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Installation issues / Pipe Through Myth?
« on: November 23, 2007, 02:01:16 pm »
After several countless hours. It finally started working! ( )
I guess the best thing to do with linuxmce is to walk away and come back in a few hours, then everything will work!

One thing that for sure wont fix itself is when I click the new scenario button that was created with the set top box installation I cant record, rewind or FF. The best I can seem to find is its not going thru MythTV but only directly to Xine or something? I have looked all over the Admin Page for a way to enable recording and such on this input. Can someone give me a hint?

Installation issues / Controlling of STB!!
« on: November 22, 2007, 05:13:26 am »
Ok folks I am in extreme need of an assist- I have spent countless hours installing and configuring LinuxMCE. There seems to be no way to get it to change the channels on my set top box using a usb uirt.

I have a PVR 150 and a PVR 500 I have tried them both. For simplicity I only have the PVR 150 installed and the STB is connected to the anntena (coax) port on the PVR 150.

I have manually set each code and when I do "test code" for each button,  they work fine.
I tried setting the codes through the orbiter as well as the Admin panel.

I have schedules direct all set up and get liveTV on the screen and can change the channels directly with the remote pointed at the STB but MythTV just will not change the channels.

I am pretty sure I have all the settings correct but obviously I am missing something.

Should I have some sort of "external change channel command" in the MythTV setup? It always seems to be blank.

I have searched and searched, Any help here would be greatly appreciated. WHAT AM I MISSING?

Hey all - This is my ultimate goal for set up of LMCE. Can it be done or am I waisting my time? Im determined to do this, with nearly no limit. Anyone interested in conquering this?

Feature requests & roadmap / viewing of in progress recordings
« on: November 06, 2007, 06:08:22 am »
It would be great if LinuxMCE would allow viewing of recorded programs like Mythtv does. My wife like to start watching her shows about 20 minutes after they start and she cant just select videos and locate the show but instead has to goto TV and find it in Myth. She is not very good on anything electronic, does this sound like something that could be implemented?

Installation issues / DHCP is inoperative!!
« on: October 29, 2007, 05:14:03 am »
OK so I have rounded up enough old equipment to test a LinuxMCE setup in my "lab"

Here's where I stand,

Install was easy and I plan to make this work no matter what it takes.

Other than a few MythTV burps and burbles all that I seem to be stumped with is the DHCP server.

On the initial install I selected NO for DHCP server, I have since added a NIC and used the Web Admin interface to enable it. I still have internet connectivity on ETH0 but after 7 restarts and umpteen core restarts still no DHCP. If I statically assign a PC connected to the switch I can use to access the web admin page but just no DHCP.

I have set up the ETH1 to bootp and as I stated I have done ALOT of restarts with no luck.

Anyone have a pointer or two for me?


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