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Users / Play DVD ISO's from big remote repository?
« on: August 28, 2007, 11:17:38 pm »
Hi, everyone.  I just found LinuxMCE and it looks fantastic.

I have a large array with hundreds of DVD's stored in ISO format.  They're currently in subdirectories, ie /Gladiator/Gladiator.ISO, /Gladiator/Gladiator_Disc_2.ISO, etc. 

I'm looking at picking up a dedicated HTPC/LinuxMCE box for playback.  But before I go that far, will someone kindly confirm or refute:

- That LinuxMCE will be able to mount my remote (FreeBSD) repository by Samba, NFS, or other means?
- That LinuxMCE will be able to read and catalog the big collection of ISO's?
- That I'll be able to import metadata to get the same result as if I had ripped the DVD's using LinuxMCE?
- That LinuxMCE won't do anything weird like modifying ISO files (even renaming, etc)?

Thanks in advance!


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