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Compatible Products & Services / Convergent Home Technologies Ltd - UK
« on: April 10, 2008, 09:57:58 am »
Convergent Home Technologies Ltd are a UK based company with operations in the UK & Germany.

We have been working with LinuxMCE and its predecessor Pluto for over three years and we contribute both code and extensive testing resources to the Dev team. We also have a commercial agreement with Pluto to allow us to professionally install systems.

Our professionally installed product is called Dianemo and is based on the stable release of LinuxMCE. You can find more details about us on the Wiki here and also at our Web Site

This thread will be used to post information about new products and services from Convergent Home Technologies and we would also welcome any comments or feedback about our products here too.


The Convergent Home Technologies Team

Installation issues / Installing ATI Proprietary drivers
« on: April 08, 2008, 09:31:55 pm »
Hi all,

I have just updated the Wiki with the steps needed to install/configure the ATI Proprietary Graphics driver 'fglrx' under LinuxMCE-0710;

We have tested the driver with on-board Radeon X1250 chipsets & UI2 + Overlay and it work really very well... see the Wiki for some minor issues.

All the best


Users / Vdradmin-am installation/configuration tutorial
« on: February 03, 2008, 03:11:49 pm »
Here is a new tutorial that I have just created on the Wiki that explains the basics of installing/configuring Vdradmin-am for lmcevdr on a LinuxMCE-0710 based Core;

All the best


Installation issues / Improving reception with the Hauppauge Nova T500
« on: January 26, 2008, 09:33:55 am »
If your having problems getting good, stable reception with the Nova T500 try the following;

edit the file /etc/modprobe.d/options

and add the line below to it;

options dvb-usb-dib0700 force_lna_activation=1

This will turn on the T500's Low Noise Amplifier which may fix your problem.

If not I would suggest you an external TV aerial booster with a variable gain control and use that too amplify the signal... start at the minimum setting and gradually increase the gain until the picture is stable (we do that here in some installations). Having an apparently perfect signal on an STB does not always indicate that the signal is right for the T500 I'm afraid.


Developers / Playlists with audio, video & pictures
« on: January 15, 2008, 04:43:00 pm »
Take a look at this Mantis feature that I have posted today;

I think being able to simply create playlists that contain audio, video and pictures would be a very exciting application delivered right in the Orbiter... or at least thats what users are telling us...

What do you think?

Developers / LinuxMCE-0710 Beta and IP cameras
« on: January 14, 2008, 04:17:47 pm »
Is anyone here working with IP cameras under LinuxMCE-0710 Beta? If you are see the Mantis below;

Can you reproduce this bug when adding IP cameras to your LinuxMCE-0710 system?

Let me know...



Developers / Protyping new LinuxMCE Gadgets...
« on: January 12, 2008, 11:32:41 am »
This looks interesting... a modular hardware platform that is 100% based on Open Source software for experimenting with new ideas...

Looks like a nice way to play with new ideas for LinuxMCE hardware add-ons without having to go and build new hardware!

"The Lego of Gadgets" - CNET

BUG is a collection of easy-to-use electronic modules that snap together to build any gadget you can imagine. Each BUGmodule represents a specific gadget function (ex: a camera, a keyboard, a video output, etc). You decide which functions to include and BUG takes care of the rest letting you try out different combinations quickly and easily. With BUG and the integrated programming environment/web community (BUGnet), anyone can build, program and share innovative devices and applications. We don't define the final products - you do.

Developers / How to manage removable USB storage devices in 0710
« on: January 12, 2008, 11:06:27 am »
I have just created the Mantis ticket below and wanted to draw everyones attention to it here ;-)

Please read the Mantis and post any views/ideas/suggestions related to how this process might be made smoother in the future. This will not make the initial release of 0710 but could come as a subsequent update post release... so lets have a constructive discussion about how this should work.

I have posed this basic question before but there was 'silence' from everyone back then... I'm hoping for more feedback this time ;-)

Looking forward to your comments!


