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Feature requests & roadmap / linuxmce hardware database
« on: December 05, 2007, 11:04:39 pm »

Can the web page organisers set up a linuxmce hardware database like they have in mythtv

This let's people add their hardware in a table format that is searchable.



PS.  Or perhaps we could use theirs as they allow freevo. MultiMedia-box, ebox and others.

 Posted by: Greg

"It's been reported in these forums that the Unichrome Pro II chipset produces visibly better video playback quality than any NVidia solution. "

The big problem with VIA is their lack of co-operation with the open source community.  If you go to  and more so,

you will after reading several threads get a gist of the issues.

It looks like VIA are setting Linux 5-years back with their abject failure to provide proper, opens source compliant, API documentation.

Maybe everyone should email them and ask them about the closed source open unichrome II Pro drivers that are only available to system integrators.

Users / Re: Networking
« on: November 16, 2007, 07:18:06 pm »

Yes, I didn't see that, it was in a later post.

Good call on both accounts

Installation issues / Re: DHCP server not issuing an IP Address !!!
« on: November 16, 2007, 05:24:51 pm »
Matthew said :-

You can run LMCE with a single NIC, as explained in the wiki's DHCP entry section on "Single NIC".

Yes, that's why I said on my first line...

"You need Two NIC's in the PC if you want linuxmce to work properly (aka the way it was designed)."

ie. instead of just making sure you have the cables in the correct NIC's (in most cases), if you have one NIC you have to:-

1)   Turn off DHCP in your modem/NAT Router (as they usually come turned on by default)
2)   Assign a static IP to Linuxmce

Which is beyond most newbies as evidenced from the repeated questions in the forums.

You also lose the FW plus bandwidth control ie. think priority on the network for VOIP and video.

For the sake of a $20 or less gigabit ethernet card (or less for 100Mb) and all the hassle and loss, I don't think it's worth it, but go  knock yourself out. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).

Users / Re: Networking
« on: November 16, 2007, 06:33:19 am »
Zaerc said:

"Just enable DHCP on the linksys, and everything should be fine.  I don't think you have to change anything else."

I would go for that as well, short of using a another  computer to run tests


OK - I just realised I'm looking at 1TB H/D's and people are talking prices of 500GB H/D's - my bad.

I'm having a long think about the whole RAID 5 thing and will let you know the what, and why of what I decide to do.  It might be useful for other people down the line.

Compatible Products & Services / Re: Need <$100 HTPC case ideas
« on: November 16, 2007, 06:13:03 am »

$76, not bad for a Retail Recomended Price of $230

Installation issues / Re: DHCP server not issuing an IP Address !!!
« on: November 16, 2007, 05:53:50 am »

I have installed from DVD onto a PC has one NIC. I have the PC connected to a switch and a laptop also connected to the switch no ADSL router in sight  Smiley

The core allocates an IP address internal with external

I have my laptop, running windows XP to obtain a DHCP address supposedly from the core but it does not. If I manually allocate to my laptop it allows me to connect to the Admin webpage.

I want to PXE boot my laptop but if DHCP is not working on the core what chance have I got?"

You need Two NIC's in the PC if you want linuxmce to work properly (aka the way it was designed).

The is a default bogus as there is no external NIC.

No ADSL router in sight, but you mentioned ADSL router.  How do you get to the internet ?

Let's start use linuxmce to it's full potential you need internet access and Two NIC's in the core (it will be limited otherwise)

To the internet, you have some sort of modem/router in a bridge, NAT, FW or combination thereof.  Unless you have paid for static you have a DHCP assigned IP address to your connection from you provider. In your case, you have a laptop so connect it directly to the modem, with the appropriate cable, set the laptop to dhcp client request and do a ifconfig -a or windoze ipconfig /all...what's the IP address assigned ?
It will be either, public IP or a private address IP typically 192.168.1.x which is a NAT'd router typically with a firewall.
Add the second NIC and connect it to the modem.  Connect the original NIC to the switch.  Reboot and check the reported settings again from linuxmce (an external of 192.168.1.x and internal  you should be able to pull up google and youtube video under advanced - computing I think (not at my linuxmce test server I'm afraid)

Adding you laptop back on the switch and rebooting should give you a 192.168.80.x address

Reboot any other DHCP client systems and reset the static IP's to the 192.168.80.x range.

