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Users / Re: MythTV .25 in 12.04
« on: January 10, 2014, 06:14:12 am »
you may want to look at Xine_Player's screen session to see if anything interesting shows up:

Code: [Select]
screen -ls

find Xine_Player's pid, then

Code: [Select]
screen -r XXXXX

be sure to hit control-a d to exit without killing Xine Player.

You can also hit control-a ] to enable back scroll. esc exits.


Developers / Re: DNS inconsistencies, input sought.
« on: January 09, 2014, 04:16:44 pm »
Thanks so much, for working on this!

I would guess compartmentalization, but feel free to dig around to see where these scripts are called, and why. If it can be simplified, by all means, throw in a patch and we can test.

(The reason I put such emphasis on studying what is already there, is to understand the intended feature set, and to avoid regressions while simplifying or refactoring code.)


Users / Re: MythTV .25 in 12.04
« on: January 07, 2014, 05:04:19 pm »
Scheduling in MythTV should be fine, I am guessing the MythTV Plugin still thinks it needs to manage capture devices. You may want to go to

Go To Web Admin
Go to Advanced > Configure > Devices
Find the MythTV Plugin device, underneath your CORE and DCERouter.
Scroll to the device data at the bottom.
Check "Don't Auto Configure"
Reload router.

If this persists, we'll go further.


Developers / Re: MPD integration
« on: January 07, 2014, 04:41:00 pm »
Have you made a device in C++ yet? I would do that, before making anything else, so you can understand the API that we have fully. Why are you avoiding this?


Users / Re: Best Approach to Controlling a Network Device
« on: January 07, 2014, 01:26:47 am »
I'll be able to look at it soon, sorry, I've been consumed with needing to take care of work, and a wife/daughter...It has to be something _really_ simple.


Users / Re: [SOLVED] GSD problem
« on: January 07, 2014, 12:21:19 am »
I'm glad this was resolved.

And, thanks, from all of us. It's been a definite challenge moving entirely to a community supported development model, as many of us have lives, and can't spend 8 hours a day coding on this thing (although some of us have tried!), this puts a smile on my face.


Developers / Re: MPD integration
« on: January 07, 2014, 12:12:36 am »
Go for it. My general plan is to integrate squeezeserver/squeezeslave for audio playback, as it is very adept at audio synchronization (needed for proper multi-zone audio playback), but this system is modular, you can drop in support for whatever you feel like.

I do know you tried to do a JAVA implementation of DCE, but perhaps you should try using the C++ tools, to see what's there first?


Actually, no.. LinuxMCE uses very little of KDE, itself.

The core code, is roughly 4 million lines of our own C++ code, not counting the 12 or so projects that we incorporate upstream:

It doesn't matter whether I "own" it or not, I am merely one of the contributors to the code base, these days, of which, the above linked codebase is one of three known forks to exist:

* Ours (LinuxMCE)
* Dianemo (Convergent Home Technology)
* Schneider-Electric, has a variant made for the KNX market, and purchased the commercial code outright from Pluto after its insolvency, but as of yet, has not made a shipping product with it.

Why are you being so hostile? You still haven't even answered my initial question.


You missed my point. Not surprising, given your lack of proper punctuation, and/or sentence structure.

As I said, as of 2008, LinuxMCE became wholly a community open source project, when the company that started this project, Pluto, became insolvent. The remaining licensee of the technology, Fiire, closed their doors, a few months before Pluto did, this is the hardware you refer to, it never had a chance to even prove itself in the marketplace.

My point was, you complain about the quality of help here, this can only change if you help change it. However, given the way you respond, and the fact that you've only done a handful of posts, I don't see this happening.

The irony is, you never even directly answered my question.


I appreciate your commentary on the state of LinuxMCE, allow me to reply:

LinuxMCE is, as of 2008, a community open source project. There is no company driving its direction, nor is any one person dictating its direction or behaviour.

We don't even have enough people to warrant any form of management, which people seem to volunteer for in droves.

I have used LinuxMCE for many years, as well (since 2006), and I am utilizing virtually every part of the system, sans telecom in my house. (I am using telecom, but I am also actively trying to get it back to feature parity), which brings me to my next point:

Because this code base is so large, and there are so few people working on it, things break, and we fix them as we get around to them. Would you like this situation to change? CONTRIBUTE! You'll find the majority of my posts that people say "attack" one or another, revolve around the lack of contribution, and the over abundance of complaint from _very_ vocal users who seem to have nothing else to do, but criticise the hard work of myself and others.

So you help, you say? Fantastic, dig in, and try to solve problems for others here, and help document things, this community only survives because of its users, because it and the code, is all we have.

Also, you've used LMCE for years? Where are your wiki posts? or your forum posts, for that matter, helping others?


What does ls -l tell you as to who owns that file?


Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Directv tcp control
« on: January 01, 2014, 04:50:45 pm »
You need to look at the Panasonic iP camera template a bit more closely, it uses close and reconnect to re-establish the socket.

Furthermore, if the device is ANYTHING besides the simplest RS232 or IP control device, then you should absolutely consider rewriting it as a C++ device.


Users / Re: Intel next unit of computing box
« on: December 31, 2013, 01:10:43 am »
I use the i3 variant of this box, in the Den. Works great with 1204. You will for now need to build either the latest libxine from SVN, or the libxine-vaapi branch, to get the necessary VA-API accelleration for speed efficient video playback, but as a media director, they work very well, and are quite silent.

Just add RAM. Don't fuck with a wifi card, hook up using the ethernet port.


Users / Re: picture viewer constantly failes to load upon reload router
« on: December 29, 2013, 01:50:15 am »
try killall -9 Picture_Viewer from an ssh console, wait a few moments, and reload the router, see if the issue goes away...There is a known issue where the Picture Viewer will not completely reinitialize on router reload, and honestly, in my house I simply remove the module.

I will try to fix it as soon as I can get some time.


Users / Re: Best Approach to Controlling a Network Device
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:45:24 pm »
Sorry, will be able to soon after the New Year, i've been knee deep in this OpenStack cluster, and trying spend time with my new family...

Have you been experimenting and looking over the other media player devices?


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