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Users / Attaching cover-art to media
« on: September 10, 2007, 03:51:47 pm »
How do I attach cover-art to media?
I have DVD titles with no cover-art, but I have the cover-art images on my hard drive.

Any direction would be much appreciated


Users / wiimote almost sorted!
« on: September 10, 2007, 11:14:40 am »
I have the wiimote working in LMCE now with full media button functionality using cwiid (follow this howto: and altering the button config to incluse keys F3, F5, F6, F7, F8 and Esc as well as mouse left and right click (like the gyromouse, the power button doesn't work though). I installed this in KDE BEFORE installing LMCE, so anyone with LMCE already installed may have dependancy problems.

However I can't seem to find a way of making it start on boot, I have to manually start it by typing 'sudo wminput -c ir_ptr' in the terminal.
BIG problem, as I need a mouse and keyboard to do this, and I don't want them!

Anyone have any suggestions as to how I could make this command run on boot??

Users / TV keeps crashing!
« on: August 29, 2007, 09:58:22 am »
Everytime I watch TV on LMCE it crashes after a minute or so - it's completely unwatchable! I have to then select 'OFF' from the current media menu to exit.

I have an LCD screen on my case that displays info from mythtv. When I enter TV mode on LMCE, the LCD screen displays the channel and program name, but also has a bar of blocks and I'm not sure what these relate to.

Anyway, when the TV freezes this bar of blocks disappears slowly block by block. Does anyone know what this means??

It's like something is being lost, I thought it may have been signal, but could be a frame buffer that never recovers???

My card is a hauppauge hvr-1100 and only have DVB part of it set up in mythtv (as I have no need for terrestrial). It doesn't have a hardware decoder, which makes me wonder if my cpu/graphics card is struggling to do the decoding??

I don't think my setup is too slow though, I have a athlon x2 4200+ cpu, a gig of ram and a nvidia 7300gt graphics card.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Or know of any way that may resolve this? (maybe in the mythtv configuration?)

Cheers in advance

Searched google for this; seems that the bar on the lcd display is an indicator of how far behind the live broadcast you are. So, since it reduces when my TV crashes my frontend must still be alive, or not completely dead!

Installation issues / Changing network card??
« on: August 22, 2007, 12:19:38 pm »
I installed LMCE whilst connected to the net using my ethernet connection, but I dont want to keep my HTPC connected via ethernet, I want to move it elsewhere and use my wireless card.

-I tried installing LMCE whilst connected with my wireless card previously, but it just kept losing its connection and didn't install, so I played it safe this time connected via ethernet-

I can change to using my wlan0 in KDE using the network manager and successfully connect to the net; however, in LMCE network settings the network card is still displayed as eth0.

When I reboot, my pc doesn't automatically connect to the net. I have to do it manually by entering KDE, and the network settings in LMCE still show eth0 as my external network card.

How do I change the default network card for LMCE??

Users / My audio has gone!
« on: August 22, 2007, 09:26:14 am »
I finished installing everything I needed for LMCE (remote, vfd, tv card etc..) and then rebooted into the av wizard to change my monitor output to TV (as I prefered to do all the installing at my desk rather han in front of the tv).
But I get to audio, select analog (as I did on first boot) and theres no sound!

I have onboard sound that doesn't work, but I have an Audigy2 zs pp sound card fitted.

So I enter KDE and the welcome sound still works. Just to make sure, I set the alsa default sound card to audigy2 and typing in alsamixer brings up the Audigy2 mixer.

So then I reneter LMCE, reload router and still no sound....reboot, and still no sound!

I tried selecting Audigy in the soundcard section under media directors in web admin, but that didn't work either.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this happened? Or even better, have a solution?

Is there anyway of seeing which soundcard LMCE is trying to use?


Developers / Best file system?
« on: August 14, 2007, 10:51:58 am »
I notice that the LMCE DVD creates an ext3 filesystem (as default for kubuntu) is this the best file system to use for LMCE?

I'm installing LMCE using the cd's (since I can't install my network card after LMCE has installed) so have a choice of formatting types in the kubuntu install.

I hear that ext3 is sluggish, while xfs is the fastest (I have used xfs primary partition with a ext3 /boot partition.

IS xfs actually better for LMCE??

Developers / Fiire remote shown in demo
« on: August 08, 2007, 11:56:23 am »
Just wondering if the Fiire remote used in the demo video is exactly the same, with same 3 button functionality etc.. as the gyration go remote as pictured here:

This remote is more available, and cheaper.

I want to get it, but only if it is the same as the fiire equivalent (plug and play with same ir codes etc..)

Users / LIRC Remote and vfd screen
« on: July 30, 2007, 12:27:01 pm »

I have just set LMCE up and wish to use it with an imon vfd screen and imon pad remote.

I have installed LIRC for the remote in KDE and run the LIRC daemon it as a cronjob on boot. It works fine under irkick. I have also installed lcdproc 0.5.2 for the vfd screen and can echo to it in KDE, so I know it works. I have that starting on boot too.

However, I don't know where to go next in terms of getting then to work in LMCE. How do I get LMCE to listen to my remote?

Also, I have checked the 'use lcd display' in the mythtv setup inside LMCE but it doesn't display anything.

Does it matter that LIRC and LCDproc are installed in KDE? Or does LMCE run outside of kubuntu? (meaning that I have to install the drivers within LMCE)

I would be grateful for a 'how to' on installing a LIRC remote and vfd screen


Installation issues / MCE 1.1 Beta 2 and Nvidia Driver issue
« on: July 23, 2007, 12:23:11 pm »
Hi all,

I'm new to linux and have almost got my new media center finished after a tough struggle with drivers.

I'm having trouble with my graphics driver now. I have a Nvidia 7300gt and currently have the latest driver installed via envy (I have also tried manually installing the latest driver from the nvidia website, but with the same problem)

The drivers work fine untill I install linux MCE.

No driver shows up in the 'graphics driver' box under the visual tab of the MCE conf screen; when I set the graphics option to u2 with blending it tells me that renderaccel (amongst others) is not enabled. Clicking the option to enable these exits the x-server which then fails to restart (I had to re install kubuntu when this happened, although re-installing the nvidia driver in diagnostic mode may have fixed this).
If I choose to run in U1 mode then I can run through the MCE setup process, although the screens are poorly rendered (very faded and blue with jumbled checkboxes and parts of the kubuntu desktop visable).
The kubuntu environment also shows signs of a bad / no graphics driver - the screen goes white for a few seconds while loading the kubuntu desktop, fast page scrolling is jumpy and the logout screen blend to grey shows a black or mal-rendered desktop.

I notice that the graphics driver in the kde display manager is 'vesa' not the installed nvidia driver. I can select a Nvidia 7 series driver from the dropdown menu but this doesn't improve my driver problems, and I assume this is the built in kubuntu driver, not the nvidia driver I have installed - very confused!!

I would greatly appreciate any answers, suggestions in getting my graphics up to scratch! the card should be more than capable for linux MCE!



For further info, heres the rest of my system specs:

cpu: amd Athlon 4200+
mem: 512mb corsair value select (could this be an issue? does MCE reqire more than 512mb???)
mobo: foxconn nf4
TV card: hauppauge hvr-1100
HDD: 400gb seimens sata
psu: themaltake 500w
dvd drive
soundgraph imon lcd + imon pad remote

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