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The Dianemo Athena UI & Orbiter is compatible with any modern HTML5 browser and the standard UI skin requires a minimum display resolution of 1024 x 768. We also provide a free iOS iPad App and will introduce a free Android App later this year too.

The following Android devices have been reported to support and work well with Athena Orbiter;

- Tesco Hudl 2
- Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Android 4.4 Kitkat)
- LG G Pad 8.3
- Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+
- Google Nexus 7
- Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
- Google Nexus 9
- Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
- ASUS Memo Pad 8 (Android Kitkat 4.4)
- ASUS Phone Pad 7 LTE (Android Kitkat 4.4)
- Sony Xperia Z3 (Android Lollipop 5.0)
- Google Nexus 6 (Android Lollipop)
- HTC One M8 ( Android 4.4 Kitkat + HTC Sense 6.0)
- Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Android 4.4.4 Kitkat)

If you have used Athena with another device please let us know by posting here in this thread with Device model, OS Version & Browser version.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo Athena UI & Orbiter Preview - Updated Released
« on: March 06, 2015, 10:43:02 am »
We've released another UI update over night. These are mostly small tweaks to layouts in various screens etc - no functionality changes.

As usual please run the Updater script to install the latest update & any pending Ubuntu updates on your NC.

All the best


Marketplace / Re: Dianemo from CHT - Professional Home Automation
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:53:42 pm »
Great update Andrew,  and all working as expected with Web Browsers and iPad app.

Is is a large update though, and even on FTTC internet connection and fast hardware, it took something like 30mins to complete the update.
(my last update was ~7 days ago)

Thanks. Glad your enjoying the new Orbiter's.

Strange that your download took that long. I've had no other reports of that from other users. I wonder if your update contained a lot standard Ubuntu updates too?


Marketplace / Dianemo Athena UI & Orbiter Preview - Updated Released
« on: March 05, 2015, 05:10:20 pm »
This update fixes a number of small bugs, fixes some layout issues in the UI and now supports Kmotion too. If you have configured Kmotion security cameras in Web Admin your new Athena Orbiter will display a 'Cameras' button in the top bar for any rooms you have elected to make them accessible in.

Please run the Updater script as usual to install this update and any un-installed Ubuntu updates too.

All the best


Users / Re: Extending MCE with custom protocols
« on: March 05, 2015, 02:28:43 pm »
Hi guys,
News about modbus rtu on linuxmce?

We've added support for modbus indirectly to Dianemo by adding a device template/driver for the Centraline HAWK Controller - The HAWK support numerous protocols such as modbus, bacnet and we can send data and get data from bus addresses on those bus's using abstracted devices in Web Admin ie we can address whatever bus is interfaced to via HAWK using the same abstracted child devices etc.

We took the route of placing the HAWK in the middle acting as a gateway because many HVAC engineers and commercial installers are comfortable using HAWKS and it allows us to build interfaces to several bus protocols in one hit. However the HAWK is not a low-cost piece of hardware so our approach may not make much sense if cost is an issue.

However there is no doubt modbus support could be added directly by creating a specific device template/driver for it in LinuxMCE but you would need a physical interface to modbus too.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo Revealed - Athena UI Performance Advantages
« on: March 05, 2015, 01:59:50 pm »
Athena Orbiters & Lower System Loads

One of the key advantages of the the Athena UI & Orbiter is that it places far lower demands on the resources of your NC. This manifests itself in several ways;

  • Regens are much faster as no Orbiter UI's need to be regenerated
  • Athena UI's are rendered 100% in the browser or App
  • Athena enables the use of small energy efficient NC hardware.

If you are building a new system then the above points will enable you to choose lower cost, low energy & small form factor hardware for your NC - something you could not do with a system using traditional Orbiters and/or traditional MD's for example.

However even in a situation where you are using Athena UI & Orbiters on an existing NC you will still be able to get some of these benefits by following these simple guidelines;

  • Only add new Athena Orbiters going forwards
  • Remove traditional Orbiters and MD's wherever you can and replace them with Athena Orbiters

So both in large installations, in say an up-market large house and in small apartment sized systems, you can improve system performance, energy usage, and in new installations system costs too, by using Athena UI & Orbiters.

