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Users / Re: Diskless MD and "swap space"
« on: May 30, 2008, 12:30:38 am »
So running this command yeilds empty fields, filename, type etc. Does this mean I have no swap space? If I run it on the core I get 2 seperate swaps listed and all the feilds show info. I bet this is my video stuttering problem, but why? I'll allow use of the local hd in a few minutes and see if I then have swap space and give her a go.

Users / Re: Diskless MD and "swap space"
« on: May 29, 2008, 09:13:45 pm »
How can I tell what and where my swap space is then?  My system monitor says "no swap space"

Users / Diskless MD and "swap space"
« on: May 29, 2008, 04:22:05 am »
If you have an MD and boot it to the core without a hard drive, I understand it will use swap space over NFS.

If you have a local hard drive installed in an MD it will use local swap space.

Please correct this if I'm wrong.

Now for the question, If you have an MD with a local hard drive, and don't allow linuxmce to use these hard drives where is the swap space now? I think this may be my problem with video stalls...I'm not sure I have any swap space.

Installation issues / Re: Diskless setup
« on: May 29, 2008, 12:02:11 am »
Go to admin-media directors-find the md, click rebuild image, wait a while, click update and do a router reload then try to boot your md.

This isn't windows. It don't take 3 hours to install! Thankfully!! I don't know what it could be. Maybe a frsh install, boot the md normally to see if it works properly then go into the diskless directory, which should have something since you bootied an md and replace the image with your fiire image. I haven't done it personnally but it could work.

I'm even using the static orbitor right now and have the exact same problem. I don't think its the core because I have a third MD that works fine.

The two that are screwy is an MSI  kt6v 512k (3 years old) with a radeon 8500 agp 8x card, (I know what your thinking wait...) video is perfect on this one its the sound that skips a millisecond about every 5 seconds. It has a ac 97 via 8237 chipset for sound and some sort of realtek 5.1 capable sound chip as well but I'm just attempting to use stereo analog sound.

The other is a gigabyte super fancy quad core board (NEW) with 2gb and a Nvidia 7300GT pci-e that one insists on skipping the video and sound randomly every 1 to 10 minutes.

The one that works is an asus p4s8x (7 years old) 2.53 p4 with 256ram and a nvidia 6200 agp 4x. It works fricken perfect, what in the nuts is going on here???

So you cant upload the boot image the fiire guys gave you, that would be nice!!

Installation issues / Re: Diskless setup
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:07:59 pm »
boot your MD to the network (settings in the bios) It will then get an address from the core (if its connected) then it will boot and after a few minutes should go to the setup wizard. Follow the steps and you will have to go to the core and do a Quick reload of the router. Then your MD should boot right up. If you need to specify different drivers after its all u and running go to your PLUTO ADMIN and select media directors and scroll to that one and change the drivers.

Help Wanted / Re: TV Card selection
« on: May 28, 2008, 10:03:10 pm »
Yeah definitely Hauppagge. PVR150 is a solid choice to get you started and are fairly cheap.

Installation issues / Re: Disk I/O problem
« on: May 28, 2008, 09:59:07 pm »
Are you using the DVD iso? I would suggest burning the disk with another burner at a very slow rate. Other than that I'm at quite a loss at the moment.

Users / Anyone using this on board sound chip
« on: May 28, 2008, 09:39:59 pm »
Its an AC 97 VIA 8237 sound chip and I have problems getting smooth sound, Has anyone used this chipset successfully?

Installation issues / Re: IO error while copying DVD
« on: May 28, 2008, 04:20:42 pm »
Sorry your having trouble, I'm having some other issues myself. I've never had that particular problem.

I'm noticing that RC2 seems to do things different, If I were you get RC1, I went back to it for my production setup. I'm still testing RC2 with a few PC's and I have all sorts of video stutters sound skips and Lirc doesn't work at all for me.

If you do take the time to throw RC1 on that PC please report back your progress, Thanks

BUMP... This is killing me, I tried another MD on this core and now I get smooth video playback but get sound skips every 5 seconds or so. Why dos everything have to be some dam difficult!!!!??

Installation issues / Re: UI Menu Not Responding After SATA Install
« on: May 27, 2008, 11:55:47 pm »
You'll have to use fdisk commands in a console. Do a google search on the usage, if you've never done it, it will take a bit of discovery but then you'll be all set.

Installation issues / Re: IO error while copying DVD
« on: May 27, 2008, 10:12:14 pm »
Don't know I'd have to google the pc specs to know. You should have had to do the setup wizard on bootup. If you didnt get to that I don't know what to say.

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