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Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE factory reset wanted
« on: August 29, 2009, 11:52:47 pm »
congratulations on getting is working!

Sometimes the quickest way to solve things is just to redo.

Also, there are good portions of the system that still show have evidence of our legacy from pluto.  Pluto had a very defined hardware setup and so the code was not required to account for a lot of variations - as you have pointed out.

The good news is that tremendous progress has been made and continues to be made.  Your assistance would be most welcome to root out some of these things or with any other contributions you can offer.



thanks for the guidance.  top shows nothing:

    7 root      15  -5     0    0    0 S    1  0.0   0:06.06 ksoftirqd/1
    1 root      20   0  2920 1724  576 S    0  0.1   0:01.36 init
    2 root      15  -5     0    0    0 S    0  0.0   0:00.04 kthreadd
    3 root      RT  -5     0    0    0 S    0  0.0   0:00.02 migration/0
    4 root      15  -5     0    0    0 S    0  0.0   0:03.62 ksoftirqd/0
    5 root      RT  -5     0    0    0 S    0  0.0   0:00.00 watchdog/0

I'm going to reboot all again. What do you suggest next?

Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 29, 2009, 06:02:19 pm »

I'm happy to help.  OPs wiki is in his userspace on wikipedia and stated he was going to move it from this draft location when finalized.  I was offering my observations as a proofread of his draft and let him update the actual linuxmce wiki with the improvements as he described.  And so I suspect he'll get it shortly; if not I will.


Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 29, 2009, 07:07:36 am »
Thank you again,

I got it running!  And offer a few more nits on cleaning up the documentation:

  The lastline on /etc/shorewall/zones needs the comment (#)
   I don't thing you need to make any changes to

Also, there is a nice dg log viewer
dcerouter_1001275:~# apt-get install dglog

then http://dcerouter/cgi-bin/

and you'll have a nice customizable web log viewer.

And maybe we can get it into the web admin.


Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 29, 2009, 05:31:47 am »
quick update,

the same reversal issue is in masq.   Earlier in this thread you posted

/etc/shorewall/masq files looks like:
eth0 eth1

but your wiki has
eth1 eth0
which I believe is incorrect and cause issues for anyone trying to follow that recipe.



That's a thought I had when the family room MD was alive after I was out of town for a few days. 

Now the (second MD) home theater MD has been going for about a day, but I rebooted it a few times.

Is it possible that it can take on the order of days to gen?

thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Thank you.  I'll have a look at that. 

also, I installed another md and it got the dreaded black screen with x cursor as well...

mainboard in both are ASUS M2NPV-VM
mainboard in core is Asus P4P800-E Deluxe

and they've worked well for a couple of years.


Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 29, 2009, 05:13:47 am »

Thanks again for detailing your steps.  I'm making my way through your recipe and noticed one disconnect.

in this thread you say that:
/etc/shorewall/interfaces file looks like:
net eth0 detect dhcp,tcpflags
loc eth1 detect dhcp

but in your wiki at you say:
#Note assuming "eth0"- is internal ip & "eth1"- is external ip
net eth1 detect dhcp,tcpflags
loc eth0 detect dhcp

I believe that your notes in this thread are correct since in a standard lmce install, eth0 is the external.

So that's how I'm trying it and just wanted to document this as I was going.


Thank you for your quick reply.   had to go out of town for a few days and just got home and voila my MD is working!  I don't know why - except perhaps it was taking a very long time to get itself together.  I can still post config info if you like, but it's pretty vanilla from a couple of years ago - nvidia, etc, and I suspect it won't be of much help.

Also, thank you for the /etc/pluto.conf hint.  I hit it with nano and I assumed that the setting to fix was changing DesktopActivated =1 to  = 0.  I did that and rebooted, but it didn't seem to have any effect.  The core still booted into the KDE login and then went to the KDE desktop.  I have tried searching the forums and wiki, but I haven't been able to choose the correct search terms to narrow the results.

Pointers welcome and thanks again,

Just wanted to let you know that I appear to be having the same issues.  I reinstalled all from scratch yesterday (2.29) and when I installed the first MD, (and after AV wizard), it just goes to x with the small white mouse pointer.  I've tried the usual suspects with no luck.

I've just done the updates to 2.31 on the core and have deleted the MD and am going to see how that goes.

