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Users / Re: HP Proliant Microserver Gen 8 as core
« on: January 16, 2015, 05:13:40 pm »
I can't see anything obviously wrong with this HP's spec in light of what your planning to do with your system. The only thing I'd say, and I always highlight this, is the acid test of compatibility will be whether the system will boot from a Ubuntu 12.04LTS LiveCD (I would expect it would). If it does your good to go.


All the best


Users / Re: Video Standards.
« on: January 14, 2015, 03:56:46 pm »

You're UPnP suggestion is an interesting one.  I have been long awaiting the UPnP integration that you promised to be pushed into LinuxMCE in this message here: and here:

Your suggestion may actually be useful to LMCEers if that code were pushed into LinuxMCE. 

I know alot of us would appreciate your publishing the code for inclusion into LinuxMCE, as you have promised.


I haven't checked but from memory I think we did push some of our early UPnP code. But since then we've dug a lot deeper than we originally expected to need to do to integrate UPnP into Dianemo, so much so that now our underlying media system is quite different to that in LinuxMCE. One example of this is our internal UPnP server that converts an .iso or .dvd and extracts and streams on the-fly its content repackaged to UPnP media renders like SmartTV's or RaspBMC etc. This is only possible with our underlying media system.

If we do open source this code it will happen as part of us releasing the overall Dianemo code base under an Open Source License. We are still assessing if/whe/how we might do this.

All the best


Users / Re: Video Standards.
« on: January 14, 2015, 03:46:20 pm »

as you are the person doing DLNA a lot of times, I'd like to verify the statement of yours. Are you sure, that DLNA specifies what codecs and container formats the sending and receiving end need to have? Do you have a link?

Oh, and re live TV: I still watch live TV, and so do a lot of people I know :)

I'm not aware that DLNA specifies that as such but pretty much all UPnP/DLNA servers will do format conversion if needed and usually do that through Media Renderer profiles which describe what formats the Media Renderer supports and therefore which format conversion the server needs to use to stream to that Media Renderer.

Everyone is different in their LiveTV viewing habits - but I know from personal experience and also from feedback from customers that LiveTV viewing of broadcast channels is on a distinctly downward trend. In my case LiveTV from a over the air or satellite broadcast is only about <15% of our TV viewing - and often even LiveTV is viewed via a Media Player.

All the best


LinuxMCE Secure Remote Assistance & Remote Access Service - FAQ

Q: Do I have to use Remote Assistance or can i just use Remote Access?
A: Using Remote Assistance is completely down to you - there is no obligation to use it at all. You can just use the Remote Access capability on its own if you prefer.

Q: What happens if I update my LinuxMCE installation or have to re-install from scratch?
A: Updates should not affect Remote Access or Remote Assistance at all. If you need to reinstall from scratch again then you can just install our package again and use your installation ID to authenticate your system with our servers.

Users / Re: Video Standards.
« on: January 06, 2015, 01:06:19 pm »
I'd love to be able to play mythtv live tv&recordings on a rpi and occasionally on an android device.

Personally I don't care much about apple: android is getting most of the market share and since they are much more affordable anyone able to buy an apple should be able to get a simple android device.

That said being able to play everything on every device is the best of course but probably not worth the efforts.

If you stream in a UPnP/DLNA compliant format then you can access that stream on iOS or Android, Rpi/XBMC devices without any problems (well a few now and then...but thats being picky!). You can also access MythTV's recordings using UPnP and it works very nicely too...I don't think it supports live streams though (but who watches live TV any more?).

All the best


Secure Remote Access & Assistance Service
For LinuxMCE

We will be launching a new dedicated LinuxMCE Secure Remote Access & Remote Assistance service later this month. The Remote Access side of the service makes it possible for you to access your LinuxMCE system securely from any location with Internet access (mobile connections are supported) without the need to open special ports or make any other security reducing changes to your Core. We support SSH, HTTPS and most other standard protocols allowing you to securely SSH into your system or use a Web or any other kind of Orbiter remotely. You can use Remote Access as much as you like and on as many devices as you like while your subscription is active, and multiple family members can access the service simultaneously too. To access your system while you are away from home you simply login to our Cloud based service and our servers then handle the connection with your system - all communications are secure & encrypted.

