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A steady stream of Dianemo X86 users are successully updating to Ubuntu 14.04LTS - which is great news. I expect this weekend will be a busy time for Updating systems and I also expect a few shouts for help. So far every system has been successfully updated, sometimes with some manual intervention. Every day our installer gets small improvements from our experience with users upgrading - we thank you for all of those pieces of feedback on issues you hit.

Now some tips on upgrading your 12.04LTS Dianemo X86 systems...

If you are intending to update to 14.04LTS this weekend please remember to do a PAE Kernel compatibility test before you start - grab a 14.04LTS LiveCD/USBstick and boot your NC (and any MD's) from it. If your hardware boots ok then you are good to go for PAE Kernel compatibility. The only deal stoppers we have hit so far are users that have CPU's that are not PAE Kernel compatible. As far as we know this only affects Pentium M and Celeron M processors, and even then only early production chips. For most of you this test will be uneventful, its only really likely to affect you if you have older hardware.

Get the current Desktop Ubuntu 14.04LTS iso here;

This page contains details of how to add the forcepae option to your Grub config. This can sometimes enable systems that fail the PAE Kernel test to boot. So try this if your system reports a PAE incompatibility;

Another 'must do' item is to backup your system. I can't emphasize this enough... minimally do a backup of your Config in Web Admin. Make sure you download a copy of your backup to another system ie your Laptop/PC's local drive by clicking on the backup file you just made in Web Admin. See here for a mini howto guide;

If you can make an image backup of your systems boot volume that is also a great idea too.

Once you have completed the two steps above you are ready to start;

step 1: do-release-upgrade (this will take a long time...especially if your Internet connection is not fast)
step 2: run the Dianemo installer (**Not the updater**)


If you hit any problems then either PM me here on the forum or email me at

Happy updating!


Of course you do, answering questions about your 'community' involvement appears to be above you.  Profit is a great motivator and working with the community here seems to be one of the last things you are interested in, in my opinion.

It is quite clear based on the functionality of your system that there are aspects of PPL code that have not been pushed to the svn system, and would be incompatible if you did.  Again I ask you to make this code available as is your responsibility to the OSS community.


Well yes we are a commercial company and we have a license to do what we do, but we have always cooperated with the community here - way before you were ever involved with LinuxMCE too. Although we have always done so, we have no obligation to hand PPL code back to the community. In this case though as far as i am aware we have handed back all of our changes to PPL code, as we always have. All of our current work, and this has been true for some considerable time now, is in code that is certainly not PPL and is not currently GPL either (that may change though in the future).


Marketplace / Dianemo-RPi2 Preview will support a Zoneminder image
« on: May 15, 2015, 12:56:23 pm »
Zoneminder 1.28.1 or later will be the supported IP camera server for Dianemo-Rpi2.

We plan to provide a separate install image for ZM so that it can be installed on a separate Rpi2 - Dianemo-ZM-Rpi2. This will distribute the processing load more evenly and allow for more cameras to be supported. The Dianemo-ZM-Rpi2 machine will feed motion detection and other events back to Dianemo-Rpi2 so that it can respond to these appropriately. Multiple Dianemo-ZM-Rpi2 machines will be configurable on a single Dianemo-Rpi2 system.

We think 3 or possibly 4 IP Cams at 640x480 and say 10fps will be manageable on a Rpi2. But this will need testing to be confirmed.



Marketplace / Zoneminder 1.28.1 and Dianemo X86 for 14.04LTS
« on: May 15, 2015, 11:59:50 am »
Apart from getting access to the 14.04LTS development path, and the overall improvements that will from flow from that, the big news initially for Dianemo X86 after updating to 14.04LTS is the integration of Zoneminder 1.28.1

Zoneminder provides a very substantial upgrade to Dianemo X86's security camera capabilities and also delivers some substantial improvements in Camera support (ONVIF/RTSP), picture quality/frame rates and importantly much lower processor/ram loads on the system than with motion based cameras.

Here is a real world example of the load that a 6x camera configuration (all running at 640x480 res) places on a system with an AMD A10-5700 CPU based processor. This 5700 processor has 4x cores rated at 1.4Ghz. In tests this system saw an average processor load of 26-30% with all cameras in ZM's 'Modect' motion detection mode. This same system with 4x cameras saw a load of 65-72% when managed by motion. So this is an impressive gain whatever way you look at it.

ZM is possibly somewhat more complex to configure than our previous motion based Kmotion configurations, but this is mostly because it offers more options during configuration. Strangely enough we looked at ZM back in the day, but we went with Kmotion because it was simpler to integrate with the original Pluto motion based functionality. We are still working on the code that allows camera events to be sent back into Dianemo/DCErouter and an update to the Athena UI to allow ZM's monitor view (ie cameras) to be displayed. We hope to have an update ready for those in the next few weeks. However even standalone ZM offers some great adavantages and any configuration etc you do now will work tranparently with Dianemo/Athena when the time comes.