It's a lot simpler this way plus you have (depending on your ADSL box) a primary FW and a secondary linuxmce FW so if the primary is cracked, you have the secondary hopefully on a different code base.

Great...I'm going to hold-off the hardware RAID and will search for a better, reliable hard drive source in the States.

My previous  'best'  of $550 included tax + shipping, but will research others.

Thanks again.

totallymaxed said...

"Hmmm... the ripping time is an issue I agree but 2TB of HD storage now costs well under 200UKP (ie less than $400 retail).... ;-)"

Best I have found is USD$550.

But that reminds me.  Having searched and found a lot of threads on RAID in the forums, I'm still unclear about the best way to go.

What I mean is, the basic linuxmce has software RAID which takes some processing power to manage, in addition to potentially having Two (or more) PVR's grabbing content and storing it on the H/D whilst streaming Two (or more) movies from the hard drives (picture two people recording a show in different rooms whilst watching streamed movies).

So, would it be better to have your movies on a NAS somewhere else ?

Or would it be OK, performance wise to have software RAID 5 with 4 H/D's, one being a hot spare.

That's a thought...does the current linuxmce RAID have the capability of having a hot spare ??

I'm looking at LSI (open source and document friendly) hardware RAID as well but that could be an additional issue as in, will linuxmce recognise it ?

I got the MS-7329 from :-  where it say's:-

"Well MSI MS-7329 is not an Intel MB but we are testing it now and it looks excellent with onboard 6150 graphics and HDMI output;"

I just did a search on the MSI site with both MS-7329 and 7329 and it responds  with  "product does not exist" on the USA site and "no data found" on the Taiwan site.

Do you mean this one ???

Aghh...found it

So it's not in their search database...nice...huh

Users / Re: satellite tv in the usa
« on: November 11, 2007, 09:54:32 pm »

So, apparently, no-one here is the USA uses satellite TV.

So what do you all use.  Roadrunner cable/brighthouse or verizon ???


Hello again and thanks for all the info/feedback/opinions.

I think I will stick with what I have until it/they fail and just stick an IR emitter on the front to control the TV's.  At least it will work just like any remote, but via the linuxmce system.

Now if only I could get an energy efficient, server and front-ends at a reasonable price so I can move from test to Real Life.  Can't find the MS-7329 in the USA yet...:-(

Users / HDTV flatscreen (hang on the wall) with linuxmce control in the USA
« on: November 10, 2007, 09:08:41 pm »

I am looking for Replacement TV's as mine are pretty old.  HDTV  flatscreen (hang on the wall) with linuxmce control in the USA.

There is little information in the wiki.

Would I be right in assuming that the best control in order is :-

1)   IP/ethernet

2)   Serial port

3)  infra-red

Where does HDMI come in ?  Does that have a control interface for switching input's etc ?

On a quick google, what I have found is :-

a)   40″ and 46″ MultiSync 20 Series HDTVs by NEC

b)   iLo 32" widescreen HDTV

c)   Akai 32-inch LCT3201AD Widescreen HDTV LCD TV/DVD Player

If people have TV's controlled by linuxmce, can they please add to the wiki at :-

Oh..I added a line and a link to the video web page on the main wiki page as I think that many people have seen or been told by friends about linuxmce would like to know the hardware and steps involved in setting it up.  I hope nobody moves it.  It took me some time, way too long to find that web page.

Looking at  go down the page to alphatical info and look at S for Sony and the  Sony VAIO VGP-XL1B3 Media Changer isn't even mentioned even though it is shown in the video and listed on the  page.

Again, I implore you.  If you have a working (even a test system), add your hardware to the wiki.


Users / satellite tv in the usa
« on: November 07, 2007, 06:12:52 pm »

I'm looking at satellite tv in the usa.  There are Two providers, dish network and direct tv.

Does anyone have any information on which one to choose as far as controllable hardware from LinuxMCE ?

Why not cable ??

Travelling in an old, refurbished motorhome or possibly having a second home somewhere else.  I want to be able to take it with me, especially in the motorhome.

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