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Users / Re: Can I use my TV tuner box on this?
« on: August 24, 2007, 03:22:49 pm »
No, didn't mean to install Linux MCE on the box itself..

But OK, I suppose it would work to some level, but cannot figure out this:

The MCE remote control can only act as a "universal remote control"??
I mean, I can understand the remote control can control my tuner, but will it only stream
the video signal to MCE box? So the MCE box, will only be some sort of by-pass unit?

Or will the MCE box on some miracles way "dive" into my tuner, get the complete program overview and
show the program overview in a Linux MCE user interface??

Users / Can I use my TV tuner box on this?
« on: August 23, 2007, 10:25:11 pm »
I have recently seen some videos of Linux MCE, and it looket awsome!

I saw on the video that you could use Satelite tuners, and control it from the Linux box.
But I have a different kind of tuner. My tuner is a box from Motorola, called ip stb 1510.

This is connectet to my fiber network (I have fiber solution with Telephone, internet and TV).
It sends the signal to my TV via a scart cable. I don't know much about its technology in-depth, but
it found out it runs on Linux (!!)

Does anyone know if it would work to use this seamless with Linux MCE??
I don't care buying anything if it turns out not to work...

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