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Compatible Products & Services / AMD CPUs?
« on: September 03, 2007, 11:36:45 am »
Does LMCE make effective use of AMD X2 64 Dual Core CPUs? I was looking at just a Sempron 3200+ but then decided I wanted to upgrade it - which ones have been tested? Should I just go for a higher MHz single core, or the Dual core?

Users / Pocket PC as Orbiter not working...
« on: September 03, 2007, 11:32:31 am »
I'm using a Dell Axim X30 with Windows Mobile 2003, Bluetooth and a Bluetooth dongle. LMCE detects the device through BT (plus lots of my neighbours' devices!), but only presents Symbian, Windows Smartphone or Windows Smartphone 2005 as options. I chose Windows Smartphone as the closest although it is just a Pocket PC with no phone functionality at all. Then just OK'd the section for the phone number.

The MAC address is correct and it definitely seems to see the device, but the device itself never seems to react to it (like prompting for a password, etc). I have ensured it is discoverable, and even told it to accept any connections, not just paired devices - nothing...

The device itself can also see many devices around the area, just not the LMCE. And the connections pane says there are no inbound or outbound connections. Eventually, LMCE comes back and reports that it couldn't download the application to the device...

Any pointers?

Users / Core Services no longer starts....
« on: September 03, 2007, 08:34:31 am »
Have had LMCE up and running reasonably well for a week or so - I just bought a Bluetooth dongle to use a PDA as an Orbiter, and plugged it in then started up the Core.

Everything started as normal up to the Launch Manager. The messages got as far as "Please be patient. This may take a while..." after the message saying thaht was starting, and that is where it stopped. Nothing further happened for over 30 mins. I have watched the HDD light flickering occasionally, and I can exit to a command line and return with <crtl><alt><F1> & <alt F7>. But nothing else implies it is doing anything.

It doesn't normally take anywhere near this long - maybe 30 seconds max, and doing a pnp on the dongle shouldn't really take that long, I would have thought! I rebooted and removed the dongle whilst it was powered down and allowed it to restart - same issue.

The only thing I could think of is, I have noticed occasionally it trying to download updates from the Internet, and having to time out each one because it doesn't have Internet access, but I am not aware if it does this during normal operation and I don't know enough about Linux to know where to begin troubleshooting or what logs to look at, etc....

Any ideas, anyone??


Users / VoIP and providers
« on: August 30, 2007, 11:00:51 pm »
Has anyone got a list of the providers that are "out of the box"? Does it work with pure Internet services like Skype? Is this VoIP with dedicated lines such as the ISDN commentary I have seen, or can it work simply with VoIP over Internet service providers? What are the options and providers?

Installation issues / Partitioning the Core HDD?
« on: August 29, 2007, 10:08:23 pm »
Anybody got any pointers on how I can partition the core's hdd and place the system on the first partition and use the second for media?

I understand that by default LMCE will take the partition (or entire drive??) wipe it and install, thus loosing any data you may have. I am going to get a very large drive for the core, and want to be able easily to re-install LMCE when I need without running the danger of it wiping my media... thoughts?

Compatible Products & Services / Motherboard with HDMI?
« on: August 29, 2007, 09:54:05 pm »
Just bumping this question...

I am looking for a motherboard that is known as compatible, with decent integrated NVIDIA chipset (or something else that will support full UI2), that has an HDMI output.

Has anyone any experience that can share??

Feature requests & roadmap / HDMI control interface support and Pandora
« on: August 29, 2007, 09:47:56 pm »
Any chance the control channel for HDMI can be added to the roadmap? With more and more displays and amps supporting this, it seems the most convenient way to control the display and AV components whilst sending audio and video digitally...

Also, a rather more specific request - does anybody know if Pandora are likely to release a Linux version of their applet and whether that might be integrated?

Installation issues / No media - pnp doesn't seem to work!
« on: August 28, 2007, 09:16:33 am »
I have installed 0704 1.1 without any problems (this time!) But when I add a PC to the network, it gets the IP lease and the LMCE discovers it and starts adding it after I confirm I want it to use it. Then after that it seems to be detecting "shares" and asks me if I want to use those. I say yes - I want to use them and provide login and passwords for both the "file server" and then the "file shares". But the "file shares" are clearly the LMCE users and nothing to do with the Windows file shares I want it to connect to. I tried removing it in the admin panel and asked it to use the LMCE default folder structure. But NONE of this seems to make any difference at all - I cannot see any of my video media in the "Video" menu, it is completely empty. I figured it might take some time to catalogue them, esp as it may be connecting to the C$ admin share with all the system files, but it isn't doing anything. I tried sharing the media folder directly so that it could go through all my video and audio folders, again nothing. I managed to get some JPGs appearing under the Pictures menu when I plugged in a thumb drive and told it to use the default, waited for it to create the structure, then moved some pictures into the right location. But I don't seem to be able to get it to even create the folder structure on the remote PC.

Periodically it displays the same messages in the top right that seem to suggest that it is constantly scanning and doing things and this seems to be related to the problem given the messages below - and the message number is now well over 1000!

"Existing device already enabled xxx ....
Done with new device xxx...."

Its supposed to be pnp, but I just don't seem to be able to get it to find any media on my other PC, nor how to direct it to specific shares.... Can anybody suggest what might be wrong, or even how to get it to completely forget this PC (I have deleted all the related Devices in the Admin console and this doesn't seem to have done it as it is re-adding the device but now ignoring the shares) so I can try again and this time choose to use the default folder structure!


How well does this work for HD and SD content? Does it understand the EPG, and other features? Has anybody used it? What is the impression?

Compatible Products & Services / Now looking for motherboards!
« on: August 25, 2007, 11:25:28 pm »
I notice that the ASUS AM2 M2NPV-VM Motherboard seems to be a common choice and compatible, and I was planning on using that. But I just noticed that it only seems to have DVI output, not HDMI. Whilst I understand that one is backwards compatible with the other, you don't get the control channel with DVI, and I believe that LMCE will automatically control your display if it sees it through HDMI (is this true?) and I would really like to get rid of the pointless extra display remote control that I would predominantly be using just to turn the power on and off!

Are my assumptions here correct? Does anybody know of an equivalent (spec and price) motherboard that does have HDMI??

Having great difficulty finding a card that will fit what I am looking for .... have browsed around a lot and can only find either something that I can't confirm is compatible or doesn't have the features I am looking for! Can someone help please?

Looking for a dual tuner (High Definition) digital TV card for DVB-T (Australia), so that I can record 2 channels at once, or record one and watch another, etc. (ie genuine 2 tuner); hardware encoder - not interested in all the other extra features, as they don't seem relevant for LMCE!

If anyone can make some suggestions I would be greatly appreciative as I really can't get started on building the hardware until I have this sorted...

Also, does anyone know if I were to add a second card (or third) would LMCE be able to handle it as 4 (or 6) channels?

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