the days gone by are still compatible with LinuxMCE. I would really like to load my series DVD's into the core for "on a whim" playback. However with the new HD content taking sometimes 4G an hour, even though disk is cheap these days, I would like to re-purpose my existing disk for recordings. But rather than have to run about gathering up series DVD's and movies, I was wondering if a Jukebox would still foot the bill.

Thanks in advance, and Best Regards,


Users / Re: mythtv recordings - about half aren't working
« on: September 13, 2011, 02:52:28 pm »

I could not get my recordings to work, or live TV. I noticed the scripts was running, clocking even, doing nothing, hung up on creating directories for storage groups.

I am not sure why this even has to run beyond initial installation. Changing storage groups after everything is working can be dangerous.

To resolve. I killed the script. Then I cat /dev/null to it after copying it over to original (cp then rebooted my core. This time the script did not run. After the system was all the way up, I ran by hand. the script completed without error. And since then my recordings have stayed, and live TV seems to take 5 to 10 seconds to start vs. the 20 to 30 seconds it was taking before.

Before I killed the script, I noticed that it was hung on setting up the storage groups for the newest MD I built. Perhaps this script needs to be run after all of the system /mnt storage points are up and available.

I will continue to watch it. Not sure why has to run after mythtv is setup, but running it after a reboot, or reload has fully completed, seems to prevent it, at least in my case, from hanging.

Best Regards,


Installation issues / Re: R8168.ko issues / Diskless MD issues
« on: September 12, 2011, 09:57:47 pm »
Hi. I have 2 MD's with the dreaded 8168 NIC driver issue.

You will find the relevant data to get your new driver complied here:

Please do not use the driver I have listed for the 7.10 version. Build a new one using the instructions at the top of the page.

Best Regards,


Perhaps if I have time this evening, I will post up my 8.10 version of the 8168 driver. Save you some compile time, not that it takes long.

Users / Re: 08.10: Mythtv startup speed
« on: September 12, 2011, 06:37:37 pm »

I too have seen this painfully long MythTV startup. I am in the US, using PVR500 (2xpvr150) card, and was wondering if VDR even works with my set up using schedules direct. I have yet to look at the log. I have a mini PC in the bedroom running mythbuntu 10.04, which talks nicely with the core's myth backend. And when I use it, "Watch TV" starts instantly. Whereas on all of my MD's it takes 20 to 30 seconds, and sometimes causes a router reload.

I have downloaded the Final of 8.10. I will see if a fresh install resolves these issues, if I can not figure it out by looking at the myth backend and frontend logs.

I will post my findings. It looks like VDR is much lighter weight and better integrated into LMCE. So I would still inquire as to if it works for me here in the US.

Best Regards,


Users / Re: Gyration Remote Works on Core but not Media Directors
« on: September 08, 2011, 07:30:38 pm »
I can confirm that the codes Dennis posted above, do in fact work. I replaced the ones in my #59 with the ones he has posted in this thread, and now it works without issue.

Perhaps we can have this newly modified template submitted that way the next person who installs RC1 will not have these issues.

Best Regards,


Users / Re: Gyration Remote Works on Core but not Media Directors
« on: September 08, 2011, 03:43:07 pm »
Hi. Sorry, with the flooding and what not here in PA, I have not had a chance to check into this. I did though this morning get the opportunity.
Here below are my entries from #59 on the template. Most are identcal to yours, but there are some that are different. I have marked them in red:


Not sure if changing them is correct. Perhaps someone else can look at their #59 to get a third or even a fourth pair of eyes on the issue.

Best Regards,


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