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Hi all

I have followed the hints found on wiki pages, but still my fonts are extremely small.

I'm trying to display fonts on a 42" plasma tv, so I put the following in my xorg.conf:

Section "Monitor"
  DisplaySize 900 500

Even rebooting MD does not change anything.

Anyone else with the same issue?


Same problem here on large Plasma's... and adding the DisplaySize line in xorg does not seem to fix it for us either :-(

Users / Re: media station don't start ...
« on: October 16, 2007, 11:29:42 am »
i got this error message, after reboot:

skin genration completted, server says: failed to get orbiter status
failed to regenerate skin for orbiter!!

the core is running, but the media station don't. i don't change anyithing before i reboot. how can i fix it ? 

Do a reload router & regen from Web admin... and if this does not fix the problem. Reboot the MD again.

Installation issues / Re: VIA based diskless MD - AV wizard hangs
« on: October 15, 2007, 06:30:45 pm »
I'll give it a go, but I'm compiling drivers on one machine to be used on how do I avoid trashing my precious Nvidia drivers and the kernel on the core?

I'm guessing that this has to be done in the folders for the diskless image?

No this will not damage your existing nVidia drivers or your Kernel. The process just builds the new libs/pkg's needed for the Unichrome Pro installer. It will not install the Via drivers on your Core... it will build and installer ready to be used on your Via though. Its safe to do on your core. Just login into a console on your core or ssh into it on your network from anothe machine and go to the /usr/src directory;


cd /usr/src <return>

then download and build everything from this directory as described in the Via pdf. You will end up with a directory called;


you can then cp that directory to your /home/public/data/ directory so that when you have added your Via you can access the installer by ssh'ing into the Via based on its lmce MD ID ie ssh MoonXX (where XX is the ID of your Via based MD found in Web Admin)


Installation issues / Re: VIA based diskless MD - AV wizard hangs
« on: October 15, 2007, 04:42:20 pm »
I saw that thread and looked at the instructions, but it presumes a good working knowledge of Linux and looks very complicated, and you won't end up with a UI2 interface anyway.

So I was hoping to select the unichrome drivers in the admin and try at least to get something basic working...or will this not work at all?

Perhaps I should just stump up for the Fiire MDs and save time, unless I can find a step by step walkthrough to get these drivers installed?

The Unichrome Pro drivers do not support UI2 at the moment... selecting one of the Fiire Engine Via drivers  in Web Admin would require you to purchase a Fiire Engine (as you will need and install code for these to work).

The Guide I posted the URL to is a step by step guide to building the Unichrome Pro drivers. If you follow it carefully it is not to difficult. Give it a try... but it is UI1 only

Installation issues / Re: VIA based diskless MD - AV wizard hangs
« on: October 15, 2007, 04:21:17 pm »
Update - After several restarts I can get to the launch manager screen which appears to load all the modules but I end up with a blank screen each time.

I anyone has managed to get a VIA based MD to work could you please post your config or let me know how you did it?

You will need to compile & install the Unichrome Pro drivers from Via. Do a search here for several other threads where I have provided details of how to do this.


Users / Re: Keeping folder structure in video lists?
« on: October 13, 2007, 09:03:40 am »
ah didn't think ot flook a the top of the screen, anyways how would one navigate to a separate HD with that? i have my videos from before LMCE , LMCE runs on hda, how would i get to SDB?

Let lmce autodetect your other drives or shares...

Users / Re: Automatic thumbnails
« on: October 13, 2007, 09:00:27 am »
my concern deals more with movie clips that are just old dvd rips i've saved

As I commented in an earlier post to this thread I think this would be a great feature. But possibly the most obvious place to add the functionality would be in UpdateMedia but that is written in C++. However UpdateMedia builds off of the inotify lib which will 'watch' a file or folder structure for changes and then alert you. Now there is a nice lib that makes inotify accessible from shell scripts called inotifywait which could be used with a few calls to another lib like ffmpeg to grab some frames from the mpeg file whenever a new video file appears in /home/public/data/videos

Users / Re: i got message saying new update what should i do
« on: October 12, 2007, 08:51:09 pm »
inside LMCE after one day i found in the screen update Available but i got only tow Icon (X) and return, so what should i do to get that update installed. any idea what is included in the update

Look in /home/updates and you can see what is updated with each update :-)

Users / Re: Changing or adding pics in place of flickr pics
« on: October 12, 2007, 07:45:53 am »
That's why I hacked the perl script - as that way the images are still resized.


Yes I looked at your changes. Nice work.

I am writing a new script that uses inotifywait to watch the directory for files that are moved into it or are deleted. In fact its the same call that the UpdateMedia binary uses to watch for media files that are added to the lmce directory structure.

Well, that sucks. I've gotten pretty familiar with the zwave implementation while creating the insteon interface, so if it's something simple (like a Zwave protocol version check) then I think I could fix it.  If it involves something like a large protocol change, I think we'll need a dev kit from Zensys (and they're fairly pricey)

Its just the drivers are not compatible... lmce looks for certain device/manufacturer codes when it auto-detects the Zwave interface... if the interface does not have a valid code then it is ignored.