If you take all of the improvements ZM offers I think this is a substantial gain and will enable you to get more mileage from your existing system hardware and useful set of poweful new capabilities too. If you are thinking of updating your system get in touch first so we can advise you on how to carry out the update;

Contact me vie DM here or email me at

All the best


We've had a few requests for help updating to 14.04LTS and in particular with the transition to Zoneminder. We can also help you test your NC & MD's for PAE compatibility - something the 14.04LTS Kernel requires.

We're happy to help and can do so over Remote Assistance - simply contact me if this is something your interested in.



Dianemo X86 Ubuntu 14.04LTS - Update;

- (NOW FIXED) Diskless Create TBZ; This is needed for MD's. Due to some changes in bash this code was originally broken. Its now fixed and working. Ubuntu 14.04LTS uses a PAE Kernel and this will cause some older machines to cough and not PXE boot (realistically there is no real fix for this other than getting newer hardware)



We are looking for Dianemo X86 or LinuxMCE users who are willing to test Dianemo-Rpi on the LAN side of their existing Core's. If you already have a license to both Dianemo X86 & Dianemo-Rpi2 and would be willing to test the two systems alongside each other then get in contact. Similarly if you have a Dianemo X86 license or LinuxMCE Core and would like a Dianemo-Rpi2 license to participate in this configuration test then get in contact too.

Contact us at with 'Dianemo/LinuxMCE + Dianemo-Rpi2 LAN Test' in the subject line. If you need a Dianemo-Rpi license then please provide your Paypal details in the body of the email too.



Thank you for that information Andrew, and for ignoring the entire post, including the questions within it.  I am happy to start a new topic if that is what you would prefer in order to respond to my inquiries.


To be perfectly frank Jason I have far better things to do with my time than respond to you.

Yes I am a shareholder in CHT Ltd and I have been for the last 11 years. I also have my own consulting business too. CHT Ltd was the first Pluto Inc licensee, and as far as I know, currently is the only one still trading. Our Pluto license applies to Dianemo X86 only. We fully comply with our Pluto license and always have. Any code that we develop ourselves, that is not derived from or an enhancement of PPL code, we have every right to distribute anyway we please. Dianemo-Rpi is a separate product and is not based on PPL code.

If we make any changes to PPL code then we have always made those changes available to LinuxMCE.



Hi there,

Firstly let me just reiterate; This thread is about Dianemo X86 and our update to Ubuntu 14.04LTS. This update, as is true for all previous updates, is completely FREE to anyone who has EVER purchased a Dianemo license. No exceptions or caveat’s - anyone with a license can get it.

Here is another quick update for everyone following this thread. As you probably know last week we asked if there were any volunteers who would like to test upgrading their current Dianemo installation to Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

A number of you stepped up to the plate and said yes - a very big thank you to anyone who did!

So where are we? Well the testing we are doing is all around the update process itself mostly, ironing out the wrinkles in the installer is where most of the remaining effort is needed. We have fully upgraded systems with all areas of the system working under 14.04LTS, but importantly these were at least in part, manually updated and 'tweaked' by hand to make them work. We're close, but as usual the last '10%' takes a disproportionate amount of the total effort.

As of right now this what we're working on;

- Diskless Create TBZ; This is needed for MD's. Due to some changes in bash this code is currently broken (we may have fixed this...test running currently)
- Zoneminder; The server part is working but the installer currently does not automatically install ZM. We don't have the Athena changes ready yet to access ZM cameras from the Orbiter. Adding cameras in Dianemo Web Admin is not integrated (but you can add them in ZM directly of course) and Camera events are not working inside Dianemo yet.
- Asterisk & FreePBX; Asterisk is working and gets installed but we need a new FreePBX deb and that is not ready yet.
- MythTV Backend; Working but needs some manual changes to Mythweb.conf

- As far as I know everything else is working - but there may still be obscure parts of the system that throw up some issues in the coming weeks. Below is a sample of SOME of the working components (picked pretty much at random);
- Networking, Firewall
- Remote Assistance
- Virtualised Audio & LMS
- MythTV Backend
- Athena UI
- Asterisk
- UPnP Video
- Kmotion
- iTunes Integration
- Insteon Support
- Zwave
- Lutron
- Device Templates
- Scenarios - auto & user generated
- Timed events

For the reckless and intrepid few...
As of today if you upgrade your Dianemo installation to Ubuntu 14.04LTS by using 'do-release-upgrade' and then run the Dianemo installer (**note I said Dianemo Installer**) your installation will get upgraded to Dianemo 1404. However currently you will hit all of the above issues and we simply cannot support you through the manual fixes needed. So please understand that you are on your own if you do this - unless you have volunteered and we have accepted your offer (this is important because we can only support a few volunteers simultaneously, so we need you to wait until we give you the go ahead please).

