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Installation issues / MD in 810 final random reboots
« on: October 08, 2011, 09:21:55 pm »
810 has been installed for a few weeks now and seems stable on the core, however, when I'm in computing for example watching live programming from, after about 20 mins the system reboot.

I've played DVD and have similar experience, but DVD freezez after around 45 mins.  Does it on all DVDs.  Any advice?

Users / OSD for my TV not centered
« on: August 06, 2011, 11:25:27 pm »

I've done a lot of research and tried a number mod's to change the display settings many times causing X to not start and eventually required to re-install and start over.  In the wizard I have selected 720p as my screen output for my Sony Wega projection tv.  The TV is connected via HDMI out from my Pioneer Elite receiver with an output selection of digital.

OSD for Orbiter is sized correctly, maybe just a touch too large but I've been able to adjust that from the advanced settings.

Like I stated above, I've tried playing with mode lines, but I'm just not the rocket scientest it takes to understand exactly what I'm doing there and have been reading to try and make sense of it.

Its within KDE that everything goes haywire.  The screen is badly off to the left, all of the controls for the environment are off the screen to the bottom, cannot visually see any.

Q:  Is there a way to adjust all this whereby switching between KDE and OSD Orbiter are the same ?  Pic of my screen attached.

Every once in a while, I will insert a DVD that will not play and I'll get the "missing LIBDVDCSS" error, but I know it's installed.  The funny thing is, that when I load subsequent DVD's they take and extremely LONG period to load (No LIBDVDCSS error) and the system appears choppy (video, press eject button on dvd and it takes up to 2 mins to eject).  Have not noticed any network, hdd or other affects of this, just things really seem out of place/choppy/slow.  It usually takes restarting the Core to get things back to normal.  Just an observation for everyone.

Installation issues / Lenovo mini remote not working in 8.10
« on: July 23, 2011, 09:25:11 pm »
Hi all,

I just finished installing Snap 24237 and its working.  However, one problem I had with an older snap #23811 (I think) was this: 

When playing a dvd, I cannot access the menu controls on the orbiter and must connect a keyboard to do so.  In additon, none of the functional operation controls for video (fast fwd, stop, play, rewind) work as well.

Is there a way to get this functioning in Web Admin ?  Or is there something I'm missing from the installation ?

Thanks as usual for any help.

Attempted install of snap # 24234 and was able to get to KDE.  After LMCE install ran, received the fail to start X.

Installation issues / 0810 Snapshot 23645 Install Experience
« on: January 24, 2011, 01:36:02 am »
Great job LMCE Dev Team.

Core - Installed as described in the wiki.  Ran apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, without changing sources list.  (all ran good, with a couple of 404 error, but nothing serious).

Ran the LMCE ICON - took about 3 hours to finish, but eventually did.  Rebooted the system, got AVwizard and setup finished.  Had to configure DHCP IP Range was the only change I made.

Ran the diskless MD script, libdvdcss on Core to enable cd/dvd play - no problems

MD1 configured nicely - ran libdvdcss, upgraded HULU in KDE.  (dvi=720p, sound = spdif)  this system is working like a charm.  Had to ensure that I selected the correct resolution, where in 0710 it was already set to 60hz, in 0810 if you don't have a local monitor attached, you'll need to arrow over and down arrow once to ensure the setting.

MD2 configured nicely - where this system is a s-vidoe configuration, it's always been difficult to setup, was a breeze.

All-in-All a great piece of work and I wanted to share my appreciation to those that have worked their butts off to get it to this point.

Installation issues / Snapshot 23559 taking more than 5 hours to install
« on: January 17, 2011, 01:54:30 am »
KDE installed in a matter of 30 mins or so.  After I did the update and upgrade, then ran the LMCE ICON, install has been going for over 5 hours and counting, is that normal ?

I may not be looking in the right place.  Trying to install the latest nVidia driver as when I play DVD that are on my freenas server, I get a lot of choppiness and skips (acts as if the fast forward button is being pressed).

Followed the wiki step-by-step to install the drivers.  Also done this for my 710 system with sucess.  When initiate telinit 1, the MD shows Kubuntu splace screen and just hangs there.  I never get to the console to press enter and continue with the driver install.

I have searched the forum for this and have not found any corrective action/responses.

Any ideas?

I've had this Core running for some time now.

Today I configured Web Orbiter 2.0 and HULU

Insert DVD in Core and No response.  Go to Manage drives and attempt to play inserted dvd and get message:

"I cannot play this media.  Perhaps there is not a valid device in the entertainment area capable of playing it"  with OK button.

Not sure what this is, or what I've done, but no go on playing dvd's on Core.  Does anyone have any idea what I may have jacked up ?

In addition, can't play dvd's on any MD, gives the message that it cannot read disk.  Tried re-installing libdvdcss but did not help.   any suggestions ??

Changed out DVD Player in the Core, turns out it was bad, all MD's now play DVD's.  

Hoping someone can provide some guidance.

