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Users / MythTV recording directory
« on: June 04, 2008, 12:38:09 pm »
I have several hundred GB free on other Hard drives, but MythTV doesn't seem to use any of the free space automatically. Is it suppossed to?

Also on the HD it likes to use I have a bunch of folders like this TV_SHOWS_1, TV_SHOWS_2, TV_SHOWS_3...etc 

Some of them are empty, does anyone know what the purpose of these are?

Is the only way to have MythTV record to a free Hard drive is to change the path manually in MythTV setup?

Is there a way to setup a recording group? I read up on and I can't pinpoint which version of mythtv LMCE uses. When I schedule a recording it has a dropdown box to select the recording group but the only one listed is default. How can I add another one that records to a diffrent directory?

Users / Media director logs are going nuts
« on: June 02, 2008, 04:31:17 am »
What is going on here and how do I stop it? Its crazy! ::)

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22543]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22543]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22570]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22570]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22595]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22595]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22616]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/user_3

06/01/08 22:27:46   moon108   automount[22616]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/user_3 failed

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22536]   >> mount: you must specify the filesystem type

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22641]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/user_3

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22641]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/user_3 failed

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22683]   >> mount: you must specify the filesystem type

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22772]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22772]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22779]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:47   moon108   automount[22779]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:48   moon108   automount[22798]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:48   moon108   automount[22798]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:48   moon108   automount[22824]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/.check_mounted

06/01/08 22:27:48   moon108   automount[22824]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/.check_mounted failed

06/01/08 22:27:50   moon108   kernel   [ 5161.118188] EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended

06/01/08 22:27:54   moon108   automount[23224]   >> mount: you must specify the filesystem type

06/01/08 22:27:54   moon108   automount[23317]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/user_3

06/01/08 22:27:54   moon108   automount[23317]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/user_3 failed

06/01/08 22:27:54   moon108   automount[23324]   failed to mount /mnt/device/147/user_3

06/01/08 22:27:54   moon108   automount[23324]   lookup(program): lookup for 147/user_3 failed

06/01/08 22:27:55   moon108   automount[23337]   >> mount: you must specify the filesystem type

Users / Comand ir
« on: June 01, 2008, 07:17:39 am »

Anyone played with this? I'm debating buying on e to play with if there is a chance it may work as advertised.

It also looks like developers can apply for free hardware...

Users / manually install a lirc file
« on: June 01, 2008, 06:48:16 am »
I have acquired a lirc text file for a device I am trying to control, can anyone tell me where to put it or a maybe a link to instructions?

Users / Diskless MD and "swap space"
« on: May 29, 2008, 04:22:05 am »
If you have an MD and boot it to the core without a hard drive, I understand it will use swap space over NFS.

If you have a local hard drive installed in an MD it will use local swap space.

Please correct this if I'm wrong.

Now for the question, If you have an MD with a local hard drive, and don't allow linuxmce to use these hard drives where is the swap space now? I think this may be my problem with video stalls...I'm not sure I have any swap space.

Users / Anyone using this on board sound chip
« on: May 28, 2008, 09:39:59 pm »
Its an AC 97 VIA 8237 sound chip and I have problems getting smooth sound, Has anyone used this chipset successfully?

During video playback, it just seems to stop...then start back almost like someone is hitting the pause button for about 2 seconds once every 10 minutes or so.  It's just annoying, sound stops and it starts back as well. Other than that video quality is great!

Please say someone else has this similiar problem, I have searched and searched, checked cpu usage LOW, check ram usage LOW network usage is low as well. Does the same thing on all MD's

My guess is maybe it's maxing out the I/O for the hard drive? Is this possible? How do I check this? It is just a ATA 133 160GB 7200RPM test setup. 

Users / USB-UIRT learns but wont transmit
« on: May 25, 2008, 02:51:18 pm »
This was working, but now with 0710 RC2 I can learn all day long and not transmit with or without a dongle.

I tried learning with irhelper.exe in windows to simplify things and pasted those pronto codes in linuxmce admin, but it will not transmit with lmce.

What the fix?

