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Marketplace / Update Available - Spotify Premium Support
« on: May 15, 2014, 03:40:05 pm »
Dianemo has been updated so that it now supports the Spotify Premium streaming service. This is a much requested feature. You can now access your Top 100 list and your saved Playlists directly from the Dianemo iOS App and have that stream playback in any audio enabled room or in multiple rooms simultaneously.

All Dianemo updates are free to existing customers. As usual please use the Dianemo update script to update your system with this update and any others that may not have been applied yet.

If your a fan of Spotify Premium you will want to get this update! We hope this increases your enjoyment of your Dianemo system.

All the best


Developers / Re: hide mouse cursor on orbiter on joggler
« on: May 13, 2014, 02:47:55 pm »
Those changes do not appear to exist on LinuxMCE's Orbiter.

Posde check with Uplink on that. I'll mention it to him.

Developers / Re: hide mouse cursor on orbiter on joggler
« on: May 13, 2014, 12:30:37 pm »
In Dianemo we have the capability to hide/show the mouse pointer and the cross hairs cursor in the on-screen Orbiter on an MD. See for details. Basically if the file /etc/pluto/orbiter.disable.mouse exists then the Orbiter will not display the mouse pointer or the cross hairs cursor.

I'm sure the changes to the Orbiter source to support this were pushed back to you guys ages ago. Thom check with Radu on this and if you don't have the changes he can provide them to you.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo Wiki page updated
« on: May 12, 2014, 04:15:58 pm »
Just a note to say that the Dianemo Wiki page has been updated with additional information relating to the control of TV's and Smart TV's;

All the best


Users / Re: Raspberry Pi as UPnP player under Dianemo
« on: May 12, 2014, 01:03:56 pm »

I'm trying to setup RPi with raspbmc as UPnP player that can be controlled  from Dianemo.

Have three short questions :

1. What do I put into /etc/pluto/media_config.conf for RPi ? Is this right ?
Code: [Select]
Room=12:        AudioDev=412; VideoDev=412; KeepScreenOnForOSD=no

2. How to troubleshoot setup it it isn't working ?

3. If I want to start media from XBMC GUI - what is the proper way to get media from Dianemo ? UPnP server LS doesn't provide video files, also music files are not working for me, should Samba be used for this ?

Thanks in advance,

See for details of media_config. If the Rpi is attached to a TV and the audio will come from the TV's onboard speakers then the AudioDev would be the TV device as you will want the audio commands to be sent to the TV (ie CEC or IP control of TV). If the TV is not controllable then you can use the AppServer device in the room that the Rpi/TV is located as this has a facility to react to audio commands and route those to Alsa. If the audio will be routed via an amplifier, and the amplifier has rs-232 or IP control then you would use the dev ID of the Amplifier as the audio control commands would need to be routed to the Amp. In all cases the VideoDev would be the the Rpi.

In most cases any problems can be resolved by double checking that you are routing the appropriate commands to the correct devices.

To pull media from XBMC's GUI you would use either UPnP mode (set this in Web Admin) or you could use Samba. UPnP is usually better because the UPnP server will organise your media for you. When you pull media from XBMC Dianemo will not know that media is 'playing' so you will not get any indication of this on your Orbiters. However if you set your Orbiter to the room where media playback has been started via XBMC's UI you should be able to control the playback from your Orbiter still.

If you use our Rpi firmware you also get CEC control integration to from Dianemo.

All the best


Users / Re: SIP Video intercom
« on: May 12, 2014, 12:29:23 pm »

I'm currently looking for a SIP video intercom and I found the product "NovoSIP" on the internet which sounds interested but I don't know much about video intercom so I would like to know if someone knows about it or what you think about it ?

Thank you :)

The NovoSIP is interesting as its based on the Rpi. But its about 380 Euros (without the Rpi) which is still not particularly cheap.

Any SIP based Door phone will work with Asterisk - some may need a few simple config changes to get working though. So I cant see any reason why the NovoSIP would not be configurable at a basic technical level. The rest is down to the firmware etc... but as most SIP devices do not have wonderfully engineered firmware I would not hold that against the NovoSIP either! Its not clear whether NovoSIP uses Door-Berry but it looks like in principal that would be an option too.

All the best


If I control my zwave switches using orbiters the status (as shown in the advanced device page for the light, and on my floorplans) correctly updates

however if I use the light switches manually the status does not change, it does not appear that the zwave switches send status updates back to linuxmce... is that expected behavior?  Should linuxmce update the status when a light switch is operated manually?

Well the floorplan code, as far as I recall, just updates the status of the floorplan icon before it sends the on/off or dim up/down command. Whereas if you turn on/off a mains powered Zwave light switch then this requires the light switch to send an updated status and this may take 30 secs or more to be sent. In addition if your Zwave network is fairly large, you have some nodes that are not communicating properly or your Zwave networks routing table is not updated then these staus updates may never arrive. In addition using a battery controller to remotely turn on a wired ZWave light switch (ie a load controller) will also not always cause an updated status to be sent by the load controller. All these issues are improved by configuring your Zwave installation using SIS mode in most cases - based on my experience.

Hope the above helps.

