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Agreed ... outstanding work!

Using 10.04 fairly stable, but for instability stemming from having to re-map cable channels manually (NOT LinuxMCE's fault, blame to Cable Co. there). Once I finish that, I will be setting up the media directors and tackling Hulu plugins, telephony, tweaking, etc. All-in-all a terrific piece of work!

Did they change the actual lineup vs what you pull down with schedules direct?


Users / A Split
« on: April 02, 2012, 07:40:52 pm »
No, not a bad split

But, we are approaching a point with qOrbiter where it wont be possible for people using 810 to keep using it. There are going to be structural changes on the DCE side that just aren't compatible. Im looking for a way to try and keep both, but it will come at the expense of time spent finishing the new stuff working out backporting strategies. That being said, there _will_ be a point in the future where the functionality of a qOrbiter connected to an 810 installation plain lacks functionality. With this new technology, it would be silly in my opinion to limit capabilities for legacy systems.

Progress can be painful, but necessary. The question is, as an 810 user, whats stopping you from moving to 1004?


Users / Ode to the beta testers
« on: March 10, 2012, 06:24:26 pm »
Yeah so im not very poetic even though im named after a poet. Go figure :)

But, I do want to say thank you to every person that takes the time to install some experimental package, spend a bunch of time with sometimes grumpy, sleep deprived dev's working out a new feature or something else they know will more than likely explode. It may not seem like a big deal, but its huge. I really dont know how else to say it besides THANK YOU for spending your time testing, sometimes risking the wrath of the wifey, to help move the project forward. Yes the dev's create stuff. But without people who spend their time testing and trying to break it to make sure its ready to go are a vital part of the process.

So once again, thanks to the Beta Testers, you willingly jump on live grenades :)


Developers / QOrbiter for Android Changelog
« on: March 02, 2012, 11:43:19 pm »
Hello Again :)

Going to be posting android specific changes when i post new versions to the market. Hopefully this keeps the intrepid folks testing this up to date.

For now, i think specific issues should get their own thread. It makes it easier for me to mentally keep issues easy and makes referencing tickets easier.


Users / Android QOrbiter
« on: February 12, 2012, 07:01:04 am »

==This is a Beta Release==
Things will be broken.

Please read all instructions. Time spent in irc debugging is time spent not coding. I want to fix things, but lets be efficient :)

Please be _clear_ about what is occuring.

Include screenshots if possible.

Learn Qml


Users / I want YOU!
« on: December 15, 2011, 08:44:17 am »
to help me make a video. To show at SCALE. Whats this video of? Well, its quite simple really. All I ask is one of two options, or both if your game.

So what is it of? Well, simply put, its about you and LinuxMCE. Make a video of how you use your system or why you use LinuxMCE. Thats it. Simple right. Post it to the ole youTube or I can arrange some other method of transfer and I will compile it into a video which is going to be shown on the MD facing out into the convention floor.

So please, dont make me look like an ass and only have myself. Lol. But seriously, I think it would be a great way to involve the community.

So come on down, the water's fine!

Users / S.C.A.L.E. 2012
« on: December 04, 2011, 10:19:23 am »
Good Day Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am happy to announce that LinuxMCE will be presenting on the exhibition floor this year at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE).  It will be held  January 20, 2012 - January 22, 2012 in Los Angeles, Ca very near LAX.

This is my official call for people who would like to be present in the booth to help show off LinuxMCE to the lovely Southern California area.

Benefits include:
*Trips to In n Out
*Trips to Pinks

More to come, but I just wanted to give a heads up as soon as possible. Cheers.

Developers / The Vision
« on: October 11, 2011, 07:42:44 am »
Hello again kids, its time for a fun discussion!

Lets get this out of the way from the start: There is no right answer. So there is no reason to bash other peoples views. Since ive become part of the LinuxMCE project, both as a user and a sort of jr developer, Ive noticed marked difference from what used to be my day job as an construction operations specialist (read: guy who cracks whip to make sure schedules are met). And Its been quite the learning process, both in learning linux, and the associated culture in the F / OSS world. So im a bit of a newbie around here.

Thom asked an interesting question the other day in IRC:
'If you knew it would take you 50 years to do what a commercial entity could do in 10, would you still do it?'

Everyone has their own answer to this, as for the most part, we are all driven by some selfish aspect that drove us to try and work on something like tagging in the 1st place.

But, it led to an interesting discussion on what is our Vision. It was pointed out that uniting under a singular vision generally has positive results, and my experience in life tends to agree. But, but the nature of open source, design is by committee. Which isn't a bad thing, and shouldn't be taken as a negative. But what im getting at here is that we as developers should come to an agreement on what our vision is, and attack it with laser-like focus.  