All the best


Adding an Athena Orbiter to your Dianemo Installation

This 'How-to' describes the process of adding an Athena Orbiter to your system. This is about as simple as it gets;

Configuration changes in Web Admin;
  • None required at all.
Now choose the device your want to use the Orbiter on (ie PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Door Entry Panel, SmartTV or pretty much anything else with a browser) and simply do the following;
That's all there is to adding an Orbiter on any device with a Web Browser. Add as many Orbiters as you need - there is no limit. Dianemo keeps track of each one automatically for you. No Regens or configuration changes required at all.

See some example Athena Orbiter UI screens here;

If you have a guest staying with you simply give them the Orbiter url above and they can add an Orbiter to their Tablet, Smartphone or PC too.

If you are an existing Dianemo customer simply run the Updater script to update your system and you all set with Athena. If you have never tried Dianemo before then take advantage of Dianemo+ and try before you buy for just $60 USD; See here for information on Dianemo+ and Try before you buy

Give Dianemo a's literally is that simple.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo Athena UI & Orbiter Preview Release
« on: March 04, 2015, 08:06:38 pm »
We're very excited to announce that all Dianemo users can now try our new Athena UI & Orbiter Preview Release. Below we explain how simple it is to try Athena on your system;

1 - Run the Updater script to update your system
2 - Do a reload router.
3 - Point your Web Browser to

That's it!

No regens, no device templates to add, no configuration changes. If your Internet connection is reasonably fast the whole process, including downloading updated packages, doing a reload and opening the new Athena Orbiter takes just 5 minutes.

You can use as many Athena Orbiter's as you need - just bookmark the URL above on any PC's, Laptops and Tablets as you need. Dianemo automatically and dynamically manages each Orbiter for you so you don't need to. With Ahena you can have an Orbiter on pretty much any device that has a Web browser installed.

More details available here;

In later updates to Athena, that you will receive automatically as they are released, you will be able to build customised UI's, choose localised UI's in multiple languages and many more additional features.

Dianemo Orbiter's have never looked so good or been easier to add to your system.



Athena UI & Orbiter Preview Release
free to all Dianemo users

Today we are pleased to announce that a preview release of the new Athena UI & Orbiter for Dianemo has been released - to all Dianemo customers as a normal update. We decided that it was better to release this preview release to everyone now rather than just to those who signed up for our proposed beta release - we've kept you all waiting long enough!

What does preview release actually mean though? In our case it means that Athena is broadly feature complete and stable. But there are still some areas where more work is required. The key take away is that Athena is stable and complete enough to use in real installations (some installers are already providing it to customers) and will only get better and improve as we release updates in the coming weeks (all of which you will receive automatically by running the updater).

Simply run the updater script to get all the new Athena packages installed. Once the update has completed go into Web Admin and do a reload to initialise everything. Also make sure that you fill in the Country, Region & City fields in Wizard -> Basic Info -> Installation in Web Admin too (this information is used by the Weather & Time widgets).

Installing the Athena UI does not effect your existing traditional Orbiters. Both types of Orbiters can exist on a single system quite happily.

You can access your new Athena Orbiters simply by typing the following into any Web browser installed on a PC, Laptop or Tablet connected to your internal LAN;

No configuration or devices to add in Web Admin, no templates to add, no regens to do. Simple. Fire up your browser or install the iOS App on as many devices as you need - the rest is totally automatic and pain free! Add as many Orbiters as you need - have a tab on your laptop or on your Work PC (Requires a Remote Access subscription), on a tablet or any other device with a modern Web browser eg Door Entry panels or other embedded devices.

We have a new Free iOS App in the App store for you to download and use on your Dianemo system. The new Dianemo SmartHome App requires iOS 8 or later and is only compatible with iPad - an iPhone version is in development and will be available shortly. Download and install the new App on as many iPad's as you need there are no restrictions. We do plan to have an Android App in the future too but for now you can use Chrome to access the new Orbiter.

