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Dianemo has been optimised over the last 10 years for the needs of the professional installer. But what does that actually mean? It means in broad terms that we have focused on simplicity of installation, configuration and reliability once the system is configured.

Now while we know these are all features that professional installers demand from any home automation system they install we also know based on our experience here in the LinuxMCE Forum that those are the same features that the vast majority of our non professional users also want too. Whether you have experience with LinuxMCE or not getting your system to a working usable state as quickly as possible is incredibly important. Its important to you as it allows you to build confidence in your abilities quickly and its also often important to your family or partner too, as they often are only impressed by the system actually working. Once your system is working and usable for many of you that will be all you were looking for when you chose your system - but for a significant number of you the ability to keep customising your system is an important part of the enjoyment you get from installing a home automation system. So making your on-going experience of customising and extending Dianemo as smooth and rewarding as possible is clearly an important goal for you individually. Dianemo has been engineered to deliver on all these fronts simultaneously.

One key area that Dianemo is very strong in is its support for a wide range of AV equipment & lighting systems. For example we support the control of a wide range of traditional HDMI Video Matrices using serial & IP protocols and we also now support the exciting range of HD over IP video switching solutions (see; which offers unlimited expandability of sources/outputs and needs just a single CAT5/6 cable to any location. We also have had support for HDMI-CEC control of HDMI TV's and UPnP streaming & control of video to SmartTV's, Raspberry Pi's and most UPnP Media Players since 2011.

So if all of the above sounds interesting please take a look at Dianemo here; and note that we now offer a 'try before you buy' license option called Dianemo+ too which if your still a little undecided might be the option for you.

If you have any questions about Dianemo, its features or pricing or if you have some questions relating to your specific needs or installation then please get in contact here via PM on the forum or contact me at



Marketplace / Dianemo+ & Dianemo++ Subscriptions - Q&A
« on: February 20, 2015, 06:38:35 pm »
Q: Are Dianemo+ and Dianemo++ cut down versions of Dianemo?

No they are full Dianemo versions with nothing removed.

Q: How do the Dianemo+ and Dianemo++ Subscriptions work?

Each month during your subscription period you will receive a Paypal payment request for either $30 USD in the case of Dianemo+ or $40 USD in the case of Dianemo++. That's it. Its very simple.

Q: Am I paying any interest with Dianemo+ or Dianemo++ ?

No definitely not. With Dianemo+ you pay a total of $390 USD over 12 months so in fact its cheaper than purchasing Dianemo normally with a single payment.

Q: Why are you offering Dianemo+ and Dianemo++ ?

We are always looking at ways to improve Dianemo for the home user and we fell that a subscription service would allow for better features/value and also enable us to spread the cost of getting access to Dianemo's technology at the same time.

Q: Can I change to Dianemo++ instead of Dianemo+ before the trial period expires?

Yes you can. Just contact me on to arrange the change in subscription.

Developers / Re: Developing a Weather Plugin, videos
« on: February 20, 2015, 03:14:45 pm »
Hello everybody.

I am doing a series of videos detailing the creation of a Weather Plugin, as an example of how to use Plugins to add whole house functionality to Orbiter.

The first video can be viewed here:


Nice Video Thom...loving the spaced out soundtrack :-)


Marketplace / Some of your questions...answered.
« on: February 20, 2015, 02:07:22 pm »
Some of you have asked why we have had a few of these 'pre-owned' licenses on offer over the last 10 days or so and will this continue. Well the simple answer is some demo hardware and trade show hardware were de-commissioned and so the licenses came available. We never really know in advance when this is going to happen so predicting when the next time will be is not possible. But if I look back through my calendar the last time prior to now that we had any 'pre-owned' hardware or software on offer was about 10 months ago. So therefore based on past frequency I would say that it will be several months at best before we have any more offers like these.

Some of you have asked how we arrived at the pricing. Well we are always trying different pricing but generally we try to keep 'pre-owned' items at 30-40% of their list price when first sold - that's purely a 'rule of thumb'. The objective is always to make the item as affordable as we possibly can.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo++ Subscription Services - Pricing Changes
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:05:20 pm »
After some feedback from a number of you we have decided to make a change to 'Dianemo+ Trial to buy' package. We've made the trial period shorter at 30 days but also cheaper too;

- The trial period is now 30 days and costs $60 USD
- The monthly cost is still $30 USD but is now over 11 months.
- Total cost is now $390 USD over 12 months

We agree that the new pricing is better balanced - thanks for the feedback!

All the best


We still have one full Dianemo license available out of the original three that were previously installed on trade show booth hardware by a commercial partner. If anyone is interested in purchasing a license they are available for $150 USD ($699 is our current list price). We will probably take this off down today (March 2) so if your interested get in touch.

These licenses includes access to updates and are fully functional.

Either PM me here on the forum or email me at with 'Ex Trade Show License' in the subject line and your Paypal details in your message. Only one license per customer please.