All the best


Users / Re: Remote Asterisk Install
« on: May 12, 2014, 12:02:00 pm »
Is it possible to install Asterisk on a remote server and retain full integration with LMCE, or is Asterisk wrapped up to integrate on a local install only?  I ask because I'd prefer to run Asterisk out of a secure data center so I can get 5 9's on my phone service.  Also, I think its a great idea to monitor the home core server from an outside source, and then if tampering is detected (ie, the internet goes down, or the power, etc), the remote Asterisk can send out an automated response.  I realize some of these services are already available vis-a-vi, but I think Asterisk is probably the most mission critical asset in the install.

I'm welcome to any ideas or suggestions.

Yes you could have an Asterisk box remotely located and do what posde suggests. If your not interested in using on Media Director softphones and other Media Director telephony integration then that doesnt pose too many issues. In Dianemo we don't configure systems to use any of the Media Director telephony features as we've found that end customers prefer to use real phones to make and receive calls ie physical SIP phones or SIP clients on a SmartPhone etc.

All the best


Does this mean that LinuxMCE/Dianemo will be able to control Zwave encryption items? Specifically door locks?

In this scenario, does the Vera issue the commands to the ZWave devices or does the Dianemo box.

As mentioned on the wiki we currently only support lighting & heating devices from Dianemo via Vera. As far as i know Vera does support Zwave encryption and therefore Zwave locks should work (Please check with Vera to verify that your locks are supported though). If the Vera supports a particular type of ZWave class or type of device then we can support it by adding a new device template in Dianemo. If you need door lock support then we would be happy to add this support if you are willing to help with your time & access to the Zwave Door lock hardware.

All the best


We have released an update that enables you to add a Vera Lite as your Zwave interface. We support the following Vera models;

*Vera 2
*Vera Lite

You can add a Vera that you may already own, and that has already has been configured, and has Zwave devices included to it and they will automatically be detected and added as Dianemo Zwave devices in the device tree. You can also take a new Vera and configure it from scratch and then add it to your system too. See the Wiki entry below for the steps you need to follow to add a Vera to your system as your Zwave interface;

As usual please run the Updater script to download and install this update and any previous Dianemo or Ubuntu updates your system may not have had installed yet.

All the best


Marketplace / Update: CHT Announce Crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube
« on: March 10, 2014, 01:32:50 pm »
We've launched a Crowdcube campaign to raise funding to expand sales in both our existing lines of business and to move into new ones. We're hoping to attract a wide range of investors, both small & large, to invest in CHT as we expand the business. If this sounds of interest to you then please visit our Crowdcube page below - and please feel free to forward this information to anyone you feel night also be interested;

If you have questions about our Crowdcube campaign or about anything else related to Dianemo/CHT please post them in this thread. If you've registered on the Crowdcube site then you can also aks questions there too.

Thanks for your time.


Marketplace / Update Available - CM15A Device Template
« on: February 20, 2014, 03:24:39 pm »
We have added a new device template (Template ID 2059) for the CM15A X10 USB interface today. If you use X10 then I think you'll be very interested in this update. Anyone who has contacted me re the CM15A in recent months should also find this update addresses any problems they may have reported.

As usual please run the Updater script to update your system with this update and any others that are waiting to be applied (Dianemo or Ubuntu).

All the best


Hello Andrew,
Is there some new installer deb ???
the .19version of the dianemo installer hangs then it try to start the installation by mythbuntu repos.

Hernan Bugallo

Yes the current version is v1.21 which I've sent to you.


Marketplace / Update Available - SqueezeLite and Support for Spotify
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:18:24 pm »
We have released an update today that adds support for SqueezeLite to Dianemo. SqueezeLite is an alternative to SqueezeSlave (we will continue to support both packages) that supports the Spotifiy plugin too LMS - and that is the main gain you get from choosing it over SqueezeSlave. See the updated 'Adding SqueezeSlave & SqueezeLite Devices' section on the Dianemo Wiki page below for details of configuring SqueezeLites on your system;

As usual please run the Dianemo Software Update script to install this and any pending Dianemo or Ubuntu updates to your NC.

All the best


Installation issues / Re: New to LMCE, Would like some direction
« on: November 28, 2013, 02:09:34 pm »
Hey there

I have taken a look at the wiki and over a few forums but would like to know if anyone has a blog I can follow to do a simple home automation lighting control setup with Linux MCE and the z-wave modules.

I have installed MCE within a Virutal machine and seems to work ok.


I was following the wiki and some of it for me doesnt make sense (sorry im not that technical)

I need some direction with
Installation checks with MCE
Hardware to buy for controlling lights in the house
Best way to connect to the mce server  -> there is a section about connecting via USB?

Ive clicked around the wiki and the pages I was looking at for zwave has no info

This is my first post, so apologize if this has been asked, but I cant seem to find any direct answers.

Any experts with a good starting point please send my way!

Oh also Im in the UK for 240v units would be required.

As Posde says we have a software only product that you can install on your own hardware and we're based in the UK. We support Zwave, Mode, Rako lighting too. See the footer of this post to get a link to our thread in the 'Marketplace' section of the forum.

All the best


PS And I should have said we support KNX too ;-)

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