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we could add a search to the main menu, in addition to the pagination that already happens.. have you tried it yet? It should split entries by 32.


i'll try it this evening.. YIPPPE, my DSL is back *ggg*


Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 20, 2007, 02:42:39 pm »
I guess I shouldn't have been so lazy to use the web-admin, but I figured it knows better what it's doing then I am... I've removed the "-m" option as well since it's not in the "usage" and I have no idea what it actually does, I suspect it sends some of the output to a logfile or something.  I had to paste all the output into a file and attach it since it was to big to put inside the message...

Looks like it did't go through this time. :(  Seeing those duplicate key errors, could it be in conflict with my earlier checkin attempt?

yep. im just going through all psc_dce_* tables to trace the batch ids in sqlcvs... please be patient for an hour or two.. i'll approve your first commit (when i find it *g* )

best regards,

Users / Re: How to do a wireless MD?
« on: November 20, 2007, 02:21:34 pm »
i use a OpenWRT box as wired to wireless bridge (wet mode). Should work with other "gaming adapters", too..
so you don't have to mess with ssids and keys on the MD and can boot straight from the bios with pxe.

but everybody knows: wireless is bad ;) there would be no wires if wireless were a perfect match... a single cat5 run should fit nearly everywhere...


I deliberately didn't implement the Search functionality. But if someone wishes to implement it, cool. I wanted to avoid the stupidity of having the search feature be the primary way to use the system, especially from the telephone. This is not an enterprise services directory, and should not be searched as such.
you are absolutely right for a few entries. But my personal addressbook alone has at about 120 contacts. If i dig into this i will do some option switches or put the search function in the services menu...

best regards,

bump, has anyone tried this besides the guy who wrote it? :P


looked at the code, seems reasonable. What i see messing is some kind of a search functionality. Let's see if i find the time to implement it. I'll test the code these days.
The 7970 has some nice additional features. It plays/sends RTP streams, it should be easy to implement intercom, burglar voice bashing, announcements and so on..


Developers / Re: Bluetooth Speakers?
« on: November 20, 2007, 01:58:06 pm »
The slimserver should be installed on the core, but I think you can use any MD/PC to run the squeezebox emulator software.
Do you know if a single core can individually address multiple separate BT speaker pairs, each in a separate room, or how I config separate PCs each with a BT dongle to address its own BT speaker  pair (all accessing a single unified LMCE media library)?
this depends if the bluetooth chip on your core can handle multiple connections at a time. I would prefer a dongle on each md, so u get a unique ip in the slimserver device selection box.
But you have to try this out, i don't think anybody is using this combination yet..

much luck,

Developers / Re: Updating UpdateMedia
« on: November 20, 2007, 01:55:20 pm »
Is it possible to config the maillist to post to the developer forum, maybe  either posted as a daily thread throughout the day or post a daily digest each day?
why don't you use the web archives of mailman?

It's already a bit of a hassle logging into each of the the forums, the wiki and Mantis with separate logins. Convergence is our game; the people this project attracts will be sensitive to arbitrary partitions.
The pluto guys have some kind of a "MasterUsers" Table and are provisioning other systems from it. I'm thinking about a "simple sign on" system with ldap backend. We then could feed the wiki, sqlCVS, mantis and more to come from there.
What i wonder about if we should give every user a unique installation id. Its "1" for now...

but this goes completely off topic..

best regards and happy hacking,

Developers / Re: ZWave sources
« on: November 20, 2007, 01:47:29 pm »
Are you looking into revisions of the ZWave package? Its pretty old and doesn't support the latest revs of the ZWave protocol. It also has some annoying bugs (like dropping ZWave devices if there is a gap and reinstalling them). And still only support for the obsolete and rare Homepro USB_ZWave interface and the even more rare Boca USB-ZWave interface.
The real problem is finding drivers for the other's USB interfaces that work in Linux. If someone can find a Linux driver for the chip in the Intermatic or the Cooper or the Wayne Dalton we can make them work, but up until now no one has a Linux driver that works with those. I can provide details on the chips in them if anyone is interested.
i just stumbled around the sources to get my head free of sqlCVS ;) wanted to see how the old revision is implemented. I thought about getting a ZCU201 with homeseer or the likes and sniff the serial communications after the usb to serial converter..