Also, my core seems to have lost it's way in getting to lmce.  It now presents the kde login and I have to manually click the (very handy!) lmce plasmoid.  I know the old launch manager used to have a selectable toggle for this and would appreciate if someone could remind me how to do it without the launch manager.

much thanks,

Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 24, 2009, 06:41:44 am »

My hat is off to all the devs - including those that brought deep and invaluable knowledge from pluto and without whom we wouldn't have the progress we enjoy today.  And to all who contribute their talents and time.  I remember pluto and acknowledge our history simply to clarify my understanding of our direction.

It's extremely hard to decouple and understand that it's not always a top priority.  And progress will allow us to focus on lmce functionality and let the distro give us a great os and complementary tools that we can leverage.

And in a nod to the original topic, I'd like to leverage dansguardian (& other complementary gw functionality).   ;-)

thanks again,

Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 24, 2009, 05:24:08 am »
dlewis, much thanks.  it is very impressive how much progress we are making on so many fronts!

Thom, we may be agreeing.  ;-)   LinuxMCE system is appliance-like, self-configuring, etc.   And the distinction I was trying to make is that it will be less intertwined with a custom distribution-appliance ala pluto-home.    pluto was deeply entangled with the underlying operating system which made it harder to maintain and expand (it had a different audience).

My understanding, and please correct any misunderstanding, is that our target that linuxmce is a standard desktop option distributed as part of kubuntu (and other distros).   So, lmce can install on a standard distro (it does now - pluto didn't) and play nice with other standard packages and systems - including some that allow us to leverage existing sysadmin tools without breaking lmce.

I'm not trying to argue but I do want to understand.  Do I?


Installation issues / Re: Dansguardian port forwarding 80 to 8081
« on: August 24, 2009, 04:38:26 am »
I'd also like for our OP to share his information and then invite comments about other ideas in this thread.

A singe nic server is possible, but it would add a lot of complexity.  LinuxMCE is currently designed to be a gateway and this is probably the simplest design for the LinuxMCE functionality.  Perhaps someone else can sketch out how to remove the gateway requirement, but it just seems like it would be a kludge.

So, since our core IS, in fact, a gateway, it seems reasonable that requirements (or at least desires) for typical gateway functionality is at least not absurd.  Several *nix distros have millions of fans and their main purpose is to be a good gateway.

merker2k's recent addition of a simple way to review dhcp leases from the web admin is a great step in the right direction, i think.  Another quick step may be a simple interface to our firewall to make it more flexible.   Further along the path towards robust gateway functionality may be IPS (snort), proxy, content filtering, AV, etc.  (I have share a solution before that adds another firewall behind the core.)

And we're all aware both that LinuxMCE is enormously complex and that developer resources and interests are limited.  As our developers continue to de-appliance-ize from our Pluto heritage, perhaps the use (and incorporation) of standard (sysadmin) packages with LinuxMCE will be more straightforward and offer less interference.

Also, I understand that non-standard changes to the core adds complexity,  breaks things, and generates confusing forum traffic.  And so it's helpful if these are documented well.  But it also seems that one change at the server is simpler than changes at every client.

My observation is simply that our Core is a gateway and to invite discussion of those inherent requirements.


Developers / Re: DHCP leases info page for web admin
« on: August 24, 2009, 03:43:26 am »
fantastic work!  This is a very welcome addition.  web & orbiter sysadmin tools are most helpful.

Users / Re: Data Disk lost after latest update
« on: August 16, 2009, 09:45:50 pm »
ok, quick update

I deleted one share - Windows Share-PublicShare [36], and it's server - Yellowstone.
quick reloading the router after each.
Then I rebooted the core.

I waited a while to see if Yellowstone would be rediscovered.  It was not, so I manually re-added it to include name, ip, mac, username,  password.

Then I ran the share scanner script described at:

dcerouter_112841:/home/radmin# /usr/pluto/bin/ -d 90 -i -m 00:16:01:BB:04:80

The PublicShare immediately was presented on the orbiter and I selected it and it was added as device 91.

It hasn't yet shown up, but interestingly, Windows Share-t1 [35] now shows up under videos and Windows Share-d2 [34]  now shows up under audio.  (t1 is mostly TV AVIs and d2 is mostly movies and PublicShare is mostly music).

So, something has fixed itself by about 30% - I just wish I knew why & how...

I also tried to 'encourage' the core to make the media available by running against the server that hosts d2 & t1 as follows:
/usr/pluto/bin/ -d 29 -i -m 00:12:3f:e5:52:41
but it didn't seem to have any affect.

I welcome any additional thoughts,

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