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what is your timetable to have DVB-S and DVB-T cards be PnP for Myth?

Users / Re: squeezebox
« on: July 03, 2009, 03:57:42 pm »
Thom - Uplink fixed those issues about 10 days ago...I am pretty sure all our Squeezecenter/Squeezebox updates/fixes are in the svn already.

If someone updates the SVN, and corrects a mistake, and wants to have the whole participate in the fix, s/he might want to update so whoever is taking care of the build of updated packages, knows about it.

Good luck, Gentlemen.


what about the ladies? Don't you think, they can take on a challenge like that as well?





We might want to get some numbers straight:

  • 100k+ installs != 100k+ users. How many times did any of you install LinuxMCE? Each time gets a new ID. I did at least 20-30, if not more, installs.
  • 3mio+ lines of codes from 5 devs? No. The current developers inherited most of it. I do not think, more than 10-20k lines of code come from the current development team

Good morning,

just a small note from someone, who came into close contact with LinuxMCE in Nov 2007.

I have since than spend most of my waking hours on the project. I have read quite a bit of the documentation on the wiki. I dug into the code. I installed LinuxMCE a gazillion times, and tried to understand how things interact. Did I approach anyone and ask them for help. Yes. And I received it. But I always asked a specific question, and in the end, I came up with quite a good understanding. I was able to provide a proof of concept of the iOrbiter (just to find out, that you need some bi-directionality to really have the same effect as the regular Orbiter), did the device template exporter (which is now being taking over merkur2k), ALL of this, by investing my time and energy. And not, by sitting in class and being spoon fed. I modified more than one screen using QuickDesigner. Is there a tutorial about QuickDesigner anywhere? No, but Thom's screencasts on HADesigner are a great base.

This is voluntary work. I helped a bit to setup our presence on the LinuxTag 2008 in Berlin, where all of us spend whole days talking to people about LinuxMCE. Did anyone needed to spoonfed me stuff? No. This is all about self motivation, and gettting things done.

This is voluntary work. I don't do it for the money (I don't get any, but spent rougly 1200EUR for LinuxTag (1200EUR of my OWN money)). I do it, because I want to learn how LinuxMCE works, because I get a kick out of gettings things work, and amending stuff the way I like it.

Yes, 6 or 9 month ago, people appointed me to be one of the chiefs, to be the release manager for LinuxMCE 810. Did that change what I am doing these days with LinuxMCE? Mostly not, except that I spent some days doing the builds, and try to convince people to do certain things, to encourage people to go forward.

Guys (and gals)!

we have no spoons here. You have the choice. Sit down, and get your hands dirty. Take a pick, and look at that part of the system that you like the most. And stick with making it the way you want it. You have all the tools, you have your hands (i hope), so JUST GET GOING! It won't be wasted time. Even if you, as 98% of the people who ever started contributing, will not complete your work, you will learn something. And that in itself, has been the greatest thing about LinuxMCE for me. I have learned more in the last 18-20 month about programming, MySQL and scripting, than I had for a long time. And it feels good.

Stop ranting about needing new structures, and get going.

Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
Release Manager
for LinuxMCE 810

Developers / Re: Star Trek Themed UI1
« on: June 22, 2009, 02:53:35 pm »
Guys, why not just use the existing SVN?
because we currently do not have the graphics in svn

Installation issues / Re: Multiple USBUIRT's
« on: June 22, 2009, 11:33:30 am »
A quick note:
The advantage of the GC100 route is, that you can define each GC100 to be in a separate room. That way, on your Orbiter, you can easily switch rooms, and have the GC100 control the relevant pieces. I would buy a single GC100 per receiver plus a single GC100 per TV set. Expensive, but rock solid.

Users / Re: Missing Media
« on: June 22, 2009, 11:21:50 am »
Also note, you should make sure that UpdateMedia ignores your dirs during your copy process. Otherwise UpdateMedia might bomb out. Look for folder.lock in the wiki. Moving files does not cause a problem, as long as you are moving on the same partition
Yeah...always use Web Admin to disbale UpdateMedia before doing a mass copy of media.

I use the folder.lock. works fine for me. What I also do is have one directory that I use to copy stuff to. Once the copy is complete, I move the contents to where it belongs. That way I only have a single folder.lock i need to take care of.

Users / Re: recognizing file server
« on: June 16, 2009, 11:07:45 am »
A note: PLEASE, do NOT put the MAC address in there, IF the PC is on the external NIC. It will screw your dhcpd.conf file. If the PC, as in your case it seems to be, on the internal net, it is perfectly fine (and should be done).

Users / Re: Missing Media
« on: June 16, 2009, 11:05:15 am »
Also note, you should make sure that UpdateMedia ignores your dirs during your copy process. Otherwise UpdateMedia might bomb out. Look for folder.lock in the wiki. Moving files does not cause a problem, as long as you are moving on the same partition

Users / Re: control a/v equipment via usb/ir + x10 commands ?
« on: June 16, 2009, 11:00:40 am »
some of the general home audio equipment might not have a md near it 

just wondering if I have to do it that way

I am using a GlobalCache GC-100 to control a receiver, which is not near the MD. Works perfect.

Users / Re: Shoutcast Plugin
« on: June 14, 2009, 08:36:36 pm »

tried it, and like it :)

Whenever I find a feed that I like, I just go and save it as a playlist.

One thing: It does not work with my Squeezebox, i.e. I can't play on the Squeezebox any of the selected playlists.

Users / Re: Access file server on external network
« on: June 10, 2009, 09:07:07 pm »

I use a file server on the external network of my lmce box. I just have to add the file server address and MAC usinf the web admin. Then I reload router and let lmce do the rest

I listen to what you guys say..   all i can say is that if i use my free will and setup things outside  of the recommended way... i don't ask you for help with it if/when i have problems...

That's fine with me. The only thing I do not understand is, you are saying you plugged in the MAC address and IP address of your outside NAS system. And you do not have a problem. That seems strange, as each time I added the mac address AND ip address, it would screw DHCP after I added a new MD. Could you post your /etc/dhcpd.conf file maybe together with mac address of your external NAS? I'd like to take a look at the details.


Marketplace / Re: New Z-Wave products added
« on: June 10, 2009, 01:10:00 pm »
Electrically they are compatible with an appropriate plug convertor, but you also need to confirm that the RF frequency is allowed in Israel. There is a different frequency for the US and EU products.

According to Itsik
Code: [Select]
FreeNode-#linuxmce.log:Mai 23 09:25:33 <Itsik> it seems that z-wave frequency is reserved for military use ..
FreeNode-#linuxmce.log:Jun 01 22:21:45 <Itsik> well, not much, decided to go with plcbus for home automation as z-wave frequency is military here
FreeNode-#linuxmce.log:Jun 05 18:01:50 <Itsik> yep ... z-wave frequency is reserved for the militaryt here :(
Z-Wave is a nogo in Israel. (granted this is from 2008)

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