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Users / Re: That cool TV guide the guy was using in the demo
« on: August 29, 2007, 04:06:41 pm »
no worries, I have a Fiire Chief remote coming very soon, will use that.. in the mean-time, can use the mouse, and will investigate other orbiter options as well.

Developers / All Developers, please read.
« on: August 29, 2007, 03:57:35 pm »
note: this thread is intended to instigate discussion, and to try to generate a plan of attack.

I am noticing something _very_ disturbing here, that I feel must be dealt with especially given the relatively young age of this fork of the project.

LinuxMCE developers (both present and future) have inherited a very large code base from a developer who took a very straightforward (from their perspective) approach to putting together a device agnostic messaging system and a drawing-independent user interface system for the purpose of home control and the delivery of media.

Notice, I said, from their perspective. This is very important, because for a lot of us, we came here at the viewing of the LinuxMCE demo videos. They _are_ very intoxicating, and do serve to generate a ton of excitement.

And after those of us who do manage to get the system built, and running, a lot of us immediately see something, as developers, that we want to work on...

now what?

we start digging into the system, and find that a great big part of it is still very black-boxed, not in the sense that we can't see it and mess with it, but in the sense that there are a great number of moving parts, all working like a swiss watch, to ensure that this system DOES run like an appliance. And some of us do manage to understand bits of the system and realise just how clever parts of it really are.

Assuming we get past all of this, and we see things we want to improve, what are our options?

We have some reference material on both the LinuxMCE and wiki sites, which relate to programmer material. However, this material is still very sparse once you actually read through it. It becomes very difficult to get a systems-level overview to figure out which direction you need to go in, to modify, or augment a particular feature. It seems that Plutohome never got around to writing stuff down that their programming staff obviously knew, and this is understandable, they make their money doing custom development, and I am not knocking anything done up to this point.

We need to figure out, as a community, what to do next.

* Can we coordinate with Pluto to get the missing pieces of programming information? if not, we need to do a full audit of the code-base.
* We need to get the missing tools built and accessible, they do exist in SVN, but they need to be brought out in a form that can easily be installed and used. This includes the Designer and the DCEGen tools.
* Skin development/refinement. We need lots of polishing work done on the user interface, although again, information on this process is limited, what are all our options herE?
* Device driver stuff. This one is pretty obvious, and it will get done, but we need to get a library of knowledge established to allow motivated developers to fill in more hardware support. again, obvious, duh, but it does need to be on this list.

I have a fairly complete media-centric set-up (complete with an XL1B jukebox), and will slowly be folding in home automation. But, there are various things I keep noticing, that I want desperately to work on, but I am finding more and more, there are missing tools and pieces which, while they don't stop development for me entirely, do impede it significantly.

Just my thoughts, what do you all think?

Users / Re: That cool TV guide the guy was using in the demo
« on: August 29, 2007, 03:35:47 pm »
whoops, realised that I had to hit F5 on the keyboard to get to the gesture menu to view the guide. very nice... although, there is NO way to control the gesture stuff via a Win MCE Remote, will have to look into this to add the necessary bits.


Users / That cool TV guide the guy was using in the demo
« on: August 29, 2007, 06:40:02 am »
How the hell do I get that? The only guide views I can seem to view are the MythTV views, am I missing something? or was that a feature that's not available yet?


Developers / Re: I am forbidden to download the Designer...
« on: August 28, 2007, 05:59:08 am »
same here, I can't get it, and am unable to build it. This really sucks.


Compatible Products & Services / good mic to use with orbiter phone.
« on: August 28, 2007, 12:13:20 am »
Am looking for a solution to use a microphone in a speakerphone-fashion for the built in sip phone on the orbiter, does anyone know of any good ones?


Users / Westinghouse LCD TV Service Port... USB? a cable for it?
« on: August 27, 2007, 10:04:20 pm »
I have a Service port on my Westinghouse 26" LCD TV.. It looks exactly like a USB port, but it is the flat port, instead of the square port needed to interface to a computer. Is there a cable that I could get to be able to plug into this port? I am interested to see if I can send codes to the TV to power it on and off (at the very least, hopefully it exposes as a serial driver that I can throw commands to.)

anybody know of such a cable?


also i do understand the issues behind 6200ch with the newer boxes. I got lucky and I have a box that can use it just fine.

I'm needing it because i need it to be able to change channels in spite of not using the firewire to transfer data because I know the firewire transfer mode is unstable, I spent the last 6 months fighting with it, and it comes down to some really buggy DTCP implementation inside the 6200 and the fact that mythtv doesn't know how to slam the thing back into submission without running firewire_tester to purge the entire firewire buss and force it into broadcast mode again.


i understand, but would like to integrate this functionality into LinuxMCE itself so that LinuxMCE can send messages to change the channels even in the LiveTV mode.. or if the cable box is integrated into an AV reciever etc.. just to make things more complete, as an alternative to dangling off a UIRT.


Developers / adding external channel changer (firewire) for cable box.
« on: August 26, 2007, 11:47:33 pm »
I have a program that can change the channel on my Motorola DCT6200 cable box over the firewire. What direction should I go in to adapt it into the DCE system so that it will work inside Pluto/LMCE?


Users / IR Blaster on the MCE edition of the PVR-USB2
« on: August 26, 2007, 08:06:21 pm »
Is it possible to use the IR blaster on the MCE edition of the PVR-USB2? I installed the tuner at the same time as the rest of the system, so I can't tell whether or not it detected it in the devices list... I want it to control my Motorola DCT6200 cable box.


Installation issues / Re: NVIDIA Drivers too old!
« on: August 26, 2007, 08:02:17 pm »
I managed to get it all to work by installing the vendor drivers first, then basically just letting the avwizard do its thing (I had to change to component output), and at the end of it, replace nv with nvidia..and it worked just fine.. yeah, I'm learning not to circument the boot scripts, very quickly... although I am very quickly learning how this whole system is put together.. it's quite brilliant really...


Installation issues / Re: NVIDIA Drivers too old!
« on: August 25, 2007, 11:20:42 pm »
well, when I install the vendor drivers, CleanupVideo totally mucks with my working xorg.conf file that I copied over, and re-sets the card to 'vesa'

every time I try to change it, CleanupVideo changes it back... I commented out CleanupVideo from the Start_X_Wrapper, and it stop messing with it, but I get other bizarre problems.

I have since decided to go back and use my built in intel chipset, and am trying an install process now, although I know i will have to replace xorg-xserver-i810 with xorg-xserver-intel to get my 1366x768 resolution (and install 915resolution into the /etc/rc.local)


Installation issues / NVIDIA Drivers too old!
« on: August 25, 2007, 10:00:04 pm »
The NVIDIA drivers that ship with Pluto/LinuxMCE are too old to deal with my NVIDIA 8500GT card. I can't use any other cards because I do not have AGP slots, so it's not like I can just cram a 6xxx or 7xxx series card in the slot....

Whenever I try to install the vendor drivers, the CleanupVideo script that's part of the Start_X_wrapper (a very clever script btw), basically completely trashes my setup. So I commented it out, however, this still masks the problem that there ARE those of us building new machines that are using very new hardware, that needs to be dealt with....

Paul: is there a way to (a) build a replacement nvidia driver deb so that the pluto stuff will use it (b) modify the pluto scripts to accept my driver selection, or (c) just ignore it all entirely and let me do my #@)$#@)$@# configuring? I have a set of modelines etc that perfectly set this TV to 1366x768 which I spent WEEKS tuning and configuring to the exact timing of my TV....


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