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Users / The internet streaming, music and video mashine
« on: August 05, 2007, 04:36:58 am »

i startet to build an HTPC on my own (including the Rack). Now i'am wondering if Linux MCE is the right OS for me.
my preferences are (sorted by priority):

1. watching flash videos for example from stage6
2. Jukebox feature (like Itunes)
3. Playback of all kinds of videos
4. wachting analog kabel tv (is it possible?)

The most important feature for me, would be the abilty to control the whole OS only by the Wii Remote. Including Power on/off and Character input for example in the Internet browser.
If its possible, what are the system requirements for Power on/off  HTPC by Wii Remote and the "out of the box" start ?
Is it possible to configure the keys of the Wii remote like prev,next,vol up,vol down on the D-Pad ?

If the Wii Remote is not working could i have all these features with an normal IR Remote ?

Would it be reasonable purchuase an display and controlsystem like the VFD form soundgraph ( ?
Does LinuxMCE support this displays to show recently played tracks etc.,equalizers... ?

A lot of questions... Thanx for all your Help!

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