Developers / DVB Card support in LinuxMCE-0710
« on: January 12, 2008, 10:45:01 am »
We'd like some input on what DVB cards the community would like to be supported 'out of the box' in 0710. Currently we have the following cards on our list;

DVB-S (full featured cards)
Hauppauge WinTV-Nexus-S Rev. 2.1 ------------
Hauppauge WinTV-Nexus-S Rev. 2.2 -----------

DVB-S (Budget cards)
Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-S-Plus ( Modell 794 ) -------------
Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-CI PCI ( Modell 588 ) -------------

Avermedia AverTV 771 ----------------
Hauppauge WinTV Nova T500 (just needs firmware) --------
Hauppauge WinTV NovaT PCI  ----------

If you have other cards that you would like supported then please post something here... ideally I'd like you to not just suggest 'card X' but to actually help us make sure we have the correct modules/firmware loaded. So if your favorite card is not plug-n-play under Kubuntu 7.10 but you got it working then post here with the cards full description and the list of modules/firmware you used;

- Name of card
- Modules needed
- Firmware needed

Thanks for your help on this!


PS The list of card above does not mean that other DVB card will not 'just work' too... but the list above represents cards that have been tested as working ;-)

Developers / Help us build more Phone Line providers into 0710!
« on: January 10, 2008, 11:47:21 am »
We are looking for people to contribute new Phone Line Provider scripts for providers in their country/region that are not already available in the 'Provider' pop-up in Wizard -> Devices -> Phone Lines

Below is the source for the "" for SipGate. You can cut/paste it into a new file and change the settings where appropriate for your new provider. The save it with a new name in same format but replacing the "xxxxxxxxx" with he name of the provider you are adding ie

Once you have created your new "" file create a Mantis called "New PhoneLine Provider" in the 0710 section called and attach your script to it.

Thats all there is to it... then in the coming weeks these new providers will appear in a 0710 update.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

****** Please not the Perl Source below has had comments added to all lines that may need to be changed/updated for the specific provider that you are trying to add support for. Hope this helps you make the changes you need to for your chosen provider...******

Code: [Select]

use strict;
use diagnostics;
use DBI;

my $DECLARED_HOST = ""; ### Will need to be changed!
my $DECLARED_PREFIX = "9"; ### May need to be changed!
my $LOCAL_PREFIX1 = ""; ### May need to be changed!
my $LOCAL_PREFIX2 = ""; ### May need to be changed!

my $TRUNK_URL = 'http://localhost/admin/config.php?display=trunks&tech=SIP'; ### May need to be changed!
my %TRUNK_VARS = ();
my $TRUNK_DATA = "";

my $OUT_URL = 'http://localhost/admin/config.php?display=routing'; ### May need to be changed!
my %OUT_VARS = ();
my $OUT_DATA = "";

my $IN_URL = 'http://localhost/admin/config.php?display=did'; ### May need to be changed!
my %IN_VARS = ();
my $IN_DATA = "";

#check params
unless (defined($ARGV[0]) && defined($ARGV[1]) && defined($ARGV[2]))
    print "USAGE :$0 <username> <password> <phone_number> [<register_host>] [<prefix_to_use_the_line>]\n";

#fix permissions on each run
`chmod g+w /etc/asterisk/*`;
#add local prefixes

$DECLARED_HOST=$ARGV[3] if(defined($ARGV[3]));
$DECLARED_PREFIX=$ARGV[4] if(defined($ARGV[4]));

### Some Or all of the $TRUNK_VARS below may need to be updated/changed for the provider you are adding

$TRUNK_VARS{'peerdetails'} ="allow=alaw&alaw&ulaw&g729&gsm&slinear\n";

$TRUNK_VARS{'userconfig'} ="allow=alaw&alaw&ulaw&g729&gsm&slinear\n";

foreach my $var (keys %TRUNK_VARS)
    my $str = $TRUNK_VARS{$var};
    $str =~ s/([^A-Za-z0-9])/sprintf("%%%02X", ord($1))/seg;
    $TRUNK_DATA    .=$var."=".$str."&";
`curl -d '$TRUNK_DATA' '$TRUNK_URL' > /dev/null`;