I feel like that will lead us to a clearer path of where we all want the project to go, what we want it to be, and how we can get there without wanting to murder each other :)

So, in conclusion, NO im not trying to manage stuff. But i do think that having something we can point to and say 'THAT. Thats what we want to be' and go at it until we cant. So, let the discussion begin! I only ask that we keep it civil and not dump on others views. Im guilty of that myself sometimes, admittedly, but im really trying hard not to be. For the good of the project, I feel that its a good idea. But, also a little selfish as part of what i do want to contribute is not only code, but something in the way of a banner that allows us to draw more developers and help us fix/ evolve faster.

Btw: My vision of linuxmce is the 0704 video i saw combined with a little hal-9000 level ai. Plus some kinda anti-monolith patch. Jus sayin.

Also, i plan to make some dumb shiny graphics that can hopefully be included on the home page or somewhere that make it easier for people with a specific skillset to contribute.

Good DaY!

Users / Marrandy
« on: October 06, 2011, 09:58:40 pm »
Since you feel the need to send me messages and block the response, here it is for everyone to read.  ::)

I would prefer to be foul mouthed than being a dumbass that cant think his way out of a paper bag. Ever wonder why YOU have so many problems? This foul mouth jerk put more effort into trying to help than you have ever even pondered trying. So next time, do the smart thing and check with other people before you post things that could be detrimental to other users. Both of which you've deleted so at least something got through that thick skull

Normally I dont do this, but you pissed me off and arent man enough to take the response you earned.

meanwhile, in productive people land - Qorbiter progress continues, but we still need other UI designers because you dont want to be looking at my ugly artwork!

If you are so inclined to join all the other people who can work with this 'foul mouthed jerk' who spends his free time trying to improve the small slice of linuxmce he can, all are welcome. Even Marrandy.


Developers / QOrbiter: Updated
« on: June 21, 2011, 09:08:31 am »
Progress update: Feb 1st 2012

Good day gentlemen (and ladies?)

The Mandate
The old orbiter must go, and so, a new one must take its place. After much searching for the right tools, we have landed upon QML as the solution to what ails us. And that has led to this edit: also this too . A very, very early version of a skinnable orbiter that can run on desktops, linux machines, windows machines, phones, tablets, maybe iSomething or others (still looking into it). Anyways, this is a heads up. Change is in the wind. :)

if you want to stay up to date on whats developing, stop by irc, take a look at and generally say hello. There are all kinds of areas to look at from skins to raw implementation. And remember, its not impossible or un-feasable to help. Theres something for everyone in this one!

Working Docs

How to get Started with QT and Linuxmce

Please note, we doing some advanced, very undocumented things in qOrbiter. So far, this is one of the most complex implementations ive found. And i dont say that to brag, its because I find myself needing to extend basic concepts and really dig into api documentation and pure experiments. For that reason, its my opinion that before you start skinning qOrbiter, you learn/play/turorialize yourself in qml. It will be helpful to you in a big way!

And stop by irc with specific questions if you get hung up on a step. - July 3rd AND - july 25th -july 26th - July 28th - skinning engine implemented! - August 4 - Media Filters, part I - August 5 - Media Filters, part II and heavy handed note about development. - who handles the protagonist - December 1st NEW - Feb 4 - qOrbiter running on an android device. - Feb 10 running on droid with some beginning skin work

At this point, if you want to be in on designing skins, you NEED to be not only paying attention but just trying out qml. trust me, its not that painful!

What Not Working
-All the by-room scenarios
-tons of missing screens
-datagrid call backs
-on screen orbiter setup
-pin based security
-room based security

What is Working
-it doesnt segfault  8)
-dynamic button generation with placeholders for commands and callbacks partially implemented
-User and room selection
-playing media, and controlling it (more functions!)
-single view security camera
-livetv and cablebox watching (mostly)


Developers / Whats up with the programming tasks?
« on: June 13, 2011, 05:40:53 pm »
So we've got all these open programming tasks...yet i seem to be the only guy taking a shot at them. Im slightly confused by this. I have basically learned this stuff for linuxmce, no programming background. So um...where is everyone else? Yeah its an open source project and nobody is gettin paid and people have lives, but with all the discussion around 'collaboration' or 'improvement' there seems to be very little interest in putting in the work.

Currently in the svn there's the DCE Browser, and the QML light switch. Both examples of DCE devices that work and were created recently. Combine that with the documentation on the process and im really just confused. I have no intention of stopping my drive to constantly improve the system. It would just be nice if others jumped in to assist. And seriously, please dont tell me your not a coder. Neither am i. Yet im almost done with my 1st pass of a QML based orbiter. All it takes is ganas as my HS history teacher used to say.

