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Users / Direct Dial from SipPhone
« on: September 19, 2007, 01:18:24 pm »
When i make a Direct Dial, and press Call on the Orbiter, i get the option to "Place From Here" or use one of my 2 MDs...

Why is there not my 2 VoIP-Phones ?

When defining SpeedDials from pluto-admin, i can choose them and it works, why are they missing in direct dial ?

Edit: and when being called, i cannot send the caller to the mailbox... why is that ? :-/

Users / Howto: Make additional mouse-buttons behave as F6, F7, F8
« on: September 19, 2007, 10:59:46 am »
As i'm currently using only a wireless mouse to work with my LMCE and I was annoyed by using the keyboard for F6,F7,F8, I tried to figure out a way to have the additional mouse-buttons act as those keys...
If there is a simpler way, please reply and let me know...
If you have the same problem, enjoy...

First of all, we need the packets xautomation (which should be installed allready) and xbindkeys (which we can install by sudo apt-get install xbindkeys; you might have to append "deb feisty universe" to /etc/apt/sources.list temporarely, if i recall it correctly).

We use xautomation (xte) to simulate the key-presses:
if you want to send a keypress of F6 to the X-Server, the command "xte 'key F8'" will do the trick.
if you only want to send that the key was pressed, call "xte 'keydown F8".
additionally you can event move the mouse or do clicks with it. For more information have a look at "man xte".

To catch the keypresses on the mouse, we use xbindkeys. The syntax of the config-file is:
   control+shift + q
so within the "" is the command to call and below is the key to bind the command to.
possible keys are control, shift, alt, ... and for mouse-buttons b:1, b:2, b:3, ...

combining those two, we derive the following configfile, which i saved at /etc/xbindkeysrc:
Code: [Select]
"xte 'keydown F6' &"
"xte 'keyup F6' &"

"xte 'keydown F7' &"
"xte 'keyup F7' &"

"xte 'keydown F8' &"
"xte 'keyup F8' &"

Then we still have to start xbindkeys within the X-Server... As I do not know LinuxMCE too well, I just looked for some good spot and /usr/pluto/bin/ seemed to be one. Now it looks like this:
Code: [Select]
xbindkeys -f /etc/xbindkeys      <--- the added stuff


After a reboot, the mouse-buttons 8, 2 and 9 should act as F6, F7 and F9 even passing when a key is held pressed, which was the right setup for me.
If you want something different, just change b:9 for b:6 for example.

If you don't know the numbers of your mousebuttons, start the "application" xev. Click into the small black box and look at the console for the output "ButtonPress event, .... button X".

In case you do not get all the buttons of your mouse, e.g. 8 and 9 report as being 1 and 2 (that was the case with my mouse), try replacing
Code: [Select]
Option          "Protocol"              "ImPS/2"
Option          "Protocol"              "ExplorerPS/2"

Hope that helps some of you to save some time...

Cheers... Chewi

Users / Re: MythTV behaving weird...
« on: September 18, 2007, 03:53:02 pm »
Ok, I think I tracked it down a little more...

From what i understand, Mythtv starts. Then LMCE tells it to jump to livetv. MythTV ends up in the EPG-Grid. And then LMCE seems to send or MythTV to process the swith-Command twice, so that MythTV switches to TV and back to the EPG-Grid. Then LMCE queries the current Display and asks for the switch again...
So maybe, the delay before query-Location should just wait a little longer (might be DVB-T specifict, as tuning might take a little loger)...

But can that be configured anywhere ? Where ?

from /var/log/pluto/24_MythTV_Player:
05      09/18/07 15:31:54.759           Going to send command jump livetv <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:31:56.019           Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:31:57.019           Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:31:58.019           Connect() failed, Error Code 111 (Connection refused)) <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:31:58.019           ClientSocket::Connect() not successful <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:31:58.019           void ClientSocket::Disconnect() on this socket: 0x80b7f98 (m_Socket: 8) <0xb781eb90>
01      09/18/07 15:31:58.019           Unable to connect to MythTV client <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:31:58.019           MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no jump livetv  <0xb781eb90>

05      09/18/07 15:31:58.119           Going to send command jump livetv <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:00.464           Myth Responded: OK <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:01.463           Going to send command query location <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:01.516           Myth Responded: GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:01.516           MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no playback yet, reported : GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>