So if you have an iPad please download the new Free 'Dianemo SmartHome' App in the iOS App store - make sure you download the new App and not the standard 'Dianemo' App. To configure the Dianemo SmartHome App open it and then touch the 'ToolKit' icon in the top right corner of the iPad's display. You will now be in the Settings screen. Set the 'Allow use of mobile data' setting to on/off as required, select the 'Connection type' - Local when accessing your system from its LAN side Wifi network or Remote if accessing your system when away from home. Next touch 'Connection' and then the '+' button in the top right of the 'Connections' screen and then touch the 'i' icon next to your next connection. Each 'Connection' allows you to connect to a different Dianemo installation. As this is your first simply fill-in the 'Name' field to give your Dianemo system a name, fill-in your systems 'Installation number', next the 'Nerve Centre IP' on your LAN. Lastly fill-in the 'Remote Connection' section if you have purchased a Remote Access subscription from us; User name & Password (**leave these blank if you do not have a subscription**). Lastly touch the 'Save' button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Now touch the '< Settings' button top-left of the screen and then the 'Done' button if you have made all the changes you need to make.

After a few seconds you will see the new UI and it will ask you to select a 'Room' - select one and you will now be at the new 'Home screen' with the Weather & time widgets displayed. Across the top of the screen you will see the 'Button bar' (which can be dragged left/right to get at any buttons that are off the left or right extent of the display... Simply touch a button to select it. It should all look fairly familiar and will reflect the setup of your system.

As this is a preview release there is still some functionality missing and areas that may change (these will be delivered as they are ready as normal Dianemo updates). The preview release for example does not currently support Kmotion Security Camera access, language localisation (English only currently), UI Skins or other customisation features. All of these and more will be added through future updates - I will post a forum message when an update is available.

Anyway that's a quick overview...enjoy this Preview Edition of the Athena UI & Orbiter! Any questions please PM me or post to this thread.

All the best


Dianemo has been optimised over the last 10 years for the needs of the professional installer. But what does that actually mean? It means in broad terms that we have focused on simplicity of installation, configuration and reliability once the system is configured.

Now while we know these are all features that professional installers demand from any home automation system they install we also know based on our experience here in the LinuxMCE Forum that those are the same features that the vast majority of our non professional users also want too. Whether you have experience with LinuxMCE or not getting your system to a working usable state as quickly as possible is incredibly important. Its important to you as it allows you to build confidence in your abilities quickly and its also often important to your family or partner too, as they often are only impressed by the system actually working. Once your system is working and usable for many of you that will be all you were looking for when you chose your system - but for a significant number of you the ability to keep customising your system is an important part of the enjoyment you get from installing a home automation system. So making your on-going experience of customising and extending Dianemo as smooth and rewarding as possible is clearly an important goal for you individually. Dianemo has been engineered to deliver on all these fronts simultaneously.

One key area that Dianemo is very strong in is its support for a wide range of AV equipment & lighting systems. For example we support the control of a wide range of traditional HDMI Video Matrices using serial & IP protocols and we also now support the exciting range of HD over IP video switching solutions (see; which offers unlimited expandability of sources/outputs and needs just a single CAT5/6 cable to any location. We also have had support for HDMI-CEC control of HDMI TV's and UPnP streaming & control of video to SmartTV's, Raspberry Pi's and most UPnP Media Players since 2011.

So if all of the above sounds interesting please take a look at Dianemo here; and note that we now offer a 'try before you buy' license option called Dianemo+ too which if your still a little undecided might be the option for you.

If you have any questions about Dianemo, its features or pricing or if you have some questions relating to your specific needs or installation then please get in contact here via PM on the forum or contact me at



Marketplace / Dianemo+ & Dianemo++ Subscriptions - Q&A
« on: February 20, 2015, 06:38:35 pm »
Q: Are Dianemo+ and Dianemo++ cut down versions of Dianemo?

No they are full Dianemo versions with nothing removed.

Q: How do the Dianemo+ and Dianemo++ Subscriptions work?

Each month during your subscription period you will receive a Paypal payment request for either $30 USD in the case of Dianemo+ or $40 USD in the case of Dianemo++. That's it. Its very simple.

Q: Am I paying any interest with Dianemo+ or Dianemo++ ?

No definitely not. With Dianemo+ you pay a total of $390 USD over 12 months so in fact its cheaper than purchasing Dianemo normally with a single payment.

Q: Why are you offering Dianemo+ and Dianemo++ ?

