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Certain policies in place that I am bound to prevent me from disclosing how I know this information, but I can assure you that it is absolutely correct. 

I have a suggestion for development moving forward.  Wouldn't it make sense to develop future new versions around the LTS versions of Kubuntu/Ubuntu  which are on a 2 year cycle instead of being bombarded with questions about the next new version every 6 months?

The Pace DTA unit has no ability to decrypt.  It is strictly a D/A converter much like the converter that are now necessary to receive OTA in the US.  It has no ability to receive any premium channels such as HBO/Showtime/Starz etc.  To their credit, Comcast has actually increased the number of channels available with the DTA or digital QAM tuner equipped TV's over the former 2-99 analog lineup.

The conversion of the analog channels to a digital format is an elimination of redundant content.  Channels 2-99 have been simulcast in both digital and analog format for some time now.  The elimination of the analog half of the simulcasted content will open bandwidth to allow for more HD channels and VOD content in both HD and SD.  The migrated channels are NOT  encrypted and the DTA devices have no decryption mechanism (removable or not) built into them.  Anyone posessing a TV with a built in digital tuner can tune these channels without the DTA device by simply rescanning the channels with their digital tuner TV.  (I've done it already on my Panasonic in my kid's room)  I have no first-hand experience with the HD HomeRun, however, if it has a digital QAM tuner built into it, it should have the ability to scan and pick up the migrated content.

Users / Re: Straight answers about digital cable
« on: January 06, 2009, 11:13:45 pm »
Only converting channels 30-99 to digital?  May I ask where you got this?  It's different info than what I was told, and if I were told wrong then I need to re-evaluate my plans to go with HDHomeRun (no NTSC therefore no channels 2-29).

Does this hold true for their Digital packages as well or will their digital packages truly go all digital sometime next month?

I know this to be fact.  How I know this I'd rather not say publicly as I'm bound by certain rules regarding that subject.  The current plans as they exist are to migrate 30-99 to all digital format in the first half of 2009.  Timing is not specific as different markets are in different stages of upgrading plant and equipment, and it will take some time to get the necessary equipment into customer's hands.  2-30 which comprise the "limited" lineup which is mostly of the local SD broadcast stations and the public access channels will remain as analog content.   Currently all of the limited and basic channels 2-99 in most markets are simulcast in digital form (and have been for some time) and when received through a STB or QAM are received in that format. 

Users / Re: Straight answers about digital cable
« on: January 06, 2009, 06:43:29 pm »
Ok, I know that I am very confused about digital cable.  I thought it might be good to lay down some information in the wiki about what the user needs to know when purchasing tuners, particularly, the compatibility of tuners with their cable service.  I'd be very willing to do this, but need some clarification on a few points.  Here is the gist of what I know and will be putting into the wiki.  Please comment if I have some information wrong or left out something important.  After it looks like the posts have died down, I'll make the wiki page.

Free, OTA, or Broad cast TV: This refers to the free stations that are broadcasting over the air(OTA) and are picked up with an antenna (rabbit ears).
This tv signal will be changing to digital in feb (in america at least.  Little help on other country standards would be appreciated)
1.) TV's using this signal must have digital tuners built in, or user must purchase converter box after febuary

Cable from a provider: Any type of tv signal which is purchased through the a cable company.  Comcast is the main monopoly one here in america and I'll focus on them since I use them.  Others would be encouraged to add information on other cable companies once I get the wiki area up and running

1.)ANALOG Comcast, at least, will continue to provide analog television to it's subscribers indefinitely.  Nothing needs to be done for this.  No converter boxes or new tv's will need to be bought.
      A. NTSC computer tuners are the ones which can read this tv signal.  I'll include links to compatible cards and make sure to mention LMCE compatibility as well here.  This cable signal is unencrypted?(Need input here)

