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Feature requests & roadmap / Re: .dvd to .iso like it should be.
« on: September 06, 2007, 10:53:08 am »
The problem is that this find command looks specificly for symbolic links only, which the *.iso files most likely are not.  Otherwise simply appending .dvd would be correct, as that is how they were made by the other command.

the .dvd rips are just .iso's.... but with a different extension. .dvd's are readable by all software that can handle .iso's in our experience.

Users / Re: Apple tv support
« on: September 06, 2007, 10:21:09 am »
Thanks for the input and the link.  My idea is to use it as an alternative to the fiire station.  The price point is the only reason I am looking elsewhere.  For $300 you get a very SFF box with a 40 GB drive Intel 1 GB Intel mobile proc and 512 in Ram.  I have a friend who can get me one for under the list price and was going to replace the HD (in case I can't get it working I want to sell it) install linux and then 704 and use it as a director.  I think this could make it more affordable and create a high quality solution at a low price point that could seriously add to the project.  I can't see any issues with running the director locally as opposed to booting it.

I can see a problem with the on-board IR receiver (not sure what standard it supports) also the remote has a rather minimalistic design/layout... so either the lmce UI would have to change or a non-Apple remote would have to be used. Then of course there is the issue of having drivers for the video hardware to support TV out and acceleration etc.

Its a nice box... though ;-)

Users / Re: Remote Question
« on: September 06, 2007, 01:38:23 am »

I've finally decided to bite the bullet and build myself a LinuxMCE box.

As much as I loved the demo with the gyro fiire remote, $150 is WAYYY out of my budget.

I was wondering, what are some good cheap remotes that you guys use, and have great functionaity/ease of use.

I read around the forums, and a lot of the decisions come down to if you would like a Follow Me button. I'm only going to be using this in one room, so I dont need it.

Please recommend me some remotes. Right now im considering the 70 dollar gyration mouse, but 70 dollars is still a bit pricey, and i was wondering if there were cheaper alternatives. Also, i dont necessarily need gyration, but that would be a plus.

We're using an MCE compatible RC6 IR remote... they will work straight out of the box with either an internal or external IR receiver.

Users / Re: PSP as Orbiter
« on: September 06, 2007, 01:35:09 am »
just curious...any sortof time frame on that? :)
getting close or just recently started looking at it?

Its working now but still under development. We hope to have it ready this side of Christmas though.

Users / Re: PSP as Orbiter
« on: September 05, 2007, 09:31:57 pm »
That's awesome! Although I don't have a PSP myself my nephew does and I know he'd be more than interested in this.

You can be sure that as soon as we are ready with this add on I will post the news here ;-)

Users / Re: PSP as Orbiter
« on: September 05, 2007, 06:05:31 pm »
Ah very nice.  What do you mean when you say "we" are working on this?  A specific group? the Linuxmce community?  Im just curious. 

I work for a UK based company. We are developing a 'black box' product that is based on lmce that is aimed at users who are not interested in building their own system. We have been active in the Pluto, and now the lmce, community for over over 2.5 years helping to test/debug the software and in some cases developing new components for it.

The support of the PSP as a client is one of those areas.

Developers / Updating UpdateMedia
« on: September 05, 2007, 05:49:35 pm »
Is anyone interested in updating UpdateMedia so that it stores uses the standard id3 tags instead of user defined ones?

If we rip audio media in lmce-0704 we get standard title, artist & album id3 tags embedded into the mp3 files which is great. However we dont get the track tag (contains the track no. from the original CD) or year or genre tags. So adding these to UpdateMedia so that they are written back into the mp3 file would improve the 'friendliness' of the ripped files enormously when using those files with iTunes or other media playback software for example.

UpdateMedia is also currently inserting the Track art image back into a User Defined Tag inside each mp3 file - instead of using the standard picture tag. Because of this other software cannot see these embedded track images inside lmce-0704 ripped tracks. Again iTunes is an example of this.

Would anyone like to get involved in updating UpdateMedia to make it more compatible in terms of how and where it stores id3 tage data?


Users / Re: Fiire Remote
« on: September 05, 2007, 03:52:05 pm »
someone should try to get this thing sure the price would be unbearable for most.

it looks more comfortable and has a tremor cancelling sure all that adds to the price of course.  maybe some people would like it.

That sounds interesting but I think the fundamental problem is that having to wave a remote around in free space is just not as easy as just moving your fingers over a remotes keypad while your arm rests on the arm of your sofa!

Users / Re: PSP as Orbiter
« on: September 05, 2007, 02:53:25 pm »
Has anyone tried a PSP as an orbiter? 

Just curious, I have one laying around and figured I would ask

We're working on this... and also streaming TV to it ;-)

Users / Re: Best TV card?
« on: September 05, 2007, 02:35:47 pm »
I have a few questions about tuner cards for LinuxMCE...

Which is the best TV Tuner card (internal or external device) for LinuxMCE? I am considering HDHomeRun. Is there a better alternative?

I like HDHomeRun because it has got two ATSC tuners. The bad is that there is no NTSC tuner so it cannot  tune regular NTSC (correct?) .
Since it has two tuners, two Media Directors can watch two different live channels at the same time, am I right?
At the same time, I am also wondering if 100Mbps bandwidth is sufficient to stream two HD channels in the network.

I am wiring/configuring the whole Media network with its own Gigabit switch to optimize network bandwidth. Will plugging in HDHomeRun into this switch bring down the whole network to 100Mbps? Router is going to be DLink DGS-2208 which has got 128MB buffer.