Installation issues / Re: Help with DVD install...
« on: October 11, 2007, 04:45:13 pm »
I have tried this numerous times and have read probably 200 different topics in here and another 100 out on the web trying to help solve my problem.  I followed all of the screen shots that are on the DVD Quick install tutorial on the site.  They work great until it says to take out the disc and reboot the machine.  I do that and after it reboots it goes through post and then just sits there on a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left hand cornor.   I have tried the recovery tool that is on the DVD with no luck.  There is no Grub as I would expect and I can't find the xorg.conf file to check and see if that is a problem.  Is there anyone out there that has had a similar problem that can help?  I hope I have explained it well enough.  If I haven't please as questions as I am more then happy to answer.

Thanks in advance for you time, knowledge and patience.


When your Core boots you should see a screen that offers you the option of going to the Grub bppt options screen. Take that option and edit the Grub line that boots your Core so it includes the NOAPIC option. This should fix your problem... at least it did for us when we hit a similar problem. You can also see a thread here about adding NOAPIC;

Hope this helps.


Installation issues / Re: Linux MCE kills my adsl connection
« on: October 10, 2007, 04:00:36 pm »
I don't want to turn the DHCP in the Linksys off, because the LinuxMCE will just be a media player thats on for some hours every day, but I need the DHCP server to be on day and night. So, how do I turn off the DHCP server of the LinuxMCE? I can't remebert that the setup asked me about that, it's not very nice to enable a DHCP server without asking...

You can turn the Core's DHCP of in Web Admin... but you will loose the PnP Engine if you do;

Open a Web browser at the Core/Hybrid and go to in the Address Bar

Login to Web Admin using whatever login you created at setup (ie the first user you created) and then go to ;

Advanced -> Networks -> Network Settings and un-tick 'Enable DHCP Server' then click 'Update' at the bottom of the screen and you done.

Installation issues / Re: Linux MCE kills my adsl connection
« on: October 10, 2007, 02:07:52 pm »
Can you explain in detail how your Core/Linksys/network are laid out? what connected to what etc etc would help figure this out I think.

I already mentioned that in the first posting. I do have a Linksys WRTG54G, the WAN Port of that router is connected to the rest of my network. The DSL modem is not directly connected to the Linksys WAN Port, ist just connected to my switched network and gets to the WAN port via some switches. So it is definitely possible for the LinuxMCE to have ethernet access to the DSL modem and the WAN port of the Linksys router. I never had any problems with that configuration before, there is a DHCP server running on the Linksys router, it never interfered anyhow. I don't want to LinuxMCE to act as a DHCP server in the network. I thought LinuxMCE might be so clever not to turn on any dhcp server as it got its own ip from another dhcp server at startup.

Well thats would seem to be the heart of your problem. LMCE is fighting the DHCP in your Linksys. Turn the Linksys's DHCP off and you should find that your setup works fine.

By the way I have the same Linksys as you in my Home LMCE system. My Linksys's WAN port is connected to my Cable Modems LAN port and gets its WAN side setup using the my providers DHCP. My Linksys has its DHCP set to off and I use a single NIC in my Core. The Linksys has a fixed LAN side address IP of and my Core has a fixed LAN side address in the same IP circle at and my core has the Linksys set as its gateway/DNS (ie My core then issues LAN side addresses in the range from the same NIC. All devices on my LAN therfore get addresses if they are themselves set to DHCP.

Hope the above helps you.

All the best.


Installation issues / Re: Koolu Media Director??
« on: October 10, 2007, 11:14:37 am »
I think you're right Andrew - this is the reply I just got back from Koolu:

The Koolu unit is able to output up to 1920x1440 as an analog VGA signal. For video and performance purposes, we recommend the video be 720x480 and in MPEG-4 format.

With respect to supporting the menus, it should support them with alpha blending provided two things:
1. The colour mode used is 32-bit
2. The menus do not require any 3-D acceleration (the AMD Geode only has 2-D acceleration)

As such, the menu will work, but performance may not be as quick (ie: changing menus) as on a regular desktop.

I spoke with one of the Pluto devs about the Geode and they confirmed that it would almost certainly work ok as its X86 based. But the processor is just too underpowered and graphics don't have enough acceleration to balance that. So I dont think it will prove to be a good platform for MD's at the moment.

Installation issues / Re: Linux MCE kills my adsl connection
« on: October 10, 2007, 11:03:33 am »
I don't think that it's a problem with flicker. I can download gigabytes, having bittorrent running, etc. This never caused any disconnect. LinuxMCE is not just causing diconnects, it completely prevents my dsl router from establishing any connection. When I tell the Linksys router to bring up the connection, it takes some minutes, then it tells me that it could not get an ip address from the pppoe peer. I think that the LinuxMCE tries to use the dsl modem for whatever and interferes with the communication between the router and the modem. I'll do some changes in my network and connect the dsl modem directly to the routers wan port, so that the LinuxMCE has no access to it. I think this will solve to problem, but I'm still curious what the LinuxMCE tries to do.

It sounds to me like it might be that your Core's somehow offering DHCP addresses to the WAN side your Linksys... and if your Linksys is set up to get its WAN side connection from your ADSL providers DHCP server then that would certainly cause a problem like you have described.

Can you explain in detail how your Core/Linksys/network are laid out? what connected to what etc etc would help figure this out I think.



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