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Users / Q: LinuxMCE on EM64T? (Core2 E6600) and then some
« on: July 04, 2008, 02:31:23 pm »
Hello fellow geeks.

I'm currently planning a new LinuxMCE env based on following HW.
E6600 Core2
Intel Entry Server S3000 mobo
Promise Supertrak EX12350
Origen AE S21T case w/ touchscreen, Ir and cardreader
4gig ECC + Hauppauge PVR (supported) + Hercules DJ USB soundcard/mixer (don't expect it to be supported)

My first and foremost question is; is it possible for me to run the 64-bit version and is that even recommended with the specs above?

I am also considering running KQEMU or Virtualbox with a WinXP guest - Primarily to utilize the drivers and apps related to the Hercules DJ console. Since even IF (and I do have my doubts) I get just the soundcard part of it working, there are just so many apps and features available up front on Windows and since both QEMU and VirtualBox can (AFAIK) map the connected USB-device directly to the guest OS.

How would a LinuxMCE installation react to the presents of a virtuallization system?

Additional question's:
  • Any HW considerations I should be aware of? (eg. RAID controller drivers/performance issue or motherboard/touchscreen/Ir/cardreader compatibility)
  • Any SW considerations - Regarding running 64-bit version of Kubuntu/LinuxMCE (does all 32bit apps still run as expected?)
  • How much functionality should I expect to be available from the Hercules DJ console (soundcard analog/digital, ASIO (don't know if thats just for Windows), hardbuttons/jogwheel and are there any applications out there that I should expect to support the DJ console (wondering about eg. Mixxx)?)
  • Any other comments?

I have tried to searching, but if I have missed obvious answers or information, please provide link, no further comments are required (but of cause welcome).

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it

Users / HW req for OpenGL with overlay (medium)?
« on: September 25, 2007, 04:50:44 pm »
I'm trying to get OpenGL with overlay (medium) to work with my RadeOn 9800XT.

I know its not nVidia and its fairly old, but it's also a reasonably fast GFX compared to age and presumed requirements for running OpenGL with overlay.

What is the specific req's for running OpenGL with overlay?
Can the 9800TX chip do that (why not?)?
And if so, what am I doing wrong.

Using DVD quickinstall of 0704, got static images working, but OpenGL just give errors when i try to start the MS.

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