BTW, does TV Tuner cards come with FM tuner built in? Or should  I get FM tuners separate?


With ATSC you will definitely need a tuner per channel being watched or recorded. With DVB over here in Europe/Australia each physical channel carries a MUX (a multiplex of channels... both TV and radio) of typically 6 TV channels and say 7-8 radio only channels. Which means with a two tuner setup you can watch/record/stream any mix of channel from a pair of MUX'd channels (we have Core's with 3 x T500 twin tuner cards which here in the UK means we can cover all the UK MUX's without any restrictions to live viewing/recording)

From memory a single 1080i HD channel will typically sue about 18mbits of bandwidth do in theory on 10/100 LAN you should be able to move say 4 HD streams across it. I say in theory as this might push your  routers etc a little hard. Gigabit might be a safer strategy for long term usage.

Users / Re: Fiire Remote
« on: September 05, 2007, 12:58:44 pm »
Ugh, okay, I just paid $150 for this thing...

it is _NOT_ for people who have less than PERFECT arm control. It is far too sensitive.

Not to mention there are a number of _VERY_ ___VERY___ Brain dead UI SNAFUs... Why should I be flipping back and forth between the center button, and the OK button that's buried on the bottom left to do something as simple as PLAY A FUCKING MEDIA FILE?!

argggghhhh... frustrations are mounting with this system.


We agree about the sensitivity level used in the Fiire remote. There needs to be a way to set this as a preference. However we also agree that using the Gyro remote (or mouse for that matter) is great for a few mins but you soon realise that in 'real use' the need to move your whole arm around to just change track on CD etc is a pain and is very inconvenient and moreover makes your arm ache!

However as a normal 'remote' but with 'follow me' its is fantastic :-)

Installation issues / Re: Install no good after reboot {Mostly Solved}
« on: September 05, 2007, 10:49:27 am »
WooHoo .. that sorta worked!

I can get to the setup, but my sound isn't on, and the screen is black and white. I'm thinking my TV is just poor in the clarity area, the text isn't really readable but I can figure out a lot of it.

I'm going to toss in another sound card and see how that works (I've got a plethora of cards).

I'll fire up a new post for the black and white in a second, and a new one for sound if that doesn't pan out. I plan on installing a new sound card and holding shift down to re-enter the AVWizard again and run through it. I can deal with the black and white so long as everything else seems to work.

My remote isn't even close to working, I'm just using the one that came with the Haupauge PVR-150, I thought that should have worked out of the box.

Thanks for your rapid reply and super help. Awesome!

Re the Hauppauge remote.... the remote itself will work ok. But the PVR-150 on-card IR will not as far as I know currently. You will need to add either a standard external MS MCE usb IR transceiver or a usb UIRT2 transceiver and then add the Hauppauge remote to your Hybrid's MD in Web Admin.

Then I disabled the harddrive, and performed a netboot on my MD machine. The boot process found the core, loaded the kernel, and tried to announce itselves to the core. Then nothing happened, and the MD machine stopped booting.

Is my NewMDinteractor service broken ?

Please advice

Hei Geir

How long did you allow it to sit idle after "announcing"?
It will take quite a bit of time to do this especially if the core is busy with other things as well.
I did a PXE boot of a Dell inspiron 6000, and it appeared to stall after announcing itself, but I  just left it there and did something else, when I came back the next day the AV wizard was running.

So excactly how much time it took I don't know

I agree the "the announcing" phase can be quite lengthy.

However the pxe boot problem is more likely caused by the fact that you have already attempted to install this machine as an MD that has a local hard drive and therefore does not need to pxe boot from the core. The NIC in your MD will have had its Mac Address logged in the DB as a non pxe boot MD. I would suggest that you look for you MD in Web Admin - Wazard -> Devices -> Media Directors (the Core/Hybrid is the integrated MD on your Core) the MD beneath should be the one you need to delete. Use the green 'Delete' button to delete it. Then attach your diskless pxe boot MD again and power it up... it should be auto-detected and you will see the 'We have announced ourselves..." message on the console. Now wait and eventually the machine will reboot... and it will then install and configure many packages and then if all is well eventually you will see the AVwizard on the screen.

Good luck!


Installation issues / Re: How to rerun the AVWizard
« on: September 03, 2007, 12:26:08 pm »
I think Totally is correct, there is an option to make the AV wizard appear on reboot

You are right. I forgot about that as I never got it to work properly. It would always cause X to constantly crash and then reload. It would continue to do this until I killed the process that was reloading it and ran the AV Wizard manually.


As of 0704 it is best to run the AVwizard from within the Orbiter because the system needs to reboot first and then the AVwizard runas on restart and resets the all the AV related settings for the MD you running it on. Previously the Avwizard ran without rebooting first... and this caused a lot of problems.


UI2 works fine on any Via C7/CX700M Mboards but you need the Unichrome Pro II commercial drivers from Via to exploit the chipset features needed by UI2 to do so. Fiire have bundled these drivers with Via's DS700 Vesa mount unit. Thats it. If you want UI2 on this type of device then currently Fiire have the only solution.

Any C7 based CN700 or CX700 based motherboard will run lmce-0704 UI1 superbly when married to the freely available Unichrome Pro drivers though.

Do I understand correctly? You cannot buy commercial drivers from Via - Fiire is currently only solution for PRO II commercial drivers ?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Bulek,

As far as we know Via will only license the Unichrome Pro II commercial drivers to system integrators and not to end users. Fiire are an integrator and bundle the Unichrome Pro II drivers with their Vesa mount Via boxes.

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