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I understand that you feel you need to protect it. However I don't think that it will really take of quickly if it is not really open. My feeling saids we need some companies like yours or in other areas (and preferably bigger) that really support and push forward the system. I think it's to risky business wise to build on software like this if it is not really open (and no big company supporting it, and even those fuck up most of the time in the long run somewhere). It could work if the base is open (like linuxmce and you have some nice add-ons that make it more smooth but the basic should function.

However since the relative little response here in the community I suppose most here are cheapskates not willing to donate even one penny to make it really open. Never expected it to be that way. The only excuse is that it is not clearly stated that your work will make linuxmce also get rid of the current constrictions (and to me that is also still not clear).

We want Open Dianemo to be as 'open' as we can make it while balancing the commercial side of our business. The challenges of just using GPLv3 for the whole of Dianemo are many - we've already had some experience of other companies trying to re-sell Dianemo as theirs. So there is some resistance to opening that flood gate (it might only be a trickle ;-)...but that might still be pretty damaging commercially). If we were a large business that could just 'out develop' any competitor that came along and used forked a GPLv3 Open Dianemo release then that would be ok. But we could find that a relatively well funded competitor took our source and built a competing product using it - that could leave us in a situation where we loose.

We're doing our best to find a middle ground and I think we have a pretty good one right now. We will Open Source something like 80% (a rough estimate...could be more or a little less) of the code and place the remainder under a new DPL. If you make code changes to the GPL parts of Open Dianemo then those changes will remain Open. If you make changes to the DPL parts of Dianemo then those changes would remain under the DPL, but accessible freely for non-commercial use. The only restriction on the DPL will be for commercial use - and we will have a range of commercial licensing options for all sizes of business. Those options will span everything from a one person 'mom & pop' sized business up to big commercial partners. The licensing costs for the 'small guy' will be very reasonable indeed - we want those businesses to exist and thrive. There are many forum members that have wanted to build businesses around Dianemo over the years - and i mean considerably more than 250+ over the years, we've always had to turn them away as we could not offer them a commercially viable (for them) deal. So that will change completely. The licensing deals will  increase in price based on the scale & type of business that needs the license. But for everyone else there will be a free and open version they can do whatever they want with - and if anyone subsequently wants to build a business off the back of their private use/experience of Open Dianemo then at any time they can do that, simply by getting a commercial license at the price point that fits their business size.

I think that will be seen by most people as reasonable - at least I hope so.

An we would welcome LMCE taking our Open Dianemo source and integrating it with the LMCE code base. Yes there would be that approx. 20% that would be DPL but for personal use that would have no impact at all.

All the best


The restriction of the PPL is that you cannot use LMCE commercially. There is no restriction to your personal use however.

With the DPL we will have a range of commercial licenses available. Some will be designed for small companies or private individuals that want to build a business around Dianemo and some will be designed for larger companies. And of
course there will be no restrictions at all to non-commercial use.

We feel that's a big improvement on what we have currently.


I think the idea is, that all the PPL parts get replaced.

That's correct.

Marketplace / New - Dianemo & LMCE Configuration Packs
« on: September 10, 2014, 05:08:19 pm »
I will post more on this either later today or tomorrow (11/09/2014) but I wanted to get something up here today;

We have taken a selection of real world installations for different sized properties and can remotely install these on your system for you. The configurations cover properties such as to name a few;

- One Bed Apartment
- Two Bed Apartment
- 2 Bed House
- 4 Bed House
- 6 Bed House

Each have audio/tv/media configured for relevant rooms, audio cards vistualised, SqueezeLite devices, Upnp Media Players or SmartTV's, Room names and other options set, scenarios setup and working etc and a whole load of other configuration items all ready to go.

The idea behind these packs is to take a big chunk of the configuration effort away so that you can focus more on the details or in some cases just 'the living' part of the equation ;-). Although in some cases the pack you choose may be all you need to configure, and so after installation you will be pretty much ready to go, for most there will still be a need for some additional configuration. However even if you still need to do some additional configuration after a Configuration Pack was installed, you will still be up and running much more quickly than you would be starting from scratch.

We will install your chosen pack by remote assistance at an agreed time, and then will notify you when the installation is complete. After a Pack has been installed for you, it can be backed up in the normal way, and then re-installed again later if need be by you. Installing a Configuration Pack will over write any existing configuration you have already carried out so please backup your installation if you want to keep that config.

I will outline full pricing on the Packs later but they start at an introductory price of $79 USD for the One Bed Apartment Pack.

Initially we will only have Dianemo compatible Packs available but we are working on LMCE versions too. Some LMCE Configuration Pack's should be available in the next few weeks - so please let me know which Packs you would be interested in.

Anyway PM me if you are interested or have any questions regarding the Packs (**we will also have some discounted bundle pricing when you purchase a Pack + Dianemo License)

All the best


After all this experience with this beast do you really think that someone that just takes it and rebrands it will last long? I think that if you would get some companies willing to spend the time to get to know this system they will also automatically contribute. If it is GPL they have to. Otherwise why go to them and not go to the people who really understand the product. If it is going to be such a personal license again I am afraid it will be the same strange situation as with linuxmce. In any case stating properly in the proposal what it will be is a good idea I suppose.

Also I wondered what it can mean for Linuxmce. If all pluto parts were to be actually opensource by replacing them with gpl and it would also be integrated into linuxmce than this project would also benefit and linuxmce users might also be interested to donate. Maybe an additional pledge is possible there?

I am not sure if it is possible but maybe some porting of for example the orbiter to linuxmce would also be of value. I suppose the devs can say more about that.

