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Users / Is there a way to watch satellitetv with Timeshift
« on: September 30, 2007, 04:10:41 pm »
I'm watching TV over satellite and I wanted to buy a hauppauge DVB-S (e.g. DVB-S Hauppauge WinTV / TV Nova-SE2) to watch TV with linuxmce. Does Lmce support satellite-tv (DVB-S) with this hauppauge card and is there a way to use timeshifting in linuxmce?

Installation issues / Re: How to get the Quick install DVD
« on: August 22, 2007, 02:45:33 pm »
Year, I see. Of course hundreds of people want to get that file.
Well. I managed to get the pando-download working again and now I'm loading with about 100 kb/s and hopefully the software will be downloaded untill this evening.
If you enable anonymous ftp service again, please let me know here!

Installation issues / Re: How to get the Quick install DVD
« on: August 22, 2007, 02:34:13 pm »
Cool. If you host this Server, could you tell me the password and username for the ftp-Server? Or could you add a new puplic User that only has read-acces to this file so Users can download it? Would be really great!

Installation issues / How to get the Quick install DVD
« on: August 22, 2007, 01:33:19 pm »
Hi. I want to test the new LMCE 0704 and therefore I wanted to Download the Quick install DVD. I looked at the Mirrors-Page and on most Mirrors there are only the 2 Install CDs wich require a clean Kubuntu-install. So I tried the torrent first. I started the day before yesterday and it still says "6 days left" and 0 kb/s download speed. Sometimes I get about 3 kb/s, but still it would take years to download 3,7GB at 3kb/s. So I tried the pando-service. I let my PC on over night and in avout 30 hours I got 76% of the file, but yesterday I shut my PC off and today in the mourning I can't connect to the file any more. It always says "waiting fo senders" and after a while I get an Error. Do I have to download the whole file again? And do I have to download the whole file in one piece?

I only found one signle Mirror that hosts the LMCE 0704 Quick install DVD in one pice: But If I want to Download the File ( I have to enter a password for the ftp-server. What's the password? Can any1 tell me? And what are these md5-numbers in front of the Files?

How can I get the Quick install DVD fast and easy? 3.7 GBs isn't a Problem. I got DSL, but I don't want to download it with only 3 kb/s which takes years to finish!
Or do I have to buy the DVD for $5? Can I order it although I live in Germany?

I hope any1 can help me. How did you get the installDVD to install you LMCE0704?

Hi. I got my LMCE 1.1 system on a VMWare up and working on Kubuntu 7.04. Now I'd like to connect to it using a windows Orbiter, but thats not really working.
I followed this tutorial to use Windows as an Orbiter:
In the Pluto admin panel I added a new Obiter and typed in the IP of my Windows PC: But I did leave out the MAC-Adress. I don't know how to find this addres out? Could you help me with that?
Then I did a quick Router reload and downloaded the Orbiter Win Installer for Intel/AMD x86 (normal). When I start up this program I have 2 fields: the Device ID (I think it's 29 for me) and the Router IP. I think the Router IP is the address of my LMCE Core, is that right? I go to the web-admin-page with, so I entered in my Orbiter-programm. When I klick apply there's a popup saying: This new Orbiter is ready to go. But all your divices need to be reloadet before you can use it.
So I klick Yes - Reset i now.
But then there's an Error in the log: Failed to connect to DCE Router. I'll try again in 2 seconds...
When it's finished, the popup comes up again: This new Orbiter is ready to go. But all your divices need to be reloadet before you can use it.
Here's a screenshot showing the LMCE Admin Backend and my Windows Orbiter:

My second Problem is, that I don't know how to add Media to my file System. When I go to Media->Media Files Sync I can brose through my file system of my VMWare and I can add files to the Database by klicking on the button behind those files.
But how do I add files not stored on the Core-PC? I got one Windows PC with all my Pictures, Videos and music. How do I add these files to LMCE? I couldn't find anything in the wiki, but I'M pretty shure I has to be mantioned there anywehre...Could you help me? I think I have to mount different network shares in a specific directory. But how do I do this?
When I first tried out LMCE I thought, that every Media on all the PCs in my LAN would be fond automaticly by LMCE and I culd watch it then...but this doesn't really work!

I hope you can help me with my 2 problems! Thx.

Installation issues / Installing LMCE on VMWare Server
« on: May 20, 2007, 07:25:11 pm »
Hi. I tried installing LMCE 1.1 on a VMWare Server. The installation of Kubuntu 7.04 went all right and everything seems to work fine. Now I added 2 CD-ROM Divices in the Virtual Machine Settings: One with the iso of the lmce1.1-packages, one with the cache-files.
Then I booted the Virtual machine and the 2 CD-Roms appeared on the desktop. So I went into the packages-cd and installed the LMCE-installer. The icon appaered on the desktop and I klicked it to start the installation. Now comes my problem:
During the installation the setup first asks for the cach-cd. I tell it, that it's in the drive and klick forward. Then a screen comes up: Caching Ubuntu extra CD. When this is finished, i'm asked to insert the LMCE installation cd with the packages. I do this and I can view ths cd when I klick on the icon on the desktop, gut when I klick forward in the setup, there is an errormessage saying that the cd could not be cached. When I klick ok the installation is stoped.
The funny thing is, that when I reboot my virtual machine, the cache-cd can not be cached, but the installtioncd can. Then, if I reboot again, it's again the other way around: the cache-files-cd can be cached, but not the installtioncd.

Anyone know how to solve this problem?

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