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Installation issues / Re: Orbitor screen resolutuion on Flytouch 2
« on: August 05, 2011, 06:45:35 am »
I have an Acer A500 tablet with a resolution of 1280 x 800.  I selected the settings from the orbiter page, done a full regen, quick reload router and the screen resolution does not change.  It looks like the resolution for a small PDA. 

Do I need to go into the Child device created under the Core and set the resolution ?  It appears to update when I make a size in the orbiter page.  Just thinking what am I doing incorrect.

Any help appreciated.

All good info and I really appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for the great job you guys continue to do.

My burner is ASUS.  I just bought a load of these end of last week.  I will try and reburn the movie also look into the region.

The first was Crouching Tiger and then D.L. Hughley and there were others, but those two stand out.

Every once in a while, I will insert a DVD that will not play and I'll get the "missing LIBDVDCSS" error, but I know it's installed.  The funny thing is, that when I load subsequent DVD's they take and extremely LONG period to load (No LIBDVDCSS error) and the system appears choppy (video, press eject button on dvd and it takes up to 2 mins to eject).  Have not noticed any network, hdd or other affects of this, just things really seem out of place/choppy/slow.  It usually takes restarting the Core to get things back to normal.  Just an observation for everyone.

Installation issues / Lenovo mini remote not working in 8.10
« on: July 23, 2011, 09:25:11 pm »
Hi all,

I just finished installing Snap 24237 and its working.  However, one problem I had with an older snap #23811 (I think) was this: 

When playing a dvd, I cannot access the menu controls on the orbiter and must connect a keyboard to do so.  In additon, none of the functional operation controls for video (fast fwd, stop, play, rewind) work as well.

Is there a way to get this functioning in Web Admin ?  Or is there something I'm missing from the installation ?

Thanks as usual for any help.

Ok, it turned out to be network.  when in to manage my switch and it was showing all kinds of collisions.  Now I'm up and running on this Snap.

Reinstalling, ensuring that I have an internet connection.  This is the same box I have a second hdd that has 810 installed and works.  with this same snap, I'm now seeing a number of errors:  "connect failed - unknown database - "pluto telcom" and "pluto media" and failed to fetch "old-releases" unable to connect.

I have an Geoforce Nvidia 8500 GT.  I just attempted install of snap # 24237 and received message in RED:  unable to install nvidia-glx!  Just received the done message and am thinking I should attempt to install the nvidia latest driver ?

Nvidia 8500 GT

Attempted install of snap # 24234 and was able to get to KDE.  After LMCE install ran, received the fail to start X.

Installation issues / Re: 0810 Snapshot 23645 Install Experience
« on: April 10, 2011, 11:10:18 pm »
I think I have gotten much further now.

Downloaded the manual for my TrendNet Gb switch and was surprised to read that there were only 2 ports for Gb throughput and 24 10/100 fine print advertising or I just need to read more.

After reconnecting both LMCE and FreeNas to the (2) gb ports, re-copied file from freenas to workstation at 8 - 14mb/s.  What a difference.  So now I need a full Gb switch connected to these ports for LMCE Network and use the 10/100 for guest network.

I appreciate all the directions you guys provided, special thanks to Thom.

Installation issues / Re: 0810 Snapshot 23645 Install Experience
« on: April 10, 2011, 09:44:09 pm »
Ok, reset all NICs to Auto.  Freenas is at 100Mb.  Using Teracopy to copy a file from freenas to my desktop I get 614Kb rate.  That really seems mighty slow.  When I copied the same file from my desktop to the NAS, I get 2.0Mb rate.  So there appears to be a bottle neck somewhere, could it be possibly the switch ?  I don't see any collisions on it and everything appears to be normal, but I'm no expert.  Any thought's are appreciated. 

Also, is there another thread I should be posting in other than Installation ?

Installation issues / Re: 0810 Snapshot 23645 Install Experience
« on: April 10, 2011, 08:53:46 pm »
I've set all of the devices on my net to auto negotiate.  going to perform a controlled copy test when I've got them all up and running.  Question, are there any managed switches out there that separate 100Mb speeds from Gib speeds ?

Installation issues / Re: 0810 Snapshot 23645 Install Experience
« on: April 10, 2011, 05:01:37 am »
ifconfig -a =  100baseTX (full duplex)
Ethernet autoselect (however I had setup in the webadmin 1000btx-full) - does it drop to the slowest port on net ?  just wondering.

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