`curl -L '$OUT_URL&extdisplay=001-9_outside&action=delroute' > /tmp/curl.log`;
open(PAGE,"/tmp/curl.log") or die "Bad thing happend";
my $OUT_ROUTE = "";
    if($_ =~ /[<]option value[=]\"([^\"]+)\"[>]SIP\/sipgate[<]\/option[>]/)  ### Will need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'display'}="routing";  ### May need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'extdisplay'}="";  ### May need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'action'}="addroute"; ### May need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'routename'}="sipgate"; ### Will need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'routepass'}=""; ### May need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'dialpattern'}=$LOCAL_PREFIX2; ### May need to be changed!
$OUT_VARS{'trunkpriority[0]'}=$OUT_ROUTE; ### May need to be changed!
exit unless($OUT_ROUTE ne "");
foreach my $var (keys %OUT_VARS)
    my $str = $OUT_VARS{$var};
    $str =~ s/([^A-Za-z0-9])/sprintf("%%%02X", ord($1))/seg;
    $OUT_DATA .=$var."=".$str."&";
`rm -f /tmp/curl.log ; curl -d '$OUT_DATA' '$OUT_URL' > /dev/null`;

$IN_VARS{'display'}="did"; ### May need to be changed!
$IN_VARS{'extdisplay'}=""; ### May need to be changed!
$IN_VARS{'action'}="addIncoming"; ### May need to be changed!
$IN_VARS{'extension'}=$DECLARED_NUMBER; ### May need to be changed!
$IN_VARS{'goto0'}="custom"; ### May need to be changed!
$IN_VARS{'custom0'}="custom-linuxmce,10".$1.",1" if($OUT_ROUTE=~/(\d)$/);
foreach my $var (keys %IN_VARS)
    my $str = $IN_VARS{$var};
    $str =~ s/([^A-Za-z0-9])/sprintf("%%%02X", ord($1))/seg;
`curl -d '$IN_DATA' '$IN_URL' > /dev/null`;

#run AMP's scripts to generate asterisk's config
`curl 'http://localhost/admin/config.php?handler=reload' > /dev/null`;
#create telecom defaults
#reload asterisk
`asterisk -r -x reload`;

sub get_local_prefixes()
    my $CONF_HOST="localhost";
    my $CONF_USER="root";
    my $CONF_PASSWD="";
    my $DB_PL_HANDLE = DBI->connect("dbi:mysql:database=pluto_main;host=".$CONF_HOST.";user=".$CONF_USER.";password=".$CONF_PASSWD.";") or die "Could not connect to MySQL";
    my $DB_SQL;
    my $DB_ROW;

    $LOCAL_PREFIX1 = "112\n411\n911\n9|.\n";
    $DB_SQL = "SELECT IK_DeviceData,FK_DeviceData FROM Device_DeviceData JOIN Device ON FK_Device=PK_Device WHERE FK_DeviceTemplate=34 AND (FK_DeviceData=141 OR FK_DeviceData=142 OR FK_DeviceData=143) ORDER BY FK_DeviceData;";
    $DB_STATEMENT = $DB_PL_HANDLE->prepare($DB_SQL) or die "Couldn't prepare query '$DB_SQL': $DBI::errstr\n";
    $DB_STATEMENT->execute() or die "Couldn't execute query '$DB_SQL': $DBI::errstr\n";