2.)DIGITAL Here's where I need help.  This is what I understand after researching and chatting with comcast's unhelpful online staff.
      A.  In order to tune comcast digital cable of any kind, a set top box is required.  (I'm not sure about this, but some comcast techie tried to convince me of this.  I was under the impression that only the High def, premium, on demand, etc channels required a set top box.  What about the low channels from comcast which are digital, like normal old discovery channel in digital?  Need some input here.)  This is due to comcast's signal being encrypted?  Are all comcast channels encrypted and therefore unusable by computer tuners??  Please comment on this 
             i. The work around involves getting a cable box with firewire output and recording that stream while IR blasting for control of channels.  I know this has been done by some users for those high definition set top boxes
      B. Free digital stations are mostly (maybe always??) broadcast in the QAM format.  Saying "clear QAM" refers to unencrypted QAM siganls.  Look for tuner's advertised for clear qam for this form of cable.  This form of digital cable is easily captured in LMCE

So, my main area of confusion is the simple digital channels from comcast.  Let's say that I receive channel 32 (discovery channel in my area) in digital format from comcast.  It's part of the basic plan, not free over the air, and it's not pay per view or an extra channel (like hbo).  Can LMCE watch that station?  That's what I need to know and then I should be able to get to work on the wiki.  Also, I'd love some testimonies of you users who have listed their set ups in the wiki would be great!  Which types of TV signal have you been able to tune?  thanks guys

OK....As to your particular situation I can shed some light on the situation.  Comcast (NOT a monopoly, both the FTC and the courts have confirmed this) is in the process of migrating some of the basic lineup (channels 30-99) to digital format in order to reclaim bandwith and offer more content, and is offering a specific STB for this purpose (referred to as a DTA) at no cost to subscribers.  The assertion that a STB is REQUIRED to tune ANY digital channels is false.  Any TV equipped with a QAM tuner should be able to tune digital channels on its own.  A cable card would be necessary to tune encrypted channels, but unencrypted channels (which include the local HD channels) should be able be received with the QAM tuner.

Users / Re: HVR-1600 and USB HVR
« on: April 17, 2008, 02:43:27 am »
There IS the HD Home Run.  It's known to work well.

This should be submitted in the users threads.  This category is for people offering compatible products/services for sale.

If all Linux distros fail to install, I'd venture that theres something in the MOBO that is incompatible with Linux in general.  Will a live version of any distro run without installing on the HDD???

Users / Re: Abit An-M2HD Motherboard
« on: April 05, 2008, 07:18:53 pm »
I know that HDMI incorporates HDCP in the handshaking process.  Is it possible that the necessary HDCP info is failing and cutting off the Audio???

Compatible Products & Services / Re: Asus Wl-130
« on: March 21, 2008, 07:57:11 pm »
Try the "Users" board.

Wow, really? I guess I must be hallucinating when I watch Live TV, then.



What's in that Kool-Aid???

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: First impressions and suggestions for 710
« on: February 29, 2008, 01:30:22 am »
Linux MCE was designed as a "whole house" solution.  If you're looking only for a media player solution, take a look at Mythbuntu.

The DVD installer is a "known good" image that is for clean installs ONLY.  This subject has been brought up FAR too many times.  Please read the Wiki/forums regarding the DVD install.

Users / Re: LinuxMCE is great....Kinda
« on: February 27, 2008, 02:50:56 am »
The problems you are encountering are not problems with Linux per se.  Until recently Mac users have been up against the same obstacles.

Re:your USB cable modem - That's a decision by the manufacturers of the modems not to support the open source.  It's really not realistic to expect a commmunity of largely unpaid developers to try and obtain development kits etc from manufacturers that have no interest in providing these or charge large amounts of money for such kits, or dedicate HUGE amounts of time "reverse engineering" drivers to adapt to the Linux kernel (which then treads on that legality line again).  Mac support for USB cable modems only became a reality in the last year.  Ethhernet cards that are well supported in  Linux can be had for reasonable amounts of $$$ even gigabit LAN cards.  Break down and buy one...  

The DRM issue:  The music industry is finally coming around and well on the way to  abandoning this approach, however the MPAA in all of it's omnipotence and wisdom has decided that this is the way to go, and has effectively shut out the Open source.  Micro$oft paid BIG $$$ for the supported cable card option in Vista, and it's not and won't be supported in earlier versions of  Window$.  As far as working out a deal for a recording card???  Do you really think Dish will do this out of the goodness of their hearts?  Not as long as they sell Dish DVR's.

Such is the reality of our day and age where fair use is perceived by some as a threat.  

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