All the best 


We have a new way to get started with Dianemo that allow's you to try before you buy, spread the cost over a year and get enhanced support too. This makes owning Dianemo more affordable and also adds valuable new support services too;

Dianemo+ Trial to buy ($60 USD non-refundable) :- You get a full copy of Dianemo to test for 30 days. If you decide Dianemo+ is not for you within the 30 day period we simply disable your license and you have no more to pay (initial $60 is not refundable). If you decide to keep Dianemo+ then we charge you for an 11 month Dianemo+ subscription @ $30 per month (billed monthly). At the end of 11 months you own the license (and can keep it and use it without additional costs) and there is no obligation to continue with the Dianemo+ subscription service.

Subscriber Benefits - tutorials, member exclusive templates, early access to selected new product Betas as well as support via email.

To order Dianemo+ Trial to buy please email me at with 'Dianemo+ Trial to buy' in the subject line and your name & Paypal email address in the body of the email.

Dianemo++ 12 Month Subscription :- you get a full copy of Dianemo+ right away for an affordable $40 USD per month for 12 months (billed monthly). At the end of 12 months you own the license (and can keep it and use it without additional subscription costs) and there is no obligation to continue with the Dianemo++ subscription service beyond the 12th month. You must complete 12 monthly payments to keep the software.

Subscriber Benefits - You will receive access to special monthly emailings, premium template snippets and tutorials, member exclusive templates, early access to new product Betas and priority support via email. We're also providing free access to our RaspBMC-CEC software for Raspberry Pi - install it on as many Raspberry Pi's as you like.

To order Dianemo++ please email me at with 'Dianemo++ Subscription' in the subject line and your name & Paypal email address in the body of the email.

Existing Dianemo Customers :- All existing Dianemo customers qualify for Dianemo++ 12 month subscriptions for $100 USD (paid in advance) or $10 USD per month (billed monthly)

To order please email me at with 'Dianemo++ Existing Customer' in the subject line and your name, Dianemo Installation ID & Paypal email address in the body of the email.

All the best


Marketplace / Ex Demo Dianemo License Available **Sold**
« on: February 16, 2015, 03:19:02 pm »
We have another full Dianemo license available today that was previously installed on demonstration hardware. If anyone is interested in purchasing this license it is available for $150 USD ($399 is our list price).

This license includes updates and is fully functional.

Either PM me here on the forum or email me at with 'Ex Demo License' in the subject line and your Paypal details in your message.

All the best 


Marketplace / Texecom Alarm Offer for existing Dianemo Customers
« on: February 13, 2015, 06:53:56 pm »
If you are an existing Dianemo customer and are thinking about installing an Alarm system in your home then choose a Texecom system and we will configure your Dianemo system to work with your alarm for a flat $99 USD fee.

Simply install your Texecom Premier alarm system (or have it professionally installed by your installer) and sensors etc as you require and get in touch with us when the work is complete. We will then do the Dianemo side of the configuration remotely - it takes about 60-75 mins to complete. Even if your Texecom installation is months away you can take advantage of this offer now and simply let us know when your ready to have your system configured.

To pre-order your Texecom alarm system configuration simply email us with 'Texecom Configuration Offer' in the subject line and your Paypal details in the body of your email;

All the best


PS Make sure that you specify that your Texecom Alarm panel has the ComIP module installed when ordering your Texecom System as Dianemo requires that module to interface to your system.

Marketplace / Re: 2 Pre-Owned Dianemo Licenses Available
« on: February 13, 2015, 12:52:32 pm »

I must applaud you, and thank you, for offering deals and incentives such as this to the community!!  If I wasn't such a hobbyist/hacker I would undoubtedly be running a Dianemo system in my home!   :D


Thats good to hear! We do have a growing number of hobbyist customers from the community (a number of whom have LinuxMCE & Dianemo) and now also from the iOT community too. We have always made it a priority that re-conditioned hardware and licenses are offered here first too.


Marketplace / Re: 2 Pre-Owned Dianemo Licenses Available
« on: February 12, 2015, 06:52:29 pm »
Some people have asked if these licenses will receive updates and if they are the same as a full priced license etc? Yes they will receive updates like all Dianemo licenses do. They are complete licenses in all respects - the only difference is that they have been installed on hardware already. Functionally they are 100% the same as a new license and come with all the same features.

All the best


Marketplace / Pre-Owned Dianemo Licenses Available - **All Sold**
« on: February 12, 2015, 01:51:55 pm »
We have two one full Dianemo license available today that were previously installed on demonstration/test hardware. If anyone is interested in purchasing these licenses they are available for $150 USD each ($399 is our list price).

Either PM me here on the forum or email me at with 'Pre-owned License' in the subject line and your Paypal details in your message.

All the best


We have one of the Dianemo + Free Texecom Configuration Offers left now. If your thinking of installing an alarm system in the future then this deal may be for you (we will carry out the Texecom configuration any time in the next 12 months).

All the best


Just to clear up some confusion...a number of people have PM'd me on this - the current offer around Texecom configuration is for...well... Texecom configuration and not any other brand of alarm panel/system.

If/when we do add support for another alarm panel/system then we may well run another intro offer. But for now the only offer we are running is for us to configure a Texecom alarm system in your Dianemo installation at no additional cost to you. Simply purchase a license and ask for the Texecom offer when you order - don't forget to do that last part - we can't read your mind (Yet!).

All the best


We still have a few Dianemo/Texecom offers available - 3 in fact as of this morning. So if you have not placed your order yet - please place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


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