05      09/18/07 15:32:04.615           Going to send command jump livetv <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:06.661           Myth Responded: OK <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:07.660           Going to send command query location <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:07.733           Myth Responded: GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:07.733           MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no playback yet, reported : GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>

05      09/18/07 15:32:10.832           Going to send command jump livetv <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:12.872           Myth Responded: OK <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:13.872           Going to send command query location <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:13.945           Myth Responded: GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:13.945           MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no playback yet, reported : GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>

05      09/18/07 15:32:17.044           Going to send command jump livetv <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:19.118           Myth Responded: OK <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:20.128           Going to send command query location <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:20.149           Myth Responded: GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>
05      09/18/07 15:32:20.149           MythTV_Player::pollMythStatus no playback yet, reported : GuideGrid <0xb781eb90>

Blocks continue until crash of backend is supposed by LMCE

If I don't restart the Backend, it seems to work correctly from that time on...

Users / MythTV behaving weird...
« on: September 17, 2007, 10:45:37 pm »
My MythTV behaves weird when started from LMCE...
It keeps switching between EPG view and TV-Picture continously until linuxmce reports some problem with the backend...

When i start mythfrontend manually from the kde-desktop, everything works fine...

Does anyone have any idea why that could be ?

Users / Re: Pictures from Network-Share not showing
« on: September 15, 2007, 03:56:40 pm »
Ok, that did work... made a symbolic link from /home/public/data/pictures to /home/public/data/other/Windows Share: Fotos/...
After indexing these files, i can select them from the pictures menu...

But how can i make a slideshow out of that, like it ist from the flickr-pictures ? Selecting play all does not do anything... and viewing the pictures on half the screen's size with a couple of buttons for close and delete is not, what i want to do with my pictures... I want to make slideshows for my friends...

Users / Re: Pictures from Network-Share not showing
« on: September 15, 2007, 11:24:49 am »
Yes, i made it all public... And there were no problems with the video and audio files...

As i said within the pluto-admin the files are checked (not the disk-symbol) and marked as linuxmce pictures... so they are definately in the database...
Hmmm... so I guess there's something wrong within LMCE...

As i just realised, when browsing audio- or video-files in file-names-mode, the windows-shares are also not shown... so maybe that is the problem...
I might give it a try and manually add the samba-share to the lmce-structure-folder and see what happens then...

Users / Re: Ripped first disc. Finally.. But have a couple questions.
« on: September 14, 2007, 08:10:25 pm »
The Cover art and the other stuff can best be changed in the pluto-admin
go to Advanced -> Computing -> Pluto Admin
Login on the webInterface
Select Files & Media (from the top menu) -> Media Files Sync
Find the File you want to edit on the left (public files are within the directory on /home/public/data, networkshares on /home/public/data/other and user-files on /home/user_X/data/...)
Click on that file and edit the info... or just click on check amazon...

For the rest, i cannot help you... sorry...

Feature requests & roadmap / Add-To-Playlist Option
« on: September 14, 2007, 08:00:04 pm »
It's a little sad right now that the only way to add something to your playlist is by pressing the play-button on the audio track. By that the audio file is being added to the current playlist and played right away.
I often want to select the music for the next 2 hours and while doing so listen to the first few selected songs, just like when using enqueue as default option on xmms/winamp... Additionally it's kind of confusing, that this is the way to build a playlist in the first place...

EDIT: Just found out that when playing audio-files, the view does not behave the way, others do, when it comes to scrolling up/down or page-up page-down... that can only be done manually with the curser-keys... :(

just my 2 cents... If i had the time and the knowledge of LMCE i'd do it myself... But for now I can only make a suggestion... :-/

Users / Pictures from Network-Share not showing
« on: September 14, 2007, 07:06:38 pm »
My problem is the following:
I have a network-share with my photo collection attatched to the system. The are subfolders for years -> events -> picXX.jpg.
Unfortunately LinuxMCE does not show them when I select Pictures from the OnScreen-Orbiter on the Hybrid.
When looking into the "Files & Media -> Media Files Sync -> /home/public/data/other/Windows Share: Fotos/2003/2003-10-01 Umzug/IMG_0001.JPG" it is Checked and the Type is "LinuxMCE Pictures"...

So where is my mistake... Or is it not yet possible to have any pictures besides flickr and that assumption itself is the mistake ?

Thanks, Andreas

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