Users / Bug using orbitor to tell MD to restart
« on: May 22, 2008, 05:21:41 am »
I think I have found a bug, or maybe I just did something wrong.

I attempted to restart an MD with an orbitor and when it restarted it insisted on booting locally after it communicated with the core. Several attempts same verdict.

I corrected this by rebuilding the image in admin, I then tried again to confirm and same outcome.

Using 710RC2

Users / Default recording size for MythTV (aspect ratio)
« on: May 22, 2008, 05:03:34 am »
I have 4 Md's at the moment with plans for more if I can get the bugs out.

If MythTV records a program it records in 4:3. This annoys me because if I watch it on my 56" TV I have black bars on the side and "W" does nothing to resize a recording only liveTV. (Live tv I hit W for 16:9).

Just one of Millions more questions to come!

Users / Your system is running low on disk space!!!!
« on: May 22, 2008, 04:59:42 am »
I read a couple posts on this and I guess its a small bug that the developers are working on. My question is how do I turn this off all together? When it comes up it comes up on all MD's and Orbitors. And it sucks because there is no way to shut it off remotely short of exiting the movie your watching and restarting it.

Oh and I have 80% free, so it's obviously seeing something wrong

Installation issues / Whole house solution?
« on: May 16, 2008, 05:31:45 am »
OK guys, I think I have read every post in this forum. I have been messing with linuxmce now for far too long to not have it implemented. I have 6 pc's all kicking around they all will work as a core or media director. I think I have installed linuxmce at least 50 times.

Here is all I want to do...I have a dish net 722 dvr (dual output) and a dishnet 625 dvr (dual output). I have two Haupaugh 500's and a hauppaugh 150 capture cards. So a total of 5 pci tuners. I want to control the dishnet boxes with lirc USB-UIRT (which can't be done because one tuner on each box only responds to RF remote freuqencies. (MY FIRST PROBLEM) anyone have a solution for this? I can control the ir tuners in each box but very unreliably... >:(

For the 5th tuner I have time warner connected, This one is super simple and works great and it super easy to set up I have done it umpteen times. Very Stable

I also have a HDhomerun which brings in HD broadcast CBS/ABC etc.... This is also very easy to setup. And does seem to be stable usually.

My core of choice is a server grade MOBO Intel core duo with 5 pci slots 4gb ram and a 4tb Raid5 array. It can't get any faster.

Other issues I have, from a remote MD if I attempt to rip a DVD to the core, I get failures about 1/5 times. Even over 1000/mbs lan with commercial grade cisco switch (tried a couple others as well)

Tv is choppy from MD about half the time, especially if more than one MD running.

MD takes like 10 minutes to boot several combinations of approved hardware swapped as core/MD.

I was very hopeful that this release would remedy everything but it didnt.

Can it really be this hard to set this up?

All I want is media, no lights, no climate etc. DVD's, LIVE TV and recorded programs available all over the house.

Heck I'am to the point I will pay someone 1K just to make the damn thing work!! Any Takers?

Feature requests & roadmap / Version 0710 release date
« on: November 25, 2007, 08:46:46 pm »
Whats the word on the 0710 release anyway? That may just be the fix I need. (just like a junkie!!)

I have searched and its seems its a little hush hush but tentatively planned by the end of November, if someone could post the status that would be sweet.

Users / MythTV freezing
« on: November 25, 2007, 08:42:27 pm »
It seems I have seen alot of posts relating to MythTV freezing. I too am experiencing MythTV freezing, I read a fix for it is to push pause and not actually watch LIVE TV, this does not seem to work for me, however Myth works flawlessly from the desktop. Is there something I can edit to remedy this or do I just need to wait for version 0710?

Users / I Suddenly have a Transparency problem
« on: November 24, 2007, 10:59:30 pm »
Hello, I went to turn on the LinuxMCE box today to try and mess with it and get closer to having it all tuned in for production and I get this error after the everything starts except the actual orbiter.

"can not start transparency check and see if transparency manager is running"

whats the deal with this? It was working earlier today, all I did was Stop Media director and turned it back on later.

How can I get the transparency manager running again?


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