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Users / Building a core ideas?
« on: July 17, 2007, 06:49:26 pm »
I had a Poweredge 2400 Dual 1ghz P3 1gb ram w/ ~120GB SCSI Raid 5.
I tried to install Kubuntu a bunch of times, but I had problem w/ the Perc Raid controller not working with Kubuntu. I don't have the patience to track down a solution nor do I want to. I will use the Poweredge for something else -File server - NAS -Misterhouse box -etc...

I am looking to put together a core.

I have a decent ASUS server case that is unoccupied at this time.  I am looking for a cpu/mobo combo or barebones kit or a used pc that would be good for the core.
I have been looking at the Dell Precision 450 Dual Xeon PCs  and similar on Ebay.(around 300.00 w/o decent storage.)
I have been searching Tigerdirect/Newegg/Zipzoomfly for a decent barebones.  I saw a lot of cheap Pent d's kits.
I think I would rather do an AMD x2 4000+.
I have been using Pricewatch to see if I could find a good deal on a cpu/mobo combo.

I have around $200.00. In a couple weeks I will have around $250 more to contribute. Plus some stuff I can get some money for on Ebay...

I would like somthing similar to:

ASUS mobo
AMD 4000 or greater CPU
1gb ram
1 -500gb SATA drives.
Nec DVD writer/drive

Not sure if I need a good vid card or not or just use the integrated??????

mobo and cpu approx $150
Ram - $50
500gb -$100
Nec -$30
VID card??
PVR-500 - $150ish

Less that $500 is what I am shooting for.

Any one have any ideas? a setup that is similar? better place to look for parts?

Any help is appreciated.
I would only be running one MD to start, but would like to run possibly 3 or 4 someday w/ a dedicated core.


Users / LinuxMCE and Misterhouse
« on: July 08, 2007, 06:17:15 pm »
I have been wanting to put together a media/x10/security cam solution for the last year. I had planned on using Misterhouse until I stumbled over LinuxMCE on youtube.

Here is a list of the stuff I have put together over the last year:
4 - installed and wired 30 LED cctv cams.
1- kodicom capture card. (works with linux - I have used it with zoneminder)
1- CM11 and a handfull of x10 contollers/recievers/remotes.
1- NAS with most of my media on it.
1- Dell server w/ dual 1ghz 1gb ram and for now 140gb 10k scsi drives (if not enough power I will upgrade.)
1- small form factor pc in my bedroom. (P4 2.4 1gb ram 250gb HD.) Hoping to use this as a MD.
1- Oregon Scientific WMR968 Weather Station.
I had and old wintv tv capture card. (thinking to upgrade to the pvr-500 if everything works)

I am having a hard time deciding between MH and LinuxMCE.  Misterhouse can do everything I need except streaming video and the learning curve is very steep.. LinuxMCE can do most of what I want (Media streaming) but does not have voice recognition and a module for weather station and some of the plugin functionality provided by MH with Perl add ons.(ie. the comic strip viewer, )

Is there any way to get LinuxMCE to handle logging my weather info? Is there any voice recognition module?

Neither of these are deal stoppers I can run a seperate machine to log the weather info, and voice rec would be nice but not necessary. A nice gyro mouse will do.

I am not sure my old server will handle LinuxMCE. For now I just wanted to run the one md in my bedroom going to 3 or 4 mds if everything goes OK. I have seen some real nice dual 3.0 xeons on Ebay for a decent price.


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