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Users / Re: SIP Cisco 7970?
« on: November 15, 2007, 09:22:54 pm »
so any injector should work ok. not sure why my prestandard cisco injector didnt.

oh, i hope they work with the old 7905 phones.. i will post my results,


Compatible Products & Services / Re: Need <$100 HTPC case ideas
« on: November 15, 2007, 08:31:10 pm »
look for the Hiper HMC-1S53A. It's available for 60€ in Germany. I think i will use it with the MSI 7??? mATX board (see Wiki). 200 watt ps and raiser card included. Only slim line optical drives supported (adapter included).

best regards,

Users / Re: SIP Cisco 7970?
« on: November 15, 2007, 08:15:06 pm »
Hi all,

i'm running the sip software with asterisk and don't have any problems. The newer ones don't register with asterisk but SIP70.8-0-2SR1S works great.
For the Orbiter be sure to put the right URLs in the "SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml" file (delete the link to SEPDefault7970.cnf.xml and put your desired config in /tftpboot):
It works perfect. The 7970 SIP image supports all xml push features (old 7960 and 40 with sip lack xml push because of limited ram, haven't checked the newer G series).

For upgrade instructions see the wiki.

I'll try to use the Aironet injectors (AIR-PWR-INJ) with the 7905 phones. Hope it won't fry. A friend has a 7970 running on a cisco poe  switch (3800 series). The display is bright enough to be misused as a night light for the whole room. But as teedge77 wrote: you can't select full brightness from the menu.
There are newer single port injectors from the voice line with built in power supply. A good cisco dealer should be able to deliver them at about 50-60€. They support all cisco phones (old ones and new ones with 802.3af).

best regards,

Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 14, 2007, 08:10:01 pm »
It would be nice if someone could explain what all this means, but I won't be holding my breath.  I'm guessing "Revert" will sync my local DB with the master, and "CheckIn" will upload the "changes" I have (none yet) made locally to the masted DB.  Might not be a bad idea since this is a fresh installation.
go ahead.. as far as i get it this are only some old entries from the package system to be deleted by your batch.
I think I'll try "CheckIn" first, hoping that will give you already a batch to look at hari.  And it might not be a bad idea to have the master synced with a fresh install as a starting point. 
I think we should further investigate the import process. Maybe we are missing to setup additional tables for the master repository (like for history tracking and stuff). I'm still stuck with some other things. I don't see any way to show the batches with the "sqlCVS" utility alone.. at the moment i'm looking through the php scripts in pluto-admin/operations/sqlCVS. There is a batch history table for each repository. It's named "psc_<repository>_bathdr". To show the batch id's from changes in the dce repo i use "select * from psc_dce_bathdr order by date limit 20". I'll try to figure out how to get the exact sql statements from a batch.
When i get this right i'll update the wiki page.

happy hacking,

Developers / Re: Complete rewrite of template for Marantz Audio receivers
« on: November 13, 2007, 08:06:54 pm »
Hi Bulek,

- I wonder if I can contribute template and how to do it to main LMCE database, so others will be also able to use it ? I'm interested in this, cause very shortly, template for LG LCD TVs and Plasmas will follow...

we don't have figured out the complete sqlCVS workflow at the moment. But it would be great if you can commit your changes to the testing sqlCVS repository (, pluto~pluto, see the sqlCVS thread). I have a SR7001 myself and can test your checkin next week (dsl is coming back on monday ;) ).

When we understand how to isolate sqlCVS batches we can collect them in the testing repo for working devices and inject them into the main/release repository when approved.

best regards,

Compatible Products & Services / Re: New ACT Z-Wave Interface
« on: November 12, 2007, 12:42:43 pm »
I understand that support for the ZCU201 is being considered now.
do you now by whom? I asked a german distributor for the DK. It's price is at about 2600€ and they don't want to sponsor. The required documents are not available without the DK.

best regards,

Developers / Re: RS232 controllable TV ?? Olevia 32" LCD
« on: November 08, 2007, 10:42:18 pm »
Maybe you want to look at the template for "Plasma RS232" (AV Equipment). It should give you a basic understanding how a TV device should like. Adding a new template for a rs232 controllable device is easy (see the Marantz page in the wiki). Don't forget to add "Live TV" as embedded device.

best regards,

Developers / Re: LMCE v0710 on PS3?
« on: November 07, 2007, 10:52:03 pm »
I can't say the same for people with Zaerc's attitude, who can't even read the info that could set them straight, but instead find it an opportunity to post redundantly wrong obnoxious insults that only keep back this project.
Im a PS3 owner my self. I like it. Of course it would make a great orbiter. But as Zaerc points out without RSX its a expensive thin client for LinuxMCE with some bells and whistles at the moment.
And then maybe get to work incorporating more of the parallel developments, like spu-medialib and other efforts to make RSX lockout either go away or irrelevant.
Until somebody comes up with a mythtv version utilizing the spu's any questions on a media director ps3 port seem silly at the moment. And please stop offensing on of our mostly involved developers. Whar are your contributions? Did you manage to cross compile some core components like DCE-router as a start? Been into some SPU coding these days?


Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 07, 2007, 10:34:54 pm »
As far as I can tell there weren't any errors reported, so far so good...

Would this be a suitable addition to test with:
i don't care ;) for our first tests any device template will be fine.

best regards,

Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 05, 2007, 09:22:24 pm »
Hi Guys,

i have a repo for testing online.
I need two or three helpful souls to test the following:

Alice has a fresh database
Bob does a checkin of some stuff (e.g. a dce template) with given credentials
Hari approves the batch
Alice pulls the update and verifies the dce template
Charlie modifies template wand commits with other credentials


the lazy guys can do a sqlCVS diff via web interface to see differences between the local database and the initial repository.



Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: November 05, 2007, 07:00:49 pm »
I apologise coming off snappish... just built up frustrations..
no prob, we are all human, are we?

anyway.. thanks for the suggestions.
hope this helps.

best regards,

Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: November 05, 2007, 06:43:59 pm »
Just for the record, I'm using a brand new Linksys 802.11N router/AP
Just for the record, i prefer the aironet line from this vendor. As you can read in my post: some vendors even don't manage it today.
I don't know if this model is affected. But cheapo hardware often doesn't get the trick..

and yes, I am an open source developer. But I've also been in situations where communities have inherited LARGE code-bases and have been ineffective in maintaining or extending them. This is my fear with this code-base.
I don't share your fears. But don't let this go off topic. Did you even try to disable power management with iwconfig? Maybe it's lunch time for trolls?

Step one: man iwconfig:
Examples :
                   iwconfig eth0 power period 2
                   iwconfig eth0 power 500m unicast
                   iwconfig eth0 power timeout 300u all
                   iwconfig eth0 power off
                   iwconfig eth0 power min period 2 power max period 4
Step two: iwconfig <interface> power off
Step three: test with ping (both sides), tcpdump and the debug settings recommended in this post

best regards,

Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: November 05, 2007, 06:11:27 pm »
Yes, I am being a bit snappy, it's the cause of much frustration built up over trying to use this damned thing as an orbiter...and all I've ever gotten from any of you, is "Gee, try another AP." THAT'S NOT A REAL ANSWER, and I really honestly, don't buy it... but I'll try....

I mean, really.. this version of the orbiter is somewhat hobbled, are we just waiting for Pluto to fix it? or is someone actively making changes to the code?


all people involved spend their leasure time to improve LinuxMCE. Use the source, Luke, and stop bit****.

The problem is the following: early 802.11b APs (and others, some vendors even don't manage it today) have big bugs in the power management routines. The AP should cache packets for the client while it is asleep for short periods. Bad APs didn't cache properly or simply sent the packets out while the client does not listen on the air.
So yes, the source of your flaky connection with the N770 is your AP. THIS IS THE ANSWER.

Step one: Deactivate power management and be stunned by the improvements
Step two: look at the source and improve the code
Step three: ?
Step four: profit ;)

best regards,

Developers / UPnP (Re: LMCE v0710 on PS3?)
« on: November 04, 2007, 06:13:12 pm »
i would prefer a generic upnp av server and control point implementation. I thought about using mediathomb and writing a dce device with perl and Net::UPnP, but its missing the control point features. The only free software i found is java based:

So one could control the DLNA features of the PS3 or any other UPnP media renderer with any orbiter. That would be cool.


Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 04, 2007, 06:01:38 pm »
Awesome work hari, and thank you very much for expanding the wiki page! 
that was easy after your preparations. What i don't get is how to list the pending batches on the server. The LinuxMCE Admin interface doesn't print the id after checkin. Maybe it will help to use the "View batches" scripts from the admin page on the server.

We need a work flow for updates:
1.) Contact the maintainer before submission
2.) Checkin changes and report batch id to maintainer (or maintainer gets batch id from repo)
3.) Maintainer approves batch

With a test system and two or three people submitting changes we should figure out proper row ownership for the repository. I wonder if we should assign ownership of new rows to a default user. Maybe i should further investigate the permission model of sqlCVS.

I think we should have a developement and a production repository. We could synchronize them with sqlCVS (or maybe with the sqlCVS diff admin interface ;)

@all: does anybody have information about the sqlCVS workflow @ pluto or contacts to pluto regarding sqlCVS?

@tschak909: do you have the slice ready? My public ip pool is empty, need a few days to free another ip and assign more cores and ram.

best regards,

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