    return unless($DB_ROW = $DB_STATEMENT->fetchrow_hashref());
    return unless($DB_ROW->{'FK_DeviceData'} == 141);
    if($DB_ROW->{'IK_DeviceData'} > 0)
        my $prefix = $DB_ROW->{'IK_DeviceData'};
        return unless($DB_ROW = $DB_STATEMENT->fetchrow_hashref());
        return unless($DB_ROW->{'FK_DeviceData'} == 142);
        my $digit = $DB_ROW->{'IK_DeviceData'};
        return unless($DB_ROW = $DB_STATEMENT->fetchrow_hashref());
        return unless($DB_ROW->{'FK_DeviceData'} == 143);
        my $length = $DB_ROW->{'IK_DeviceData'};
        my $short = "";
        my $long = "";
        for( my $i=0;$i<$length;$i++)
            $short .= "X";
            $long .= "X";
        for( my $i=0;$i<length($prefix);$i++)
            $long .= "X";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX1 =~ s/\n[^\n]+\n$/\n/s;
        $LOCAL_PREFIX2 =~ s/\n[^\n]+\n$/\n/s;
        $LOCAL_PREFIX1 .= ($digit<0?"":$digit.$prefix."+").$short."\n";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX1 .= ($digit<0?"":$digit."+").$long."\n";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX1 .= $DECLARED_PREFIX."|.\n";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX2 .= $short."\n";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX2 .= $long."\n";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX2 .= "9|112\n9|411\n9|911\n";
        $LOCAL_PREFIX2 .= "9|".($digit<0?"":$digit).$long."\n";
$LOCAL_PREFIX2 .= "9|0.\n9|*.\n";

Developers / Supporting the ACT Solutions ZCU201 USB Z-wave Interface
« on: January 04, 2008, 12:59:34 am »
The new ACT Solutions ZCU201 USB Z-wave Interface uses the SPCP825A USB to UART Controller chip

The SPCP825A currently has no USB driver support for Linux and therefore the ZCU201 is not detected when attached to a USB port. ACT Solutions have kindly provided me with the source to an Open driver for the SPCP825A to enable a working driver to be developed. As tar as I know this source is working but not fully debugged.

If anyone in the Developer forum would be interested in looking at this driver source to see if a working driver could be put together please get in touch and I will make it available to you.

Let me know if your interested in working on this?


Installation issues / Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic WiFi Media Player
« on: November 17, 2007, 11:13:21 am »
Does anyone have any experience of adding the Pinnacle Soundbridge HomeMusic WiFi Media Player to there lmce system?

We have a range of Core's & Media Directors that we have used exclusively for Pluto/LMCE testing internally (these units have only been used lightly in our labs for compatibility testing). All units are 12 months or less old. We are now preparing to launch our UK based service that is built upon lmce and therefore have excess hardware available for immediate purchase.

The hardware has all been tested with lmce-0704 in our labs and can be configured with hard drives, nVidia video cards, RAM etc to suit your needs. We will also pre-install a working lmce-0704 and configure it for the hardware options that you choose.

So if you are looking for a fully configured & working lmce Core or Core + Media Directors please contact me and I will be happy to provide more details of what we have and also listen to your requirements.

Fully configured and ready to go Core's start from 300 UKP + VAT for a slimline 'under TV' style Hybrid Core but many other configurations are available.



Installation issues / nVidia 6150 onboard xorg.conf for UI2
« on: November 02, 2007, 01:07:52 pm »
Hi all,

Does anyone have a working UI2 with Overlay xorg.conf for the nVidia 6150 onboard graphics chip using the nVidia closed drivers that ship with 0704?

We can configure the 6150 under the Open nv driver without any problem... but if we switch to the shipping nVidia driver that ships as part of lmce-0704 driver then we just get a blank screen without any cursor (however the display is receiving a valid picture).

If any of you have an xorg.conf that you have working under UI2 with the 6150... I'd be very pleased to hear from you ;-)



Users / PXE booting under VMware on the MacBook Pro
« on: October 08, 2007, 10:11:27 pm »
Hi all,

Just wanted to report that we successfully added a new MacBook Pro running VMware as a PXE booted MD today. It installed perfectly first time and runs like a dream... DVD playback from local, ripped and remote DVD's was excellent. Also the AVwizard would configure the MacBook into any of the currently selectable video resolutions without a hickup (that a challenge on a real PC let alone an emulated one ;-))

More over the next few days!


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