While Remote Access is for you and your family to use when away from home Remote Assistance is about providing a secure access channel for our support team to use if/when you need any technical support or customisation of your system.

Remote Assistance provides a secure way for our support team to remotely access your LinuxMCE system if/when you need any remote technical support or help with your system. Only members of our Remote support team can gain access to your system - and strictly only with your permission. Remote Assistance is totally under your control - we provide you with a 'Master On/Off' switch in Web Admin so that you can control when remote access is available. You simply contact us when you need any assistance and we will quote you a simple fixed price for whatever you require.

We provide you with a simple software installer that adds our service to your Core. Nothing else in your LinuxMCE system is affected by our installer and your Core will function exactly as it did before.

There will be an annual subscription fee for each Core you connect to the service, with subscriptions starting at under $5 USD per month for an unlimited access 12 month subscription.

As we expect a high level of demand for this service when it goes live we are opening up for 'early bird' registration today - simply email with 'RARA - Early Bird Registration' in the subject line. The first 50 'early bird' registrations will get discounted subscriptions and access to additional 'beta' features early too. You will not be charged until the service goes live. We will then notify you when the service goes live. So register right away!

Marketplace / Re: Dianemo - The Perfect Holiday Gift
« on: December 23, 2014, 02:03:27 pm »
Update - its the 23rd Dec and orders are taking about 65mins now as we're busier today. Please be patient if you've purchased a software license from us - we will process your payment and send your order out by email as soon as we can.

Thanks for your understanding!


Just a reminder about what you need to have completed before our remote support team can configure your new Dianemo system;

Firstly come to a decision about what your system needs to be configured to do ie lighting + multi-room audio or multi-room audio + home cinema. Next contact us to discuss what your requirements are and schedule a date for your configuration. Before we start your configuration we will need the following steps to be taken by you;

- You need to have your Core/NC hardware available (pretty obvious really!)
- Use the install instructions (on our wiki page) to install your License Key and the installer.
- Next you need to run the installer
- After the Installer has finished you need to turn on Remote Assistance (see our Wiki page)
- Depending on what you want configured you will need to connect any hardware that your Dianemo will be controlling or be connected to eg Amplifers, lighting etc

Don't worry when we discuss your requirements with you we will also discuss what needs to be connected or made ready by you (most equipment will need some hands-on work from you - because there is no way for us to do that remotely).



Marketplace / Pre Christmas Dianemo Configuration Slots - Still Available
« on: December 22, 2014, 10:47:36 am »
Hi All - just to let you know we still have some Dianemo configuration & setup slots available today (Tues 23rd) & tomorrow (Wed 24) for any customers who would like their new Dianemo systems configured pre-Christmas. We also still have good availability of slots from the Jan 5 onwards too - but I would recommend contacting asap if you need a particular date/time slot.

Configuration & Setup slots will be available to any customer, existing or new, on a first come first serve basis. So if your still considering purchasing a Dianemo License as a Christmas or New Year gift please order soon and book your Configuration & Setup slot at the same time.

See our special deal for the Holidays here;

We are taking orders for Dianemo right up to 9pm GMT on the 24th Dec - simply contact us with your Paypal account details and we will send you a Paypal payment request for $299.95 USD by return. As soon as your payment has been received your Dianemo License + Installer will be emailed to you. This whole process is currently averaging less than 30 mins. Email orders to;

All the best


Marketplace / Re: Need Help Configuring/Setting up your LinuxMCE System?
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:32:50 pm »
Because of the common origins of LinuxMCE & Dianemo we can offer configuration/support for either system. The type of solution we describe in this post; is in fact applicable to any Linux based system and so could be implemented on LinuxMCE too.