 We have more than a couple bugs which are being squashed thanks to a dedicated few who have been squashing the crap out of em day in and day out for 810, we could use the help. I say 'we' when i've only fixed like one thing, so please dont think im filing myself under the list of people who get things done in that area. I just would like more involvement from more than the 5 people that do the majority of the lifting now. C'mon guys, jump in!

So, whats up with that guys?
*put on fire retardant suit* ;)


Developers / QML Light Switch
« on: May 31, 2011, 09:20:46 pm »

Hello again boy and girls :)

Im here to explain about an exciting new bit of code, the QML Light switch. Why is it exciting you ask? well because it marries the power of the DCE architecture with the slickness and portability of QML :)

What is QML?
A Javascript-esque markup language for designing and creating user interfaces, thats what!

How was this done
The process to create this device involved more than a few steps, which i will be outlining in the wiki very soon.
-Starting by reading this <--it outlines the process to creating a device, from creating a template to dce gen and sqlcpp
-create your device. Easier said than done.

So, what we have is a DCE device that started as a device template which we then
-created device stubs for
-wrote c++ code for (based on the qt toolkit 4.7 and creator 2.0.1)
 -this included (badly written) QML
-integrated the two based on lmce_launch_manager_old - more specifics

Im posting all of this in the hope that we can get more people involved in the creation of this new user interface. Tschak has been instrumental in guiding me through the creation of the device and navigating the DCE connection, and i feel that once more people can overcome this obstacle, we can really move forward on a lot of things on our wish lists


Users / Snapshot testing
« on: March 20, 2011, 08:24:22 pm » This page is doing it wrong.

Testing need to be more indepth that 'it installs'

At a minimum before you list a snapshot as functional, shouldn't

(1) Video
(2) Audio
(3) Network
(4) Storage Devices
(5) Telecom
(6) Automation
(7)Myth / VDR

Be tested before they are listed on a wiki? I appreciate people taking the time, but more complete information needs to accompany these 'tests' otherwise they dont really do much.

-my 2 cents

Users / Sound problems.
« on: March 20, 2011, 10:19:03 am »
So i got this gt210 because it supposedly was a good card. Guess not.
vdapu : non functional

hdmi audio: non functional.

Does anyone here have this exact card and have it working with hdmi audio?

Second. When before this previous install of linuxmce over the last few days (yes days thanks to sound problems) i had NO issues with onboard sound. Heck I never have had issues with the onboard sound. So while I know this is bad to ask, is there a fucking sledgehammer i can use to get rid of alsa and all its problems for ANYTHING else so I can move on with my life. Looking at my address bar, ive got over 20 windows open of sites with supposed fixes, but nothing works. So the question is

(1) do i keep wasting my life away with alsa?
(2) do i just try and clone my slowly going bad drive and go back to my old install?
(3) but all new hardware and hope it works? (yeah not happening)

Seriously, i know this may come of bitchy, but its frustrating to think your going forward only to have all the shiny new stuff be pretty much useless and a waste of time.

Ive tried the alsa upgrade script
ive tried god knows how many tweaks to /etc/modprobe/alsa-whateverthefuckitscalled.conf. no luck.

The only thing thats worked is removing the gt210 entirely from the system and relying on the onboard video and sound (which i can get to work without the 210 around) This is not ideal. But if its what I have to deal with, fine. I would just like a definite answer on what does and doesn't work. And please dont direct me to the hdmi audio wiki page. not really much there besides anecdotal experience and not much in the way of actual troubleshooting. Assume i have crawled over this forum already as linuxmce specific tweak take priority over the general ubuntu information ive found.

who knew in 2011 sound cards would still be a pain in the ass.

Developers / Database Changes?
« on: February 15, 2011, 07:50:52 am »
Hello again fellow hobbyists,

So as another component that needs to be wrapped together in the media part of linuxmce, I have made some changes to the database and im not sure how to submit them.

Change #1: Adding 'Program' to the list of filters
Purpose: To quickly bring up a listing of tv shows and associated episodes
Change made:
In the 'MediaType_AttributeType' table of pluto_media, i inserted a new record similar to the others only specifying the media_type as 5, the FK_AttributeType as 12 ('Program') with MediaSortOption set to 4.

Now I can browse tagged television shows by the show and because they are tagged with the release dates, go in chronological order when presented in Orbiter.

Change #2 is simply to add another attributetype to the existing ones called seriesID.
Purpose: This is a unique identifier that helps differentiate between say Battlestar Galactica and Battlestar Galactica of 2003. While this generally isnt an issue as the series are noted with a year in case of a remake, but i like to be complete.
Change Made: Added 'seriesID' to the 'AttributeType' table in pluto_media.

Any suggestions on how I submit this cleanly are greatly appreciated.
-golgoj4 - maybe this clarifies what i mean?

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