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* the specs of the hardware offered are not listed in the pdf
 * pledges could include more core variations (also be able to include bigger drive)
 * can include MD's and other basic homeautomation stuff so people buy a full experience
 * stretch goals?
 * maybe some kind of closed/paid forum only accessible to paying users. One can get access to when pledging more then an x amount. (this forum can guarantee a response time of one hour during business hours). Also more extensive help documentation can be part of this
 * paid backup option of configuration & database (maybe also of data, donno if that can be done efficiently if multiple users have the same data/media)

There are some good ideas in your list for sure. Thanks i will pass those on for discussion. Some kind of closed support forum is a possibility - however our preference currently is for us to provide some support/config services to Open Dianemo users who are setting up a system for themselves. But this may need more detailed thought still. A paid for backup service for media/content is of course technically feasible - but dependent on what a user is doing with her/his system ie lots of rips, bluerays etc etc those backups could be enormous - and restoring them could be equally lengthy. Backing up configs is definitely doable though and may well become a service we offer.

Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions - much appreciated.

All the best


30 days seems a short period compared to other campaigns...

Your right it is. But there are many other Kickstarter Projects that choose that period length - and we chose to at least see how that length worked for us. Possibly its too short I agree - but we felt we needed to test whether it was or not.

All the best


This can be a very good development. Certainly interested!

Some initial questions that arise are:

1) what is the license going to be? GPL3?

2) what will be the business model afterwards (so people know what to expect of the continued support)

3) what are the next steps / progressions we can expect from your team once the kickstarter project is done

All elements of Open Dianemo which we use and distribute under open licenses (GPL, MIT etc) will continue to be available under these licenses. Some components of Open Dianemo code (yet to be defined) will be released under GPLv3. Key software components (again yet to be defined but likely to be the Athena Orbiter, Athena media layer and other components that support these) will be released under a Dianemo Public License. The Dianemo Public License will enable a free for personal use version (source code will be provided for all components) but restrict a corporation or reseller/installer from taking the code and re-branding it and or selling and distributing it without our consent (gained by paying the appropriate licensing fee).

We hope the above strikes a reasonable balance that allows anyone to do what they want with Open Dianemo personally and if they want to do something commercial then we will have a range of licensing options for those people too.

We will support the code base as we do now and will provide a mechanism for code to be contributed back too. How code contributions from outside to the DPL code elements will be handled is still being worked out but we will have a mechanism for that too. Updates will be pushed out, again as we do now, and any user with an installation will be able to access those updates.

We will be announcing some enhanced goals for Open Dianemo in the coming weeks - initially mostly driven by our internal needs as a company. This will provide a predictable development path to all. We will also encourage development from the community and we will have a process through which community engineered code/fixes will be integrated back into builds.

All the best


Developers / Open Source Dianemo
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:34:36 pm »
We've launched a Kickstarter Campaign today to fund the development of Open Source Dianemo;

Marketplace / CHT Launches Kickstarter Campaign to fund Open Source Dianemo
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:29:34 pm »
We want to make Open Source Dianemo available to anyone who wants a Home Automation system or solution and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the engineering effort to do so;

If we reach our goal we aim to ship the first Open Source Dianemo release in May/June 2015.

We need your support so please back us if you can and spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign in anyway way you can - facebook, twitter, forums. Even if you can't afford to back us then just making sure the word gets out there about our Kickstarter campaign to anyone you know is incredibly helpful - bloggers, writers, journalists...even your aunty and all her friends. Please spread the word for us - we appreciate any help that you can give.

If you have questions that aren't covered by our information section on Kichstarter you can either post them here or in the FAQ section on our Kickstarter campaign page at the url above.

Best regards and thanks for any help you can give.


Users / Re: Dianemo - Looking for Athena Orbiter & UI Layer Alpha Testers
« on: September 02, 2014, 01:29:17 pm »
Hi all,

Just a quick update re getting involved in testing the Athena Orbietr & UI Layer;

Some people have asked how much time we will expect you to commit to testing etc and how frequently code updates/drops will happen. While we'd like as much feedback on Athena as possible we realise that everyones time is valuable and so we are happy for you to commit as much time as you are comfortable with to using/testing Athena. The minimum commitment from you is that you simply volunteer and get involved - beyond that whatever time you have to using/testing/reporting bugs will be very gratefully received by us.

As to how often updates/code drops will happen - we expect to deliver weekly updates to Athena during the alpha testing period.

Any more questions  re Athena alpha testing - please post them here.

All the best


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 29, 2014, 11:08:32 am »
A Quick question Andy.

Am I correct in assuming that the new orbiter does not work with LMCE ?


Athena is not compatible with LinuxMCE due to numerous internal differences. We will have some further news on this shortly.


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 28, 2014, 05:52:28 pm »
Below is a url to a Youtube video of our new Athena Orbiter in action. The demo uses our new Athena Orbiter - and has a slick dynamic UI etc...but all the non UI based capability is all part of how you can setup systems without MD's and thats the main point of posting this video. I'm posting it here really to show a Dianemo system without any MD's performing various control functions with Internet Radio, iTunes library based music content, Spotify and streaming a ripped movie to and controlling a SmartTV (Panasonic I believe in this case).

All the best


Am I right to assume that only Dianemo users can apply?!

Yes you are - as mentioned in the linked post.

Currently builds of Athena rely on too many Dianemo specific features and technologies.

All the best


Nice interface. Nice video. Next time *I* would love to have it a bit louder :)

Noted :-)

...and new video posted with better sound levels ;-)

Just a note on the Athena Orbiter;

The Orbiter itself is written 100% in HTML5 so it is compatible with any modern HTML5 compliant browser. The demo in the video uses the Safari browser on an iPad - but importantly this could be an Android Phone or tablet or indeed a Laptop/PC running Chrome, Safari etc. One of the big wins we get from writing the Orbiter in HTML5 is immediate portability to any device on any OS/Platform.

We have also written new code that provides an abstracted two way interface between the internal Dianemo systems data structures. This UI Layer code provides the glue between the Athena UI and the legacy Dianemo DCErouter style code etc.

All the best


Users / Dianemo - Looking for Athena Orbiter & UI Layer Alpha Testers
« on: August 28, 2014, 01:42:12 pm »
See the forum post below for details of how to join our Athena Orbiter Alpha test program - make sure you watch the video linked to in the post;



Users / Re: Entertainment Areas without an MD
« on: August 27, 2014, 06:45:43 pm »
Run /usr/pluto/bin/UpdateEntArea -e XX where XX is the entertainment area where you have your stuff associated with. That should generate the media scenarios. At least, it just did do that after I added a Squeezebox to one of my rooms.

mysql pluto_main -e "SELECT PK_EntertainmentArea, Description FROM EntertainmentArea"

will give you a list of all EA IDs.

If you go to Web Admin;

Wizards->Basic Info->Room

The numbers with a '#' in front of them are the EA ID for the room listed above.

All the best


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