After a quick search on google I did not notice any references to the kickstarter campaign. I think that if you want to really get this going a fresh launch together with a push to some proper news sites/stations is required (maybe you already did that and I just did not find it or they just did not publish it). You really want momentum to get this going and seeing the limited response this far on the forum I think another angle might be required to get the lmce community running ;-)

all the best.

Again all good comments, suggestions & observations.

We do need a licensable version as we already have some relationships where we provide Dianemo on that basis to pro-installers etc.


* the specs of the hardware offered are not listed in the pdf
 * pledges could include more core variations (also be able to include bigger drive)
 * can include MD's and other basic homeautomation stuff so people buy a full experience
 * stretch goals?
 * maybe some kind of closed/paid forum only accessible to paying users. One can get access to when pledging more then an x amount. (this forum can guarantee a response time of one hour during business hours). Also more extensive help documentation can be part of this
 * paid backup option of configuration & database (maybe also of data, donno if that can be done efficiently if multiple users have the same data/media)

There are some good ideas in your list for sure. Thanks i will pass those on for discussion. Some kind of closed support forum is a possibility - however our preference currently is for us to provide some support/config services to Open Dianemo users who are setting up a system for themselves. But this may need more detailed thought still. A paid for backup service for media/content is of course technically feasible - but dependent on what a user is doing with her/his system ie lots of rips, bluerays etc etc those backups could be enormous - and restoring them could be equally lengthy. Backing up configs is definitely doable though and may well become a service we offer.

Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions - much appreciated.

All the best


30 days seems a short period compared to other campaigns...

Your right it is. But there are many other Kickstarter Projects that choose that period length - and we chose to at least see how that length worked for us. Possibly its too short I agree - but we felt we needed to test whether it was or not.

All the best


This can be a very good development. Certainly interested!

Some initial questions that arise are:

1) what is the license going to be? GPL3?

2) what will be the business model afterwards (so people know what to expect of the continued support)

3) what are the next steps / progressions we can expect from your team once the kickstarter project is done

All elements of Open Dianemo which we use and distribute under open licenses (GPL, MIT etc) will continue to be available under these licenses. Some components of Open Dianemo code (yet to be defined) will be released under GPLv3. Key software components (again yet to be defined but likely to be the Athena Orbiter, Athena media layer and other components that support these) will be released under a Dianemo Public License. The Dianemo Public License will enable a free for personal use version (source code will be provided for all components) but restrict a corporation or reseller/installer from taking the code and re-branding it and or selling and distributing it without our consent (gained by paying the appropriate licensing fee).

We hope the above strikes a reasonable balance that allows anyone to do what they want with Open Dianemo personally and if they want to do something commercial then we will have a range of licensing options for those people too.

We will support the code base as we do now and will provide a mechanism for code to be contributed back too. How code contributions from outside to the DPL code elements will be handled is still being worked out but we will have a mechanism for that too. Updates will be pushed out, again as we do now, and any user with an installation will be able to access those updates.

We will be announcing some enhanced goals for Open Dianemo in the coming weeks - initially mostly driven by our internal needs as a company. This will provide a predictable development path to all. We will also encourage development from the community and we will have a process through which community engineered code/fixes will be integrated back into builds.

All the best


Developers / Open Source Dianemo
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:34:36 pm »
We've launched a Kickstarter Campaign today to fund the development of Open Source Dianemo;

Marketplace / CHT Launches Kickstarter Campaign to fund Open Source Dianemo
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:29:34 pm »
We want to make Open Source Dianemo available to anyone who wants a Home Automation system or solution and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to support the engineering effort to do so;

If we reach our goal we aim to ship the first Open Source Dianemo release in May/June 2015.

We need your support so please back us if you can and spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign in anyway way you can - facebook, twitter, forums. Even if you can't afford to back us then just making sure the word gets out there about our Kickstarter campaign to anyone you know is incredibly helpful - bloggers, writers, journalists...even your aunty and all her friends. Please spread the word for us - we appreciate any help that you can give.

If you have questions that aren't covered by our information section on Kichstarter you can either post them here or in the FAQ section on our Kickstarter campaign page at the url above.

Best regards and thanks for any help you can give.


Users / Re: Dianemo - Looking for Athena Orbiter & UI Layer Alpha Testers
« on: September 02, 2014, 01:29:17 pm »
Hi all,

Just a quick update re getting involved in testing the Athena Orbietr & UI Layer;

Some people have asked how much time we will expect you to commit to testing etc and how frequently code updates/drops will happen. While we'd like as much feedback on Athena as possible we realise that everyones time is valuable and so we are happy for you to commit as much time as you are comfortable with to using/testing Athena. The minimum commitment from you is that you simply volunteer and get involved - beyond that whatever time you have to using/testing/reporting bugs will be very gratefully received by us.

As to how often updates/code drops will happen - we expect to deliver weekly updates to Athena during the alpha testing period.

Any more questions  re Athena alpha testing - please post them here.

All the best


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 29, 2014, 11:08:32 am »
A Quick question Andy.

Am I correct in assuming that the new orbiter does not work with LMCE ?


Athena is not compatible with LinuxMCE due to numerous internal differences. We will have some further news on this shortly.


Users / Re: Why Do Media Directors Exist?
« on: August 28, 2014, 05:52:28 pm »
Below is a url to a Youtube video of our new Athena Orbiter in action. The demo uses our new Athena Orbiter - and has a slick dynamic UI etc...but all the non UI based capability is all part of how you can setup systems without MD's and thats the main point of posting this video. I'm posting it here really to show a Dianemo system without any MD's performing various control functions with Internet Radio, iTunes library based music content, Spotify and streaming a ripped movie to and controlling a SmartTV (Panasonic I believe in this case).

All the best


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