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Users / Re: Is Linux MCE better than Pluto?
« on: May 30, 2007, 03:38:58 am »

I new to the whole Linux approach for MC, but I'm really impressed with what you can do vs Microsoft MCE.

At this point I have two options: LinuxMCE or Pluto.  Is one better and why?


I have used Pluto for quite some time and although LinuxMCE is using some of the yet to be released packages to fix issues I dropped LinuxMCE and went back to Pluto because I have a dedicated hybrid handling Asterisk/MythTV/security/etc. and Pluto is much easier to get going from bare metal. Use the installation CDs and you have Pluto running system in a couple of hours (loading the DB takes some time). Pluto is based on Debian 3.0 so I do need to compile Myth myself right now to get a firewire input (needs newer 1394 packages) however I had to do the same on LinuxMCE so it was no big loss.

I like the effort with LinuxMCE however for those that are running a dedicated box it might be easier to just use Pluto at this point and avoid all of the steps involved in getting Kubuntu and LinuxMCE up and running.


You don't want to spend the money? You DO want all the extra goodies you'd normally pay thousands of dollars for? QUIT BITCHIN' and bare with us 'cause i'm willing to wait and spend a few hours of testing to get this baby running! Want it to work sooner? Report some bugs or help with squashing them! Know a bit more about something? help somebody out who does not! Don't want all the options and want something more or less working? Go download GeexBox, KnoppMyth or Freevo!

I believe the Dev's are working their asses off if i see what has been accomplished in such a short period of time, SO A HUGE THANK YOU to all who are making any sort of effort to try to make this project work

I agree with the points you make however I think you aren't thanking a good portion of the real team. LinuxMCE repackages Pluto on a Debian derived OS vs. Debian itself, which I think it's a good thing and they should be thanked however I think the Pluto team isn't being given nearly enough credit on the site/forums.

Installation issues / Re: LMCE/MythTV + Firewire
« on: May 21, 2007, 04:59:10 pm »
On the Pluto side the issue is an environmental issue since the required libraries are not on Debian to do the build. Does the 1.1 beta add MythTV firewire support under Kubuntu?

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