All the best


Dianemo Exposed is a series of posts that explore how Dianemo works and how its used by our customers all over the world;

Dianemo is a very flexible & customizable Smart Home system right 'out of the box' and our users are always impressing us with their ingenuity. But sometimes what they are trying to achieve is beyond their ability to customize the system or they simply don't have the time to do whatever the change is themselves. In these situations we can provide a service that will create new software or customize the system to suit your needs all for a fixed pre-agreed cost.

We were recently asked to implement a capability that would enable a customers Dianemo system to automatically switch ISP providers when a data-cap limit on the first ISP had expired. The customers primary ISP had a faster service but there was Data usage cap in place while his second ISP had no Data Cap but a slower speed connection. Our custom solution allows the system to use eth0 for its external connection to the Primary ISP and we monitor data usage on that NIC until we reach the Data Cap (we have a config setting so that we actually trigger the switch-over before the Data Cap is reached). When the Data Cap limit is reached our software switches to eth2 which connects to a second ISP without a Data Cap for the remainder of the current Month. At 00:01 on the 1st of the next month our software switches back to eth0 and starts monitoring data usage again.

The system basically continually swaps between the two ISP's automatically and transparently and therefore automating the switch-over of the ISP service in use. This is a great example of being able to shape Dianemo for a customer with a very specific need.

All the best


Marketplace / Re: Dianemo: Several spotify streams, multi source possible?
« on: December 17, 2014, 04:49:21 pm »
Using the to install several Triode plugins in Dianemo/LMS, each with a separate Spotify Premium account will work fine. Selecting which account to use for a specific Squeezebox/SqueezeLite could be fixed based on the room/zone too.

The only limitation then, which has nothing to do with Dianemo obviously, is what broadband bandwidth you have available and any data caps that might be part of your ISP's service plan. Assuming these are not an issue then this route to multiple Spotify Streams will work fine.

All the best


Marketplace / Dianemo - The Perfect Holiday Gift
« on: December 17, 2014, 10:28:14 am »
If your looking for a great holiday home technology gift for your partner, family or other loved one then Dianemo is the perfect choice. Our special deal for the Holidays even includes 4 hours of remote configuration by one of our support team too, so it has never been easier to get started in home automation.

To order simply contact us at; or send a Forum PM to me here.

Orders accepted up to the 24th Dec for immediate delivery (although if you can order a little earlier we'd be your friends for life!)

Wishing everyone here a great Christmas.


Marketplace / Re: Dianemo: Several spotify streams, multi source possible?
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:01:59 pm »
Hi Andy

Thank You very much for your answer.
I am intrested in getting a complete solution for media and home automation and is looking into Dianemo.
Today i am running LMS with the spotify plugin from Triode and have added several entries of the spotify plugin with different spotify accounts (spotify family subscription). Ex:

As i only use spotify for music it is of great importance to be able to use multiple streams.


Hi Krister,

Well we use the Triode plugin for Spotify Premium access inside LMS and we do not modify or change LMS at all. So I can't see why if this Triode-Spotify-Clone version is already working for you currently in LMS that it would not work equally well in Dianemo + LMS too.

How do you choose which account to use when streaming to a specific Squeezebox?

So my feeling is that this should work without problems in Dianemo - and if there are any they could be fixed easily.

Let me know if you have more questions.

All the best


Marketplace / Re: Dianemo: Several spotify streams, multi source possible?
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:24:02 pm »

I wonder if it is possible to configure different spotify accounts, eg one for each user or if it is possible to play for ex one spotify stream in one room and another spotify stream in another room.

Best Regards Krister

Currently we support multiple spotify premium streams from a single account ie two different streams played simultaneously...but support for this capability seems to 'come and go' from Spotify. So the reliable answer is 'your mileage may vary'.

Playing a single Spotify Premium stream, using a single Spotify Premium account, to multiple Squeezeboxes works fine though.

Supporting multiple Spotify Premium accounts on a single system is not supported currently. Implementing that capability would need some thought as we have no UI to choose or arbitrate between the two accounts currently and I'm not sure that a single LMS server would be able to support multiple accounts either - in fact I strongly suspect it would not. That's not to say it would be impossible to implement...just that it would not be as simple as it might seem!

Does that answer your question? If not let me know.

All the best


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