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Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE = a Nightmare
« on: August 19, 2007, 09:25:01 am »
" I know better than you" mentality and if you you canĀ“t make it work , then your are stupid !
um that just the zarec's attitude. he is a very helpful sod he just flames people for asking questions it's just a pity he is like one of the most active people on the forum. i'm sure if he spent his time being helpful and not RUDE this form would have more people participating

Installation issues / Re: List fail safe components ?
« on: August 17, 2007, 05:47:05 pm »
hey anyone smell that? ...

sniff sniff

better get use to it coz thats the smell of me getting flamed lol


Installation issues / Re: Sudo fuck Linux !
« on: August 17, 2007, 05:31:23 pm »
dude you will get there just takes time reading stuff. my advise take it or leave it. do the reading/research first than order parts i understand you are use to windows so am is just different and i do agree hardware compatibility is it's big draw back with linux.

 mac is just plain fu<ked propriety shit.also  i work in a situation where i come in contact with Mac is like the last thing they ask and it should be the first thing  "this hardware compatible with my mac".grrrr you should of asked that 15 mins a go you* dick head  98% of the time it is no and even when it is they are to fu<kin stupid they don't even use the disk or try to install it.
this often plays out in my mind guy walks in to my store and says
 " Hi i'm a mac "
 "hi speak slowly don't hurt your self ...sooo you were saying... when exactly did the remove your brain again ? "

fuckin idiots can i return this it's not compatible with my mac GRRR i could kill you! with a classy white sledge hammer ROFL


( my experience is with Australian Mac users cannot comment about other country's obviously not all mac users fall in to this category )

Installation issues / Re: List fail safe components ?
« on: August 15, 2007, 04:54:42 pm »
what no one a has fully ? working box...

thank you for your input does Zaerc or anyone else want to share some of his/their experience ?

finding it funny no post on the fail safe post ROFL

oh all power full Zaerc ... you could grant me one more wish -> stop being a loser

the only nasty hardware im hearing is zaerc man that guys attitude

teedge77 to whats below man all info welcome go with a messy post of what you feel

teedge77 thank you for your post very help full and i do a agree i could only find this
and i thought hmm this covers so little... i looked in the posts nothing much to speak of, all specific stuff nothing general. Nothing with a fail safe list of stuff that works every post hardware related iv seen so far. Is like yeah might work, But don't like blame me if im wrong(obvious they have never toyed with that config or hardware) ... that stuff build walls of confidence. i basically wanted people to say i have this and it works ... tried this and it sucked. :-[

i see this is the place to make friends

hey guys.  I would love for you to list the hardware that has been a thorn in your side. or stuff that just plain don't work. A little info in regard to what things and at what stage it messed things up would be really appreciated.  Products that take a crap load of set up also belong here.  Thanx guys.  I think the entire community could benefit from this.

Installation issues / List fail safe components ?
« on: August 15, 2007, 11:41:23 am »
hello all
thanx for taking the time to read this i was wondering if you can help (and im sure you can) share a list of stuff that (is available for sale and) just works right out of the box with no messing about. im sure this will come in helpful to us all

i will also make a post to list the nasty hardware so please do not fill this thread with my XXX model  sucked  thank you

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