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Thanks danielk.
I did a search but I just searched the "Compatible Products & Services".
Here's a link to the thread in case anyone else lands here and thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


Hello everyone!
I've been looking into building my own Core for a couple of weeks now and I have a question on the remotes.

Has anyone used the GyroRemote from Gyration? Does it have the same functionality of the Fiire Chief?
Here's a link to each of them:

They look very similar but I'm not sure if the same functionality is there. The GyroRemote is about $50 cheaper than the Fiire offering but I'm not sure if I'm going to get the same experience.

I sent emails and made calls to Gyration and Polywell and neither of them seem to know anything about the other.

Gyration also has an offering with the keyboard included. This seems like a great package but if they won't work well, it's not worth pursuing.

Thank you in advance for your responses!!

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