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Users / running a 1080i desktop on linuxmce
« on: August 16, 2007, 04:13:57 pm »
My current htpc setup is windows with the media portal program. the program is easily the best i've came across on the windows platform but it's very stable and lots of overlooked little quirks that never fail to annoy. my non-htpc linux experience has been limited and unsuccessful but linuxmce sounds too good to not be given a shot.

my main concern is:

I run my desktop at 1920x1080i. it's an option on Nvidia's CP. my videocard is a NVIDIA 8500GT. can i do the same with ease on LMCE? can i switch between 720P, and 1080i? since i have a plasma with a 1024.768 native resolution, 1080i is almost a must.

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