Snapshot:  23388 (Only one I got to work, thank GOD for cheap swapmeet DVD's)

MOBO:  M4A785-M (Works great)
HDD:    Single WD 500Gb
Video:  On-board Nvidia
Proc:    AMD
Mem:    8Gb

MD (1)

MOBO:  M3N78-VM (Works great)
HDD:     None
Video:   Nvidia AGP 7xxxxseries
Mem:    8Gb

Loaded Core and got it connected as described in the Wiki (two NICs, DHCP Server) connects to everything in the home.  All LMCE dist loaded perfectly.

When I load the MD, I get the black screen (since this happened to me with 710, I have a monitor crash station I can use for MD's).  Connected my crash monitor to MD, make all of the correct selections that I used in 710 as follows:

DVI (recognizes HDMI as I notice the HDMI illuminate on receiver when selected)
(Now there is a DVI-2 not sure about this but when I've used it, does not recognize monitor)
TOSLink for Audio

finish configuration throught AV Wizard and reboot.  When system boots, I see nothing but scramble on my TV.  This happens will all setting that I try.

Saw post that I attempted to see if that resolves the issue by changing nv to Nvidia to no avail, still same issue.

Any ideas ???

Hi all,

I've read a number of threads discussing the subject and yet still have not figured out how to get this working.  Followed the LinuxMCE Wiki for FreeNAS setting the device up manually.  No problem doing that.  Copied the file structure from my MS Windows desktop to the RAID disks.  My problem:

a.  Each time I try and synch the media from the NAS - I have to go to  /mnt/device/56/public/data/pictures.
b.  when I click the resynchronize button I get the following message in the progress window:

10   12/04/10 13:51:02.262      UpdateMedia::ReadDirectory /mnt/device/56/public/data/pictures <0xb6a486c0>
05   12/04/10 13:51:03.878      Skipped locked folder: /mnt/device/56/public/data/pictures <0xb6a486c0>
10   12/04/10 13:51:03.878      Sync'ing db with directory... <0xb6a486c0>
10   12/04/10 13:51:03.902      DB sync'd with directory! <0xb6a486c0>
10   12/04/10 13:51:03.903      AlarmManager::~AlarmManager start 0x80c4258 <0xb6a486c0>
10   12/04/10 13:51:03.903      AlarmManager::~AlarmManager done 0x80c4258 <0xb6a486c0>

I do not have any security on the NAS and have enabled CIFS/SMB share.  I can access the RAID via all other systems in my home.

When I go to Screen Saver I cannot see the RAID/Share at all

Is there something I'm doing wrong here ?

Users / Anyone working with the WDTV Live Plus
« on: November 25, 2010, 09:55:54 pm »
I just bought one of these and hacked it last night.  It's a sweet device and was able to discover all of my files on my LMCE NAS and now I can play them independant of the MD Orbiter.  However, I was just wondering if there was anyone was looking at this device as an integration to LMCE.  Not sure how, but just ???'ning.  One day I hope to install 810.

Happy Turkey Day

Installation issues / MD Orbiter only display "Floorplan" when mouse over
« on: September 01, 2010, 09:32:31 pm »
When I mouse over Media in orbiter for MD I only see "floorplan" listed. 

Deleted MD and rebuild -
Core displays all orbiter items - TV, Videos, pictures, etc., and I can select all and it works well.

Core is built on snapshot 23259
MD created from script
    sudo apt-get install -y libdvdread2
    sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread2/

Looked in the forum for something that would point me to this for a while and have not found anything that close to this issue.  Maybe someone has the same issue and can point me in the right direction.

Installation issues / [Resolved] - Grub Loading. Please wait - Error 2
« on: August 30, 2010, 10:55:45 pm »
I've just returned from my 30 visit to europe and decided that I would check out 810 beta.  Downloaded from the Wiki link, torrent site and the latest snapshot 23259.  Each install appears to go really well, however, when the system reboots and begins to load Grum, I get Error 2 immediately following.  Out of each I have also "only" attempted to load Kubuntu with the exact same error after reboot.  

Any idea of where I'm going wrong ?  I'll continue to search the forum to see if I can find the answer but if anyone has had this experience, please post or direct me to the post for fix.  Also, attempted to connect to IRC and unfortunately connections were be "disconnected".  couldhave been me but tried the link and configuring the IRC client.

Installation issues / 0710 - Core as gateway for internet access
« on: June 07, 2010, 01:50:42 am »
Had my core configured for internal network only, reconfigured to connect to my cable modem directly to the internet and all internal network configs connecting to it via Gb switch.  Connected wireless router (turned dhcp off) to the internal switch for mobile devices connectivity to the net.


With/without wireless router connected, continue to get "page cannot be displayed" for any web address, upon 3rd or 4th time attempt the website is found.  Then after, the same page is reloaded immediately when address is input in the browser.

Any ideas what I have not configured or done wrong.  Core Internet eth0 is dhcp from ISP.

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