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Users / avi on DVD-ROM
« on: September 21, 2007, 10:57:55 am »

I assume LinuxMCE should be able to recognise a set of .avi files on a dvd or cd ROM when it is inserted and present them for playback?  If this is the case I have yet to get it to work, and would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.  I've tried with several different CDs and DVDs with avi files on them, mostly divx3 content.  The files are recognized and played back from the KDE desktop, but the orbiter only says a CD has been inserted and nothing more.  With audio cds it starts playing the tracks.  I've checked DCERouter.log which gives me this after inserting a cd:
Code: [Select]
Received Message from 26 (Disk Drive / Living Room/Family Room) to Orbiter Plug-in(9), type 1 id  406 Command:Display Message, retry none, parameters: <0x808ceb90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.723             Parameter 9(Text): Disc detected in drive. <0x808ceb90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.723             Parameter 14(Type):  <0x808ceb90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.723             Parameter 50(Name):  <0x808ceb90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.723             Parameter 102(Time): 5 <0x808ceb90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.723             Parameter 103(List PK Device): 20 <0x808ceb90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.728           Received Message from 9 (Orbiter Plug-in / Living Room/Family Room) to OnScreen Orbiter(20), type 1 id  741 Command:Goto Screen, retry none, parameters: <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 9(Text): Disc detected in drive.|||| <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 137(Command Line): ||| <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 159(PK_Screen): 53 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 163(Description): generic message <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 181(PromptToResetRouter): 0 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 182(Timeout): 5 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 183(CannotGoBack): 1 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.729             Parameter 251(Interruption): 0 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.730             Parameter 252(Turn On): 0 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:31.730             Parameter 253(Queue): 0 <0xa6933b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:32.849           Received Message from 26 (Disk Drive / Living Room/Family Room) to 27 (External Media Identifier / Living Room/Family Room), type 1 id 314 Command:Identify Media, retry none, parameters: <0xaecd7b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:32.849             Parameter 2(PK_Device): 26 <0xaecd7b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:32.849             Parameter 10(ID): 1190364212 <0xaecd7b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:32.849             Parameter 13(Filename): /dev/cdrom <0xaecd7b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:32.849             Parameter 201(PK_Device_Related): 26 <0xaecd7b90>
08      09/21/07 10:43:38.909           Received Message from 32 (unknown / ) to Media Plug-in(10), type 1 id  831 Command:Refresh List of Online Devices, retry none, parameters: <0x75efcb90>
05      09/21/07 10:43:39.014           Socket::ReceiveData 0x7770b2b8 failed, bytes left 0 start: 19580000 1: 0 1b: 0 2: 0 2b: 0 m_Socket: 148 Incoming_Conn Socket 148 <0x75efcb90>
05      09/21/07 10:43:39.015           Socket::ReceiveString2 ReceiveData failed m_Socket: -1 Incoming_Conn Socket 148 <0x75efcb90>
05      09/21/07 10:43:39.015           TCPIP: Closing connection to -1003 (Router Dev #0) 0x7770b2b8 m_Socket: -1 <0x75efcb90>
05      09/21/07 10:43:39.015           Router::RemoveAndDeleteSocket 0x7770b2b8 -1003 <0x75efcb90>

This is the one thing I'm lacking from a perfectly usable set up for my living-room media playback, so I'm very eager to get it working.

Users / Re: External access and more
« on: September 20, 2007, 10:09:16 am »
Right, thanks for the reply.

I figured out some of my network problems, they were caused by me not reconnecting the ethernet cable after some cable reworking  :o.  I also figured out how to gain remote access to the Web server, it now only remains to find the correct apache configuration to edit.

As for the remaining questions, I still get CIFS errors, and ifconfig is still not working. 
I'm still not sure how to get vnc server to start at boot, or if there is another, better way to have some sort of remote Desktop, and the media files on my remote shares still disappear after the first reboot.

At least we are making progress :)

Users / External access and more
« on: September 20, 2007, 07:31:18 am »
Also, while I'm at it, how do I access the system from another computer on my LAN, i.e. with my own lLAN subnet, not on the MCE LAN of  Specifically I wish to add systems to the web-server  such as smokeping, so I need external acces to see the pages.  Also, I read something about a windows orbiter, but that seems to be unavailable.  Howwould I go about getting vncserver to run at boot, or is there some other preffered method for external desktop access?

Actually, after trying for some time, I'm not even able to ping the system from another computer on my network, eveng when setting the ip address of the MCE system manually.  I had to do this since I was unable to get ifconfig to work, it reported it was not installed,  even though net-tools is installed.  Does this mean my installation is broken in some way?  So the basic question is, how do I get access to the system from another computer in my LAN, regardless of syste, ssh, vnc, web, etc.  I should probably also mention that the mCE system can accsess the network, so it is working.  Is it possible to just get rid of the internal network, and only use my external lan network?

Furthermore I get numerous CIFS write/mount errors (using network shares), and when updating the system I get errors when running the final scripts such as Couldn't open /lib/modules/2.6.17-11-generic.  Is this bad?

Discovering media files on shares works well the first time, but on subsequent reboots the files are all gone, and the orbiter does not recognise video files on the DVD/CDs I feed it, even though the avi files are visible in konqurer and plays fine in xine.

This was a lot of disjoint questions, i hope someone has answers to at least some of them :)

Users / 2 video outputs?
« on: September 20, 2007, 07:11:35 am »
Hi, I've just started trying out LinuxMCE, and one of many questions is the following.  Is it possible to have two active video outputs at the same time, for instance TV out + VGA?  The reason I'm asking is that I wishto use the system against my TV as well as my projector without having to reconfigure it every time...

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