best regards,

Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 20, 2007, 08:46:53 am »
I've just checked in that webcam sphere thingy:
don't see the batch id. can you try again without the grep and cut:
Code: [Select]
sudo -u root /usr/pluto/bin/sqlCVS -R 3999 -H -h localhost -a -n -r dce -t Broadcast,CannedEvents,CannedEvents_CriteriaParmList,Command,CommandCategory,CommandParameter,Command_CommandParameter,Command_Pipe,ConfigType,ConfigType_File,ConfigType_Setting,ConfigType_Token,ConnectorType,CriteriaList,CriteriaList_CriteriaParmList,CriteriaParmList,DeviceCategory,DeviceCategory_DeviceData,DeviceCategory_Event,DeviceCommandGroup,DeviceCommandGroup_Command,DeviceCommandGroup_DeviceCommandGroup_Parent,DeviceData,DeviceTemplate,DeviceTemplate_AV,DeviceTemplate_DesignObj,DeviceTemplate_DeviceCategory_ControlledVia,DeviceTemplate_DeviceCategory_ControlledVia_Pipe,DeviceTemplate_DeviceCommandGroup,DeviceTemplate_DeviceData,DeviceTemplate_DeviceTemplate_ControlledVia,DeviceTemplate_DeviceTemplate_ControlledVia_Pipe,DeviceTemplate_DeviceTemplate_Related,DeviceTemplate_DSPMode,DeviceTemplate_Event,DeviceTemplate_InfraredGroup,DeviceTemplate_Input,DeviceTemplate_MediaType,DeviceTemplate_MediaType_DesignObj,DeviceTemplate_Output,DeviceTemplate_PageSetup,DHCPDevice,DHCPDevice_DeviceData,Event,EventCategory,EventParameter,Event_EventParameter,HouseMode,Licensing,MediaType,MediaType_Broadcast,Package,Package_Compat,Package_Directory,Package_Directory_File,Package_Package,Package_Source,Package_Source_Compat,Package_Users,Package_Version,PhoneLineType,QuickStartCategory,QuickStartTemplate,RepositorySource,RepositorySource_URL,RoomType,StartupScript,System,Version -d "pluto" -U "pluto~pluto" -D pluto_main -e -m /tmp/tmp_sqlcvs_file_4410 checkin
this should spit out the batch id for "submission".
And I'll send you an MD5 hash in PM next. 
When this batch is approved I can restore my database from a backup to what it was before I changed it, and try to check the changes out again. 
i'll approve as soon as i figure out the id ;)

best regards,

Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 20, 2007, 01:26:41 am »
Hi Zaerc,

Any luck with the batches yet?  If you can approve this one I could restore the database backup I made earlier and update it from the master.  Eventhough you obviously have a way better understanding of what we're doing here, is there anything I can do to assist you with figuring out how these batches work?  Meanwhile I'll have a look over the sqlCVS documentation again as well.

I'm thinking if we just keep shaking the tree something useful will probably fall out sooner or later. ;) 

there fell something out:

with the batch id one can show the database changes:
sqlcvs:/# sqlCVS -h "" -u "root" -p "" -D "pluto_main" -P "3306" -r "dce" -t "" -U "hari~XXXXXX" batch-contents
Batch: 1828 Repository: dce IP: Date: 2007-11-07 06:41:04

Table: Command
NEW- PK_Command:920 Description:Add Insteon Device to Group Define:(NULL) FK_CommandCategory:26 AVCommand:0 Comments:(NULL) Log:1 psc_id:901 psc_user:2 psc_frozen:0 psc_restrict:(NULL)
NEW- PK_Command:921 Description:TurnOnSprinklerValve Define:(NULL) FK_CommandCategory:36 AVCommand:0 Comments:(NULL) Log:1 psc_id:902 psc_user:2 psc_frozen:0 psc_restrict:(NULL)
NEW- PK_Command:922 Description:TurnOffSprinklerValve Define:(NULL) FK_CommandCategory:36 AVCommand:0 Comments:(NULL) Log:1 psc_id:903 psc_user:2 psc_frozen:0 psc_restrict:(NULL)

so i think we are far enough to be able to run kinda developement repository. We can export sqlcvs files anytime to keep svn branches in sync. Feel free to add devices. Send me a md4 pw via mail or pm, i'll create a user zaerc with admin perms.

best regards,

Developers / Re: ZWave sources
« on: November 18, 2007, 10:23:57 pm »
thank you guys, i was misleaded to, its missing the ZWave source..

happy hackin

Developers / ZWave sources
« on: November 18, 2007, 04:51:29 pm »
Hi all,

i can't find the ZWave sources in the trunk (neither LMCE nor pluto). Has anybody seen them?

best regards,

Developers / Re: Bluetooth Speakers?
« on: November 18, 2007, 04:49:13 pm »
you can drive your speakers with alsa and bluez. The slimserver provides an audio stream via :9000/stream.mp3.

best regards,

Users / Re: cisco 7941G
« on: November 17, 2007, 11:57:46 pm »
they are not pnp but work fine with asterisk (sccp and sip images).

best regards,

Users / Re: SIP Cisco 7970?
« on: November 15, 2007, 09:34:55 pm »
Do you think you could update the LMCE wiki 7970 entry by merging the instructions to use LMCE's tftp server and DHCP?
this has to be integrated in a sane way. There is a (disabled) option for the protocol (SIP/SCCP) on the web gui already when adding a 7970. I also have to figure out where lmce sets up the asterisk extensions. "chan_sccp" configures the lines on the phone itself (takes options from sccp.conf). For SIP we have to add a peer to sip.conf and create a SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml with the corresponding line.
I will get into this next week (no sense to set up till my dsl is back). Step by step instructions will follow. Until then you can put my post in the wiki as a stub.

best regards,

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