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Developers / Re: 0710 beta 2 available
« on: December 22, 2007, 09:03:00 pm »

Downloading now.
My first reaction is, why is it so much bigger compared to beta 1? (3,8GB compared to more than 5GB).
This will require a dual-layer DVD?

Let´s hope it´ll work better than beta1 for amd64.
Had a lot of issues with it. Like below:

* Installation. Seem that many "fakeraid" card present attached sata drives incorrectly no matter what bios settings I use.
   Had a lot of trouble with this and finally solved it. Every time I tried to install on a driv that was connected to my jMicron controller
   on my ASUS M2NVM-DH the everyhing went smooth until the installer tried to mount the formatted partitionen. Got "mount: unknown
   filesysem, silicon_image_raid_member".
   After several hours of investigation I found out that the built in nvidia sata raid card behaved almost the same.
   The controller set ID_FS_TYPE=silicon_raid_raid_member and ID_TYPE=raid no matter what my configuration was in bios.
   It seem that the 0710 kernel detect this and then mount fail fatal during the installation.
   If you get this problem it can be checked with "udevinfo -q all -n /dev/<drive>". Search for ID_FS?
   If you have these your raid controller either behave incorrectly or you have set it to use raid-mode.
   Perhaps there are some way to disable the kernel from detecting this and treat each drive as a single drive no matter what.
   I suspect dmraid?

* Windows MCE remote did not work because of a bad dependency what caused pluto-lirc to not be installed.

* Myth LiveTV freece every time I brought up UI2 menus.

Other than I want to try VDR and see if it work better than myth here in sweden.
I´ll wait for beta 2 to finish before I try vdr.

Anyone know if we still need to create channels.conf manually for vdr or is there any automatic channel scanning feature added
to lmce0710. Perhaps use mythbackend to scan and export a channels.conf automatically to vdr.

I´ll let you know tomorrow my first impression with beta 2.


My hw:
ASUS M2NVM-DH (used a M2N4-SLI which does not work good at all with Linux. Broken APIC implementation).
Dual network.
Several hds with different installations for testing.

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