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Installation issues / Re: LMCE/MythTV + Firewire
« on: May 14, 2007, 08:32:26 pm »
This is a known issue that will hopefully be fixed in the next release.

Users / Re: Intercom?
« on: May 11, 2007, 05:21:11 pm »
I must be doing something wrong then. Thanks for the reply.

Users / Intercom?
« on: May 11, 2007, 04:02:21 pm »
I don't actually know if this is possible or not but I've been trying anyways. Theorectially I should be able to voice communicate through one diskless PC to another using a microphone, right?


Feature requests & roadmap / Stylus Support for TabletPCs
« on: May 11, 2007, 03:59:08 pm »
On a bare minimum Ubuntu Server install plus kdebase, I've been able to get the stylus to track with wacom-tools and xinput (if that helps).

Users / Re: "Use orbiter to continue" ???
« on: May 07, 2007, 06:07:09 pm »
Well I guess that is the problem then because, as I said, the only thing that shows up on the OnScreen orbiter are menus at the bottom.

Try rebuilding the image. Go into Media Directors and look for a group of 4 green buttons stacked on top of themselves (Help, Advanced, Delete, Rebuild Image). Rebuild the image and quick reset the router. Try to boot the media director now.

Installation issues / Re: DCERouter dying
« on: May 02, 2007, 09:07:04 pm »

1. At some point I unchecked asterisk and text to speech under Devices->Core.  I must have done that several days ago, but it didn't mess things up until I rebooted.  There's a bug that requires these boxes to be checked.

FWIW, I am seriously starting to believe this is what broke my previous two installs of MCE.

Oh well, off to do another fresh install....

Too late. I've already tried to reinstall just MCE, which didn't work because pluto-dcerouter had unmet dependencies. More information on why I think that is happening is here:

One of my diskless clients has booted without the error but has been at a black screen for the last 5 minutes. Rebuilding the image for my Vista Orbiter yields the same error (see subject). Rebooting the core twice and nothing works.


Like I said, I'm pretty sure I hosed the core by not letting it complete its tasks from time to time. Next time I'll be sure to let it sit and do its thing before I do anything else.

If it happens again I'll be sure to procure the DCERouter.log file first.

This is one of those completely unprepared posts in terms of logs and whatnot (I don't have them handy at the moment). I spent most of the day building a core and successfully connected and booted two diskless clients. I also succeeded in installing the Orbiter software on my Vista machine and had fun starting an MP3 on one of the diskless clients and showing a movie on the other.

Then I shut the clients down and rebooted the core. Starting the core went fine. When I start the diskless machines and the Orbiter software (on my Vista machine), I get this error:

Orbiter cannot register with the router. Please try again later.

This error is shown on the diskless clients and the Orbiter software on my Vista machine. Nothing was updated in terms of apt-get or synaptic.

I've read around a few posts here and there and it seems I may have scarfed mysql. Not sure, though. I probably screwed something up by not letting the core finish what it was doing (quick rebooting the router, building diskless images, etc...)

Has anyone else seen this error? If so, what is the solution other than rebuilding from scratch?

I'll find out tomorrow if just reinstalling MCE will alleviate the problem.

I believe I have found a workaround for this issue.

1) Install a fresh Ubuntu 6.10. Once installed, go right into installing MCE. DO NOT UPDATE ANYTHING.
2) Install MCE.

Before, I would try to install MCE after fully updating 6.10 but pluto-dcerouter wouldn't install, causing the MCE installer to error out. I am currently installing MCE without any updates and there haven't been any issues yet.

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