As soon as we have the wrinkles worked out I will let everyone know here - Thank you for your patience!



Hi Andy,
In previous posts regarding Athena UI you have discussed user configurable skins using html editors etc. Can separate skins be used to run on different devices? I am specifically interested in designing a UI for tv osd control which mimics current UI2 but in a vertical form. This would be separate from the UI used on tablets and or phones.

I am wanting to retain on screen UI on many of my tvs and am interested in the best approach with Athena to do this. This seemed the better place to pose this, but please move as required.


Hi Garath,

Yes you are very much on the right track with your thinking. What you've described is pretty much exactly in line with how multiple devices will be handled. The current Athena stack does not support this yet though. We are working on an updated version that will enable unlimited multiple skins to be supported so that any kind of device/display can be supported.

Our current Athena UI skin is a responsive design (up to a point) and we are close to having the skin work with both phone, tablet and desktop display sizes. However there are still changes required in the underlying libraries so that multiple skins can be supported simultaneously.

If you regularly update your Dianemo X86 installation you will see new Orbiter UI package updates get installed - these are revs of the Orbiter libraries and the skin to support the above. So these changes area already being rolled out. We also have a new iOS App in final testing that supports both iPhone & iPad devices (the current App does not support iPhones).




I would appreciate feedback of what packages were problematic, and how you overcome the issues, so that we can utilize that information for LinuxMCE's move as well.


Sure will do Posde. I'll pull those details together for you and post them in a new thread in the Developers section over the weekend.

Update; I have not done this yet as we are still not clear of problems; But you can see a brief list of the problem packages here -


Just a quick update; We're making progress thanks to all of you that have volunteered so far. We still have some issues with Mythweb, diskless images though that we are still working through.

If you've already volunteered and have not yet been asked to run a test yet, please be patient. We are not running tests in parallel as we want to apply what we've previously learnt/fixed to the next test. So be patient please as testing will continue over the weekend for sure.

We're also still looking for volunteers to test the update - so please get in touch if you'd like to volunteer.

All the best


Dianemo Rpi2 is new code it is not based on LinuxMCE and only has minor similarities at the code level to Dianemo X86 (mostly the UI layer which will be shared by Dianemo X86 but is not derived from LinuxMCE in any way). Dianemo Rpi2 code is not created using DCEGen either.

Dianemo X86 of course still uses DCEGen as it always has but that is not Dianemo-Rpi2.

All the best


Hi all,

We are looking for some intrepid existing Dianemo X86 users to help us test the Upgrade/Update process from Dianemo X86 12.04LTS. The testing will be around the update process itself - we have working systems that have been updated manually. Your testing will be focused on helping us debug the final issues in the installer. Zoneminder currently does not get automatically installed and will need some manual intervention. Also initially we will not be installing an updated motion_wrapper - but we do intend to have an update shortly for that.

This process still has some issues (which is why we need your involvement) and there will be bumps in the road. Don't expect a smooth ride! So please only volunteer if you are happy to loose access to your system for a period of time, hopefully only a few hours! Wrecking your system completely is pretty unlikely (we haven't managed that internally yet!) but I would backup your current config in Web Admin and download it to another system, and you might want to do an image backup of your main drive as a precaution too.

We will be on hand via Remote Assistance for anyone who volunteers, so that we can do some forensics on any failures or issues you experience and we will fix those for you as they occur.

So please PM me here if you are interested in helping out and i will get back to you with the information you need and the procedure we will need you to follow.

Thanks in advance to anyone who volunteers - we appreciate it greatly.

All the best


Hi Andrew,

No, I am not confusing myself at all.  You specifically indicated that prices would be increasing once you released your 1404 update in May.  Your post was just 2 days from May and I was seeking clarification as to 'when' in May you would be releasing your update and, therefor, increasing your price.  A quote from your OP here:
Thank you for the clarification!  Much appreciated, and all the best to you as well Andrew.


Jason - I expect our Dianemo X86 update to Ubuntu 14.04LTS to be available in the next few days for existing users at zero cost. When we release the update we will also release a new installer that will install Dianemo X86 for Ubuntu 14.04LTS on new systems, new licenses will ship with this going forwards. But as ever with software testing the update may get held back if any of our testers experience a last minute issues.

There will be a price increase for new X86 licenses after we ship the update - what that increase will be I don't know at this time. As soon as I do I will post that information here, which is what I said in my original post too.

All the best


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