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Users / Working hardware
« on: October 27, 2007, 01:33:55 am »
I am really interested in building a LinuxMCE machine, but after many hours of reading through all of the FAQs and forums I am still pretty confused about what hardware works. Is there a listing somewhere of all of the working complete systems that users have built? I want to build a machine that has dual 1080P HDTV tuners and a nice case that can go above my Onkyo receiver and below my Sharp - AQUOS 32" 1080p LCD. I want DVD upscaling and burning. I want to finish ripping my CD collection. I want hardware RAID so that I don't loose everything if a drive crashes. On the hardware pages most people seem to be using Hauppauge capture cards, but none of these seem to support HDTV according to the manufacturers website. I'm sure that I am reposting many of these questions but I don't feel like spending several more evenings searching for the answers. If you have a working LinuxMCE system with all of the bugs worked out, please add it to the hardware pages or at least list your components in this thread. If you have suggestions for me based on what I said above please post them here.

Case                       Zalman HD160
RAM                        1 GB
Hard Drive                eventually 4 750GB
Video Card               not sure
Sound Card              not sure
Motherboard             ASUS M2NPV-VM seems to work, but is this the newest best option
CPU                        Dual core AMD 4300 or better
Video Capture Card    dual tuner 1080p, not sure what to use
RAID Hardware Card  eventually RAID 0 + 1 for redundancy
DVD Drive                 not sure, just want to read and write
Remote control          the one from Fiire looks pretty cool
Internal Card Reader   want to be able to put pictures on directly from cameras

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