We are always looking at ways to improve Dianemo for the home user and we fell that a subscription service would allow for better features/value and also enable us to spread the cost of getting access to Dianemo's technology at the same time.

Q: Can I change to Dianemo++ instead of Dianemo+ before the trial period expires?

Yes you can. Just contact me on to arrange the change in subscription.

Developers / Re: Developing a Weather Plugin, videos
« on: February 20, 2015, 03:14:45 pm »
Hello everybody.

I am doing a series of videos detailing the creation of a Weather Plugin, as an example of how to use Plugins to add whole house functionality to Orbiter.

The first video can be viewed here:


Nice Video Thom...loving the spaced out soundtrack :-)


Marketplace / Dianemo++ Subscription Services - Pricing Changes
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:05:20 pm »
After some feedback from a number of you we have decided to make a change to 'Dianemo+ Trial to buy' package. We've made the trial period shorter at 30 days but also cheaper too;

- The trial period is now 30 days and costs $60 USD
- The monthly cost is still $30 USD but is now over 11 months.
- Total cost is now $390 USD over 12 months

We agree that the new pricing is better balanced - thanks for the feedback!

All the best


We have a new way to get started with Dianemo that allow's you to try before you buy, spread the cost over a year and get enhanced support too. This makes owning Dianemo more affordable and also adds valuable new support services too;

Dianemo+ Trial to buy ($60 USD non-refundable) :- You get a full copy of Dianemo to test for 30 days. If you decide Dianemo+ is not for you within the 30 day period we simply disable your license and you have no more to pay (initial $60 is not refundable). If you decide to keep Dianemo+ then we charge you for an 11 month Dianemo+ subscription @ $30 per month (billed monthly). At the end of 11 months you own the license (and can keep it and use it without additional costs) and there is no obligation to continue with the Dianemo+ subscription service.

Note: After paying your initial $60 USD you do decide to keep Dianemo after your trial then you can choose to pay for the remaining 11 months subscription upfront instead of monthly. If you do that you only pay $300 USD (a $30 USD savings over paying monthly).

Subscriber Benefits -tutorials & support via email.

To order Dianemo+ Trial to buy please email me at with 'Dianemo+ Trial to buy' in the subject line and your name & Paypal email address in the body of the email.

Dianemo++ 12 Month Subscription :- you get a full copy of Dianemo+ right away for an affordable $60 USD per month for 12 months (billed monthly). At the end of 12 months you own the license (and can keep it and use it without additional subscription costs) and there is no obligation to continue with the Dianemo++ subscription service beyond the 12th month. You must complete 12 monthly payments to keep the software.

Subscriber Benefits - You will receive access to special monthly emailings, premium template snippets and tutorials, member exclusive templates, early access to new product Betas and priority support via email. We're also providing free access to our RaspBMC-CEC software for Raspberry Pi - install it on as many Raspberry Pi's as you like.

To order Dianemo++ please email me at with 'Dianemo++ Subscription' in the subject line and your name & Paypal email address in the body of the email.

Existing Dianemo Customers :- All existing Dianemo customers qualify for Dianemo++ 12 month subscriptions for $100 USD (paid in advance) or $10 USD per month (billed monthly)

To order please email me at with 'Dianemo++ Existing Customer' in the subject line and your name, Dianemo Installation ID & Paypal email address in the body of the email.

All the best


Marketplace / Texecom Alarm Offer for existing Dianemo Customers
« on: February 13, 2015, 06:53:56 pm »
If you are an existing Dianemo customer and are thinking about installing an Alarm system in your home then choose a Texecom system and we will configure your Dianemo system to work with your alarm for a flat $99 USD fee.

Simply install your Texecom Premier alarm system (or have it professionally installed by your installer) and sensors etc as you require and get in touch with us when the work is complete. We will then do the Dianemo side of the configuration remotely - it takes about 60-75 mins to complete. Even if your Texecom installation is months away you can take advantage of this offer now and simply let us know when your ready to have your system configured.

To pre-order your Texecom alarm system configuration simply email us with 'Texecom Configuration Offer' in the subject line and your Paypal details in the body of your email;

All the best


PS Make sure that you specify that your Texecom Alarm panel has the ComIP module installed when ordering your Texecom System as Dianemo requires that module to interface to your system.

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