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Users / Re: Same question by a newb. But Whats the go?
« on: October 29, 2007, 12:25:07 am »
tschak909 -  Thanks alot for the insight it is more then i could of hoped for in reagards to a reply...    You said that i dont need hard drives for the thin clients. thats insane. however does this require a router or more ethernet switches within the core?
thanks again

Users / Same question by a newb. But Whats the go?
« on: October 28, 2007, 11:28:29 am »
Hello, Over this coming summer holidays after my many hours soon to be worked i would like to set my house up almost exactly to the way it has been demonstrated in the video.
Throughout two days of investigating into this i have downloaded LinuxMCE and am awaiting the funds to put together my system.
Through the investigation and the watching of the video several times i have come to the conclusion of the minor things which will be needed if to build such a beast throughtout the house.
So far i have gather that i will be building a system with a core and 3 thin clients attached .

With in the the core i have gathered this is what i have to add please tell me if i am missing any devices which will allow me to complete my task.
- Hard drives x 5
- 1Gb of Ram.
- motherboard with onboard VGA (does it matter if its not a nvidia?)
- Does it matter if its WiFi or Lan
- Tv Card (more then one?)
- Bluetooth Dongle?
- x10 usb reciver?

Thin Clients
- Doesit matter the speed of the processor? would 1.5Ghz be enough or need more?
- do i just need a small Hard drive for the client so it can run LMCE?
- bluetooth are they needed for each client or just is the one needed.
-Wifi or lan?

I also have some Old Pdas which have bluetooth wifi ect on them which used to be on the cdma network here in australia, since they arnt doing anything is it easy to install them into remotes...?     Also i have seen the discussion of using a Wii Remote should that just be Plug and play? or is there more messing around then it seems?

Ive search for a so called "Jukebox" as described in the video could someone point me in the right direction i would be ever most greatful. 

Next on the agenda is X10 products i noticed that they used z-wave in the video im not sure if this is technology or a product but theres a mixture of responces on google.  if someone could point to what products i may need eg camera's motion sensors, alarms ect...

I plan on having this set up by Jan 1st for my new years Party to show of to my friends and if this works out being successful ill be back posting tutorials screenshots what ever help i may have required back to these forums...
Thanks for taking the time to read this long as help file. and hopefully one day i can put it back to another noob like myself. Cheers People. And ill see you on the otherside of my computer Using LMCE ;) Look foward to hearing from you.

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