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Developers / Re: bluray and hddvd playback
« on: December 11, 2007, 01:24:49 am »
which parts did they say are broken? everyone can find something wrong with everything....everythings always broken to someone. punt?
it's broken for not using SDI-HD (SMPTE 292M) but that intel DVI/TDMS crap with CEC and HDCP.
But it's sad that you are probably right with the primetime..

best regards,

Developers / Re: bluray and hddvd playback
« on: December 11, 2007, 12:20:40 am »
$25 bucks for 10m of cable isnt so bad.
to much for a dumb twisted pair with bad connectors if you ask.. and thats a very good price..
look what they cost at consumer stores..
A 480P blu ray? uhh....have you seriously seen one?
yes, twice (ok, that were old movies, but you get the point)
too few see differences?
most of them even don't get the aspect ratio right
do you know how many people use the "office xp operating system"?  ;D how many "primetime" people will use repeaters or switchers? the stupidity of the average consumer will astound for millenia to come. that doesnt mean it wont be ready for primetime. primetime is just the people who accept using something they dont understand and are unable to use to its full potential and the rest of us.
So im there with PS3, Denon Upscaling DVD, Samsung M86, Marantz SR with built in HDMI switch and progressive conversion, spatz hdmimax repeater (forget purelink), Matrix Monitor S1 HDMI cable, different brands of other cable. Had pink screen, no screen, hdcp issues, drop outs, firmware updates and endless hours debugging.
I'm a geek and i have spoken to some integrators and hifi dealers. This stuff is terribly broken. At least for home installations. Of course it looks great when you hook a ps3 up to the Samsung. But many other situations are really _not consumer friendly_ and therefore that crap is not primetime ready yet.
And when you spend more for the cable and the repeater on a 10m link than for the player device itself, man thats broken. punt.

Developers / Re: bluray and hddvd playback
« on: December 10, 2007, 11:43:18 pm »
Sorry guys! I did not mean to be rude to anyone. just asking questions and giving opinions. did not intend to be insulted either.
Can't we all calm down and get useful discussion here?

So my simple question is: is there any chance in the foreseeable future that HDDVD/Blu Ray be supported by LMCE? My understanding from this thread is no.
Am I wrong?
there are some posts in the forum that say there will be HD-DVD/Blu Ray support in 0710 (with the help of mplayer). But i assume it will only work for unencrypted or "cracked" (leaked keys) discs.
You could also connect a HD Player (changer) to lmce and control it via rs232 or ir.
The Via based MD's with special drivers support 1080i with really low power usage. Time will fix underpowered hardware. And that HD stuff is not ready for the prime time. Too few see differences, too many bad hardware (i say only 24p), expensive and bad cabling (look what you pay for 10m hdmi or for active repeaters, switchers, ...), expensive content (35€ for 480p Blu Rays [laugh])..

time will fix..


Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: December 10, 2007, 11:30:05 pm »
big progress for today:

with the patience and help from Zaerc we sorted out some sqlCVS things
these days. We successfully checked in a complete DCE device template
(GSD) with ruby codes from one installation and pulled that from another.

For now we did the following:

Server side:
* imported the *.sqlcvs files from a 0704 installation on the master repo
* cleaned all *psc* tables and fields with the script
* created a fresh repository with sqlcvs-dumps/scripts/
* enabled history with "sqlCVS history-all"
* dumped new *.sqlcvs files with "sqlCVS -r dce,designer,ir,... dump"

Client side:
* dropped ir,designer and dce from the local database of a fresh 0704
installation with the scripts sqlcvs-dumps/scripts/
(./ ir ; ./ dce ; ...)
That erases all psc information and all data for the tables in that repos
* imported the new *.sqlcvs files (sqlcvs-dumps/0704-new) with "sqlCVS
-r dce,designer,ir import"
* added the D-LinkDCS-5300G on one side and did a checkin with "nopass"
(-a has to be used for dce, FK_Users_Maintainer references Users, that
table is not in the master repo ***)
* approved the batch in the master repo:
* did an update on the other installation
* newly synced device was checked for ruby codes, all there  ;)

so this gives us a newly initialized repo with future history and
synchronized clients. So we can start our own master even if we don't
get the history tables from pluto. We would have to include the new dump
files in a installer build.

I see the number of LMCE devices skyrocketing when we have sqlCVS in

Big thanks (and some promised beers) to Sir Zaerc.

btw, the repo was freshly initialized, it can't be used with a default 0704 install. It's easy sync with the new repo (see mailing list). A more user friendly tutorial will follow the next days in the wiki.

Is there a way to make LMCE automatically control the DCS-5300G to pan across a wide area? Is there a way to use LMCE's motion detection subsystem to use that panned view?
You can save positions and do a move to them fast. There is also a auto guard feature sweeping selected positions.
Maybe by panning around and taking still pix that motion compares, as if each panned position were a different stationary camera. But does the DCS-5300G reposition exactly enough that two passes won't align different enough to trigger motion's detection, even if nothing in the scene has changed?
i would not use a panning cam for motion detection. They are fooled easily. I would use motion detectors and let the camera pan to the triggering sensor to record frames.

best regards,

Developers / Re: bluray and hddvd playback
« on: December 10, 2007, 10:33:01 pm »
This is a developers forum. If you're going to offer only demands (and masked insults), you should stick to posting wish lists in the Feature requests & roadmap forum. People discussing here generally are techies. The ones working for free to make your life better.

full ack, nothing to add.


maybe you want to look at that post:

i would prefer a generic upnp av server and control point implementation. I thought about using mediathomb and writing a dce device with perl and Net::UPnP, but its missing the control point features. The only free software i found is java based:

using LMCE as UPnP control point would be great!

best regards,

Sorry Hari, may have missed it - but is the sqlCVS repository now syncing with all LMCE users over the Internet? I thought this functionality wasn't working yet for LMCE? Do we have to do anything to get it working?
there is a test repository at It uses the database dump from 0704. The D-Link is the first device for the moment (beside the Size addition in designer for the Nokia N770/800).

We have to test it! Zaerc was the only helpful soul for now. I'm just checking in my changes. If you want to help, do a sqlCVS update from the webadmin (server, port 3485), check all for dce and ir and see if you got a working device template. Do a database backup first and don't flame me if it burns your kitchen sink.

best regards,

Hi all,

the D-Link DCS-5300G works perfect with LMCE. If you want a reasonably priced ip camera with pan and tilt I can highly recommend it. I'm just polishing up the device template. It works out of the box with plug and play and will be available on the sqlCVS repository in the next days.

best regards,

Developers / Re: Appliance vs Package vs Distro
« on: December 02, 2007, 01:00:00 pm »
After all, what was the point in forking form pluto if the goal was to make just another appliance?

a year ago i thought it would be fine if it were no appliance but i could take the pieces out i want from it. But now i think the appliance is the better way. There is nothing in pluto what you can't get from other combinations of software/hardware. All the point around pluto/LMCE is to deliver a complete solution. So what do you want to run on another distribution? Is it the Asterisk AGI scripts? Or the scripts to set up nfs roots for diskless clients? Myth? VLC? The ugly web interface? The "script-glue" and DCE all around this? The installer?

The point in the fork was to get more control over the code base. And thanks to the work of daniel we are able to compile it ourself now. So we can introduce more options for "experts" and make lmce fit the user needs better. So yes, i think the goal is to make another appliance that fits our needs better.

But the whole discussion is kind of pointless. Pluto is in package form and has always been. Nothing stopped you in the past from taking the pluto debs and run it on your own debian. There even has been some script to help you achieve that goal. So what stops you from porting the stuff you need to another distribution/os/whatever?

So i recommend to all "package" fans to try to compile the core components from svn (like DCE_Router) on your preferred target platform (and make little ZIP packages *grin*). The new target should be integrated to use MakePrep and MakeBuild correctly. So we would have both ways: a target for an appliance and targets for single packages.

best regards,

Developers / Re: Building New Media Player Device - Bizarre Compile Snafu
« on: November 28, 2007, 02:29:36 pm »
don't mix libraries and you should get no segfaults. Tested with sqlCVS.


Developers / Re: Nokia 770 Orbiter
« on: November 27, 2007, 10:46:28 am »
maybe the reverse proxy from maemo is delivering chopped files ;)

i can send you the files if needed,

best regards,

Developers / Re: Building New Media Player Device - Bizarre Compile Snafu
« on: November 26, 2007, 09:53:50 am »
anything i am building with this checkout from svn is resulting in segfaults....
had the same thing with sqlCVS..


Developers / Re: sqlCVS
« on: November 21, 2007, 11:09:44 pm »
I did both my previous checkins with pluto~pluto.
ok, so i wonder why they don't show up as negative batch id.
And I wasn't aware that I needed to do an initial import, I'm doing these things from a fresh LMCE install.
i wasn't aware that you checkin from a fresh install. It should need no import (mine didn't). But i wonder where your "Version" table got lost..
Also I have no idea where the installer script for the database is, if there even is one.  I'm guessing the setup wizard does the final steps.
plutohome .44 did the import after the first boot iirc. I'll see if i find the relevant scripts..

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