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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Native HULU support for MCE?
« on: June 29, 2009, 02:58:50 pm »
Being in the UK, hulu isn't that useful for me :(.... but if we can get a framework to link webTv feeds as a media source in lmce, now that would be useful :)

I've been using an xbmc linux box for abit now and really like the iplayer and other flash based feeds, if you look at boxee this uses the same plugins

my idea is we take these xbmc plugins (which are python based) and make a wrapper so we can use them as a media source.
Not sure if the current xine player would playback the media, or like the boxee guys have done we'd need a flash based media player. Their one closed source (AFAIK) since its got some DRM code in there for some of the feeds.

The major plus i see in going down this route is we'd get alot of extra media from only doing one bit of work. if you check out the xbmc plugin lists they have alot of cool plugins.

Not sure if using xbmc or boxee API would be best, feeling xbmc one is the better as more docs and existing exampels to go from.

Who wants to join me in this?
i will need to build a new vmware install and download the 810 source and look at the xbmc api

Users / Re: SOLVED: Anyone running ALIEN BBC in slimserver under MCE?
« on: June 26, 2009, 06:39:02 pm »
I did play with thsi way back when its was still only a pluto project, before change to lmce....

From what i remember it was quite easy, i just followed the guide on the squeezebox wiki and search for the packages needed for the perl stuff..

I use iplayer these days for most stuff bbc related and my squeezebox hasn't been turned on in a long time :(

Installation issues / Re: LinuxMCE in ubuntu 9.04
« on: June 15, 2009, 09:14:33 pm »
Boxee is just a reskined and tweeked version of XBMC.
XBMC uses Python as its scripting language for its plugings so all the Boxee internet apps are just python scripts with XML skins (ASAIK)
Just look at all the nice ones out there -

So instead of putting the whole boxee sat ontop of LMCE (i do like its skin and interface thou) we could write a wrapper that links the XBMC plugins into a DCE device. so a Python <=>DCE device

Boxee uses a custom binary flash player to play back all the online files, this would need to be looked at.

Users / Re: Squeezeslave on MD
« on: December 17, 2008, 11:41:56 am »
i used sudo update-rc.d <name> default to add the squeezeslave to my startup. not rebooted my bot in a while so cant say if works :)

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Dedicated networking
« on: December 16, 2008, 07:02:01 pm »
Thanks for the pointer hari, i'll use that as a base to start from.

If we're offering just a single node hybrid mode (a lot of these people testing the water are only interested in this) then we don't even need to touch the existing dhcp server on the routers. And if i go down the road of USB based boot image then no need top offer bootp/PXE server, so the dhcp server isn't needed. We can just update the stored ip addresses for any network device as and when they change on the network.

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Dedicated networking
« on: December 16, 2008, 03:06:37 pm »
it good to see others has looked at this before.
The only problem with VLANs is the lack of support on consumer routers.

I'll setup a vmware network tonight and see what i can do via arpwatch, with a bit of arp poisoning might bea ble to do re-writes on the fly to direct all requests to the core.

But really why bother :) two lan card are the way

Feature requests & roadmap / Re: Dedicated networking
« on: December 16, 2008, 12:26:22 pm »
Ok so we all know the reasons why is has to be the server, netboot pxe hooks and the auto detect etc.

FYI I'm just thinking aloud here, if its already been shot down then so be it.

Now i used to play around with arp monitoring and detecting machines being added/removed from a network using the arp tables on the switches/routers. If we could get this linked into firing off the network plug and play scripts that would remove the need for the dhcp being on the core. We'd still need the bootp being setup to point to the CORE, which most home routers/modems will not allow you to do.
One idea could be to have a usb boot image that gets the local network up and then uses a broadcast address to find the core and carry on the boot process via net mounts. This would allow us to support wireless devices on boot.
This would need alot of looking at to make it just work and get to the current place we are with teh CORE being teh router and HUB. but in my mind i can see it working.
Step one > Getting arp detection working on a single network core << i'm halfway there with my msi media single card core
Step two > Patch the network scanning for arp use

Step three > Looks at needed mini boot env for wireless systems

Not sure if its do able at all and will take a long time to get close to current system but hey thats the wounder of FOSS development, people can take tangents and explorer other options. Will also help me understand the system abit more, which can't be a bad thing.

Well that my view on the whole thing. and i've not even started to talk about vlans :)

Installation issues / Re: Need HELP badly!!!
« on: December 13, 2008, 11:17:25 am »
i just poped the 0710 rc2 dvd in my machine and let it do its thing. I'm using the MSI media live barebones machine, but the motherborad is the same chipset as the standalone msi media board.

How are you connecting a screen to your machine? I set mine up with a standard vga cable .
Have you tried to re-burn the install CD/DVD (use the dvd so much eaiser)
Check the MD5 hash of your download to check its OK and burn at a slower speed.

Just to be clear, on the first 2 boards you got the system installed and running?

Installation issues / Re: Need HELP badly!!!
« on: December 13, 2008, 12:59:00 am »
From the sounds of it the mobo isn't the issue. i have a msi media live here, been in use for ~
 a week non stop, worked straight from box(following wiki)
I'd say bad ram, but you'll need to run some looping ramtests to check that .

Installation issues / Re: Asus Xonar series soundcard
« on: December 11, 2008, 05:28:06 pm »
you can upgrade the kernel, there's info in the wiki.

have a look at

I think most users have on board sound so have not used add-on cards.

Really, if there proven Linux support then you will be able to get lmce to work, but be prepared to learn kernel compiling and drivers. also there's a chance that it might just not work. If there's Kubuntu/ubuntu users reporting the card working then you do stand a good chance.
If you do get it working please share what you did in the wiki and help future users have a smoother ride :)

Installation issues / Re: Screen jumble up and to wide at setup
« on: December 10, 2008, 04:41:45 pm »
2nd this,
 Unless you have a solid experience with virtual machines and know the install process for lmce well, you'll have no joy. In fact a virtual machine can be used as a dedicated core, but for a media PC just don't bother as you get no graphics acceleration and media playback will be very limited.

Installation issues / Re: Asus Xonar series soundcard
« on: December 10, 2008, 10:19:34 am »
a quick google found this which looks like basic support under linux.
Really if your wanting an easy time use kit that's under the hardware section of the wiki. If your using other kit then you'll need to do most of the searching and testing yourself as the developers have more then enough just working on this projects code base and not having random issues with hardware that has flaky support.
I've got a Creative X-Fi card in my main rig, linux support really sucks for it so for easy of use i use my onboard, works a charm. Also if your using an External receiver that takes digital the quality of your sound card don't really matter.

Developers / Re: Location in the database for Media Scenarios?
« on: December 03, 2008, 05:19:32 pm »
you can delete them from the web-admin screens.
Look under the  Media Scenarios section.
I remove all the doc and pics options on my orbiters via these options.
also remember to doa regen of your orbiters and a quick reload once your've made the changes

Users / Re: Use the 64 bit linux mce distrobution?
« on: November 30, 2008, 07:57:31 pm »
stick with the 32bit one, really no need for the 64bit one for what we need in lmce.

Users / Re: Quick Demo of Follow Me from Orbiters
« on: November 29, 2008, 08:16:35 pm »
good stuff dude.
Follow me is such a cool feature to show